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  1. Very easy. When you order the JDM header from the parts counter, it will come as you pictured from the point it meets the engine down to point 3. Therefore that is the header. It doesn't arrive in 2 pieces.
  2. While there may be a few easy places to clarify the rules, you are also spending the same people's time answer questions and giving clarification on rules that we very clear. In your Team build thread you mention that you're "waiting on a formal ruling on where the "header" stops and the free exhaust starts. Then we will start cutting." Have you ever seen an OEM Miata header that did not end at a flange? Seems pretty obvious that after the flange is where the header stops. Feel free to do anything you want after the flange. Why would you need clarification on this? Granted...the CC staff aren't doing themselves any favors entertaining these obvious questions and giving an inch everywhere it's asked for.
  3. Why is the rule about lexan windows so difficult for you to just follow? It very clearly states what you are allowed to do. No interpretation needed. The shape and location of the window covering must be exactly the same size, shape, and location of the OE window. Your creativity in building a fastback using repurposed materials is really cool...just do it within the clearly defined rules. You could also just take material points for the lexan and be within the rules. Given the size of that window I can't imagine it being many points.
  4. Would tech allow this same setup if you were using Glass?
  5. Latch placement is all about fast pit stops, right?
  6. Thanks for posting this great question. I am also looking at window net options. We have the seat belt buckle attachment and I really don't like it. Since the button is small and slightly recessed into the buckle (it's literally a normal buckle like in my childhood Oldsmobile Delta 88) I find it hard to push in...when NOT in an emergency situation. I've been curious to see what other options exist. Has anyone modified the buckle or button to make it easier to press when wearing a glove?
  7. We had a productive weekend working on the Audi. Got the power steering rack rebuilt and reinstalled, as well as put the transmission back in with fresh seals. Hopefully no more leaking from those 2 parts. We also got the rear main seal and oil pan back on the block, as well as started porting/polishing the head. Still lots of work to get the car finished but I'm feeling more "on schedule" than before.
  8. Thanks! I've been looking for ways to play a SIM of this track. Do I have to earn access to the track in GT6 or can I just play it (cheat codes to access?)?
  9. Thanks TimS. I'm definitely trying to figure out all the rules on equipment and making sure my radio comms are matching what they use in the car. I pulled the trigger on a flight and am fully committed to this race now. It's gonna be a great experience!
  10. We've always been in B Class with our 2.3L 1990 Audi 90 Quattro sedan. We tend to place top 10 overall (highest was 6th overall) and have won a few B-Class trophies over the past few years. My advice when building a car is to find something your team knows how to make and keep reliable, as well as fix fast in a race. We run the Audi because 3 of our team members know that car like the back of their hand. We've had no DNF's in 10 years. It's not the fastest on lap times but still faster than about half the cars at any race.
  11. https://www.ascari.net/en/home/ https://24h-experience.com/ I may have a chance to compete in a 24-hour race at the Ascari race track in Spain. Has anyone here been on that track? Any advice for me as I prepare? Or maybe some general advice about competing in Europe (any differences I should know about?) Hopefully I can get some time on a simulator to practice in the next 6 weeks.
  12. Finally completed the rebuild of our factory power steering rack. This allows us to start putting parts back onto the car, as the rack is a very easy install as long as you do it first. After the trans goes back in it is very difficult to access one of the bolts holding the rack on. Also the 500lb springs arrived for our rear coilovers. Going to do some testing with a 350lb Front/500lb Rear combination to drive out more understeer.
  13. The higher hp Quattro version has 2 more gallons, but the FWD is the same as GTI with 14.5 gallons
  14. Definitely a weird decision to have the FWD TT manual be different points than the GTI manual trans, as they are the exact same car (chassis, engine, trans, suspension). The only difference was the interior and body sitting on top of it all.
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