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  1. This is something that's always bothered me. Why are we allowing vehicles onto the VPI list that nobody races just so the engine is now available for a swap?
  2. This was my understanding as well (though I can't remember where this was stated officially). They either get added to BCCR or no longer exist and are deemed invalid. IMHO, if they don't get added to the BCCR and you request the same ruling from the Tech Desk again is should be denied b/c if if was a supported rule it would've been added to the BCCR.
  3. Really appreciate all this additional info and pictures. I'll measure the window opening again since there are many options.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I originally thought the price was a difference betwen SFI rated and not rated....but that's not true apparently.
  5. Given the new intepretations of how much coverage the window nets need to have, we are being required to get a new window net despite using the same sized one for 10 years. Looks like we have to get a trapazoid net now if we need to cross over the steering wheel. A few questions? - The Simpson nets are over $100, but for some reason most others are between $18-$30 and all claim to be SFI rated. Is the markup for the Simpson name really that high or am I missing some finer detail about the cheap ones that would render them invalid? - Some of the trapazoid ones look like the front triangle section hangs from a lower area than the rest of the top of net. Does it require a special type of bar to hang it? https://store.windingroad.com/simpson-window-nets?quantity=1&color=BLACK&size=16" x 17" (TRAPEZOID)&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-LXompbC8QIVZjizAB1IaQ9QEAQYAyABEgKoxPD_BwE I was hoping to just keep our existing mount and top bar, but just thread it through a trapazoid net to get more coverage up to the steering wheel (we're barely behind the wheel now). Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks @wvumtnbkr and @tyler_j for the clarification. My car can definitely go more than 2 hours without conserving (18 gal OEM tank) but we've never trying to play with pit strategies. I can see how the mandatory Red and a 7 hour race can allow for this approach. Very cool!
  7. You must be really tiny to fit under the dash when a driver is in the seat! My team never messes with pit strategies or anything, so I don't fully understand your strategy and how it helps. How does the 2.5 hours on fuel concept work? Do you change drivers at 2 hours, then come in for fuel only just 30 min later? Seems like you'd be making more pit stops this way but I know there's a benefit in there somewhere. As an upper-midpack team we just focus on equal driving stints for the drivers and the results are whatever they end up being (usually 10th overall). I'm curious to learn more about pit strategies.
  8. If the SC400 only came with an Auto, why would it get the -75 ? There was no option for manual from the factory so the VPI can only represent the auto trans car.
  9. Similar budget structure for my team as well. Maybe $500 higher because we are not able to get more than one race on a ser of tires, so we basically need a full new set per race. We have a dedicated team of 4 so basically split the costs by 4. We don't rent seats or have any mechanism in place to make a little profit per race.
  10. I think what you're missing is the "assuming auto" part. I believe the correct interpretation is "SC300 is 425 points (if raced with OEM auto trans)..."
  11. while waiting for Team Dad to rebuild our head, we got the ball joints and front sway bar end links replaced. Last race we had an issue with ball joints so we got new ones installed proactively. Progress is happening little by little each week
  12. This is the best part of your race recap! Glad you're getting to do cool things with your Dad.
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