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  1. There are many ways to be a mentor, and I'd say writing a guide that benefits all teams is a great way. The mentor program can also help ensure that newer teams see the document you write.
  2. Or frozen water so you can fit more volume in...like the fuel tanks!
  3. It means the words written in green are sarcasm/joke
  4. How is that the case when there are many new cars on the list already including a 2019 Fiat 500 for only 150 points? Or the Cadillac at 500pts? Are these cars getting removed for the next revision of the list?
  5. Yeah one of my teammates is all over improving our ducting from the LeMons license plate duct thing that's been on our car for 10 years
  6. I've tried that. They still think OEM is best and that the shroud and fan are somehow pulling the air through faster "because the car seemed to run cooler with the fan on highspeed for my entire stint". But the data from racelouvers, plus a majority vote finally swayed them. Plus the fact that if the SPAL fan dies we can quickly get a replacement compared to finding another 30 year old Audi fan setup.
  7. Thanks for the link! My team has been debating fans and specifically the "shroud vs no shroud" topic....which the racelouvers data page has an article on. This helped us decide to remove the OEM shroud/fan setup and get a thin 14" SPAL. For some reason a few on my team wanted to insist that the 30 year old stock fan/shroud setup was the optimal way...."well they designed it for hard driving high speed autobahn runs so it's gotta be right for racing"
  8. The fire suppression system in our car was accidently set of very briefly. Like very little stuff came out the nozzle and we've since had our bottle refilled/recert. But it got me wondering....did the stuff that went through the lines get them clogged up? Do the lines and nozzles need cleaned or replaced?
  9. Don't those kpower options all cost more than the allowed $2500 cost of a swap?
  10. one of my teammates is there helping haul cars and pit crew with SRF
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