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  1. We've got an AIM Smarty Cam in our car, we were looking to get the Live feed back in our pit or on Champcar Live. Can't seem to find anything in the AIM paperwork about making that happen. Anyone have any experience "broadcasting" there Smarty cam feed?
  2. Special Updates: No one under 18 years of age is allowed onto WGI Property. Bummer! Was hoping the family could come to watch us race. Is this COVID related and therefore might change if things improve?
  3. Makes sense, didn’t even think to turn it off at night, duh. Lesson learned.
  4. Just an FYI, we purchased this rain light and installed just before Road Atlanta; I think a few drivers were complaining that it was TOO bright. We're gonna see if maybe we can add a tint or something. Guess the ad copy claiming it was "intensely bright and extremely visible" should have been our first clue!
  5. The Map in the supplemental rules shows the entire pit area parking lot being "no parking". The RV spots with power/water are inside that space. Spoke to Watkins Glen and was told I couldn't buy camping from them but had to go through "the track renter" (ChampCar). Anyone have any info on if we can get Camper/Rv access?
  6. Warrior Racing # 897 Miata Our first time at Road Atlanta after primarily running at VIR, and our takeaway was what a great course! Really suits our car, not as technical as VIR but with a similar layout, and the lack of room and walls just add to the excitement. Our weekend went really well: no tech or mechanical issues, no offs, no contact (we were lucky!) and we finished in the top 20 overall and 7th in class. We would've probably come out even higher in class, if I hadn't been a chicken-$%&# and come in about 10 minutes before the red flag due to visibility.
  7. Warrior Racing looking forward to sharing the pits at 12 Hour VIR South with the Hooligans at RaceBar for the 2nd year in a row! We'll make sure to bring an extra tent for the entourage in exchange for some BBQ....
  8. Our 3rd race as a team, and Warrior Racing #897 '91 Miata had our best showing yet; 17th overall. Thanks to Bill S for choosing our car to pop a camera in! It was great being able to watch video (no camera setup yet) and hear commentary! Feels like being a pro race team. My First time running VIR South, and it showed (to quote the broadcast "Warrior racing a little off the pace..... maybe its a new driver"), but what a great day. First time racing at night, first time racing without screwing up (no lockups, no spins, no missed shifts), and the weather gods made up for
  9. Just adding on to every other comment so far... A great intro to ChumpCar, endurance, and true Wheel-to-wheel racing for a guy who'd never done anything but a single HPDE and track day. Every staffer at Thompson Speedway, all the Chumpcar crew, from Mike on down, and especially all the other drivers and crews made one guy's intro to racing an experience of a lifetime. Special shout out the the #189 Schumacher Taxi team for their great race.
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