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  1. Thanks. I was actually curious to see an OEM exhaust manifold installed as 55mini said they'd done. Seems like most other teams are using the aftermarket header as I saw in your pics.
  2. Did you lose the race and come in second place overall by half a lap?
  3. Will it blink 12:00 when the power goes out? #oldmanjoke
  4. Not to mention that we don’t need any more reason to keep our eyes focused inside the car. Training our minds and eyes to scan near and far for flags, incidents, cars, passing opportunities, etc are what we should be encouraging. Sure, you can still do this even with the Flagtronics system, but we can be pretty confident that a system like this will have people watching the box and blaming technology for issues. I can see it now, as a newbie rental driver hops in the car “hey man, don’t worry about that flag stuff they talked about in the drivers meeting. Just watch this little box and mash the throttle when you see green”
  5. I’d love to see a photo of your exhaust manifold on the LE5
  6. Finished up our new muffler and alignment. Just needs basic maintenance stuff and we’ll be ready for Harris Hill. This is the first time the car has been at my house for work. I’m stoked!!
  7. Good drivers are more important than AWD in the rain. I do remember a couple races ago it was a partially wet track and we were able to pass people easily enough in the wet left-hand sweeper (dam turn)
  8. I have no idea, as our Audi is one of the slowest cars out there from a laptime perspective. Something about PWR and that heavy quattro drivetrain.
  9. That's why you need to join us. Don't watch the mayhem from EC!
  10. Make your car non-EC so you can run in B-Class with us!
  11. Not sure I follow your question. My comment doesn't have anything to do with HP
  12. Not to mention the $999 wiring harness and high performance racing header required to make the swap work https://www.ecotecmiata.ca/product-page/ecotecmiata-wiring-harness
  13. I agree that many are under $1500 because most teams try to follow the rules. @Jer is another good example of a swap under the $1500 rule. Again, I was surprised and disappointed to be told that Tech didn't care about swap values.
  14. No need. I was told by Jay at the last Harris Hill race that they were not enforcing the $1500 limit because "nobody is swapping under $1500 and they're probably raising that limit in 2020 anyway". This was disappointing, as there were a few cars that spent more than $1500. I asked that the costs be checked/enforced and was told "sorry, we're not doing that". So effectively the limit is already "wide open" from what I can tell.
  15. I hear ya. Makes me feel lucky that a LeMons team who had been racing an Audi 90 like ours quit racing and just gave us their car. It doesn't run and the cage needs repaired, but it's almost race ready and we can swap parts over to it in order to soldier on. Without that I'm not sure how we'd handle a total car loss.
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