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  1. Don't waste your time trying to report flag infractions. If the flag station sees it they will call it in and CC officials will black flag them.
  2. I have a friend looking for a reputable dyno tuning shop in the Pensacola, FL area. Can someone here recommend a shop?
  3. Wish we could move our engine back....Audi likes to put the engine in FRONT of the axle!
  4. Are you saying that all the other teams running the Spec Miata mufflers are passing the sound test because they exit out the rear of the car? If so, then why not just install yours the same way and be done with it?
  5. I'm teasing. Glad to see you are finding small tweaks and working through brake lockup. We've had to do similar and it's funny how some of our team members still struggle with it while others on our team never have issue with it.
  6. Yup our Audi is also 4x108, but the center bore and offset are really hard to find in a decent aftermarket wheel...especially if you want wider than 7"
  7. of all the ideas suggested here, I think bumping the pit stop to 7 min for tire change (fuel only stays 5) is the best option yet. for teams that plan to change tires for performance reasons it'll make them rethink the strategy. for those of us who plan to run all day on one set but for some reason are unable to...well usually you aren't completing the tire change and fuel stop in less than 7 min anyway and likely you've accepted the drop in places cause by the unplanned tire change.
  8. Same. There's a lot of focus on a few teams that are doing lots of tire swapping just to win the race....but many of us are doing it to save money too. Let's not penalize the majority of teams just to impact a few. Be sure to look at the big picture. Also, for the AWD cars it's not always as simple as "change one tire" since it messes with the AWD system when tires are different sizes due to wear.
  9. I'm pretty sure when you see 1 team name and multiple cars they usually have a roster of drivers for each car. It's not like 4 guys are driving 4 cars at the same event to get extra seat time. Each car basically represents a different "team" of drivers. Yes, I know there are a few drivers that might be in multiple cars but that's not many. Basically what you have are teams that are willing or able to commit to the events earlier than others. Or they sign up knowing they can delay their entry to a future race if the car isn't ready in time. If there's a race you are i
  10. The fatigue statement is true. We were barely under the CC limit, but inside the car was still too loud so we finally went with the Borla muffler and it's all good.
  11. I get that, but as you stated the car was above the limit on Sat so they were enforcing the rules as we always ask them to do. Hopefully they enforced it consistently across all teams. I've seen this happen at the Harris Hill races as there can be many things that impact that reading including weather, other cars, where the tester is standing, how hard the car is being pushed in the moment the test is run, etc. Always good to have a few dB of buffer to prevent this from happening on race day.
  12. What made you think this meant anything other than "if you are testing at 96 on Saturday you won't get black flagged". As you stated the results on Saturday were above the limit so of course you should expect to get black flagged.
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