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  1. I believe people are changing/maintaining their hubs so that they don't have a failure mid-race and have to change hubs or retire early from a race. Sounds like the reason is more so they have better performance/race results....not because of safety.
  2. How is a DE where you get to run four 25 minute sessions with regulated passing at all comparable with 8-24 hour wheel-to-wheel endurance racing?
  3. what really sucks is how many cars are now losing by one lap because of this rule interpretation
  4. Team Basil Weenie (ecotec miata) won the Saturday race at Harris Hill a couple months ago, and a 1.6L Miata won on Sunday. Interestingly the 1.6L had overall FTD both days.
  5. Nice setup! I have a similar build going into my street TT. I'm kind of jealous you are racing a TT in Champcar
  6. In our case, some things were given a waiver and others were not. While I was annoyed....I thought it was reasonable. Jay also said we could skip the line after resolving the issues and get our Tech Sticker. Mandatory Fixes for the race: - Correct all the small holes in the firewall between the trunk/OEM gas tank and interior of car with sheet metal and foam. We had old metal tape that wasn't in great condition anymore. - Add 2 more pieces of roll bar padding to areas where helmet could hit the bars Waiver until next race: - secure the drivers seat better. we have it on the OEM slider (power seats!) and there is some play in it (there is no play when driver is strapped in). - make the seat brace backstop larger surface area so that it is less likely to just puncture through the seat in a wreck. ideally a 6x6" square or larger. - Fire extinguisher needs serviced and re-certified (expired last year) - add safety wire to the clips that hold harness to the eyelets - add additional fuel tank vent to center of rear bumper (still not sure I understand this one since we have unmodified OEM fuel tank and venting)
  7. The general guidance at the Harris Hill race was to try to cover any holes more than 1/4" gap using sheet metal, and anything smaller than that can be foam. They weren't using a measuring tape to check those gap sizes or anything, so don't stress too much. If you only use sheet metal and foam to fill holes....and tech cannot see any light through holes.....then they pass you. There was no detailed inspection about how you actually filled each hole/gap.
  8. The way the firewall holes/gaps were checked.....if Jay could look in your trunk and see ANY LIGHT coming through from the interior of the car....you failed. He required sheet metal and foam to seal up the holes. No more metal tape. It's a reasonable safety request, but something that can take time to fix. Better to do it before you arrive at tech.
  9. That was my understanding according to Jay during tech. He wanted to see a "T" off the fuel line in the engine bay. They would fill the tank and then run your fuel pump to pump it out. He specifically said they were not looking for anyone to modify the fuel tank for draining/pump out.
  10. Appreciate that apology and awareness of the red mist. It happens to the best of us. I can't speak for my other drivers, but I personally tried to give easy passes (usually point by's) anytime I saw the front-runner cars in my mirror. But your shiny hubs blinded me every time you went past me.
  11. Big thanks to Champcar and Harris Hill Raceway for putting on an incredible event last weekend. 47 cars and 1.8 miles made for some of the best racing I've had in a long time. There was never a dull moment as you were always in the thick of some action. Team Unintended Acceleration in our red 1990 Audi 90 Quattro (5-cyl/20V) placed 8th on Saturday and 16th on Sunday. Friday tech was very thorough, with Jay, Martin and John really pouring over the cars. They were scrutinizing the safety aspects of all cars and sending many back for updates. Seemed like the primary issue for most cars (ours included) was the firewall. We run a factory fuel tank in the trunk with sheet metal patch panels and metal tape to seal it away from the cockpit. But Jay sent us back to make it better because he could see some light when looking through the trunk. He required sheet metal and expanding foam (no metal tape!) before he would pass our car. We also had to install some additional roll bar padding. Besides those 2 items, we were informed that before the next race we would have to: - install an additional fuel tank vent routed our the back of the car (despite having all the OEM fuel venting system in place) - install a "T" in the fuel lines in the engine bay so that they can check fuel capacity by pumping out at races later this year While it was frustrating to have to make all these updates on a car that has always passed tech in the past....I was thankful that Jay was making sure all safety items were up to par. Racing was frantic with more cars than ever on the track at once. It was really fun to battle it out with all the great competitors, including 17 Miata's, a couple BMW's, and lots of oddball stuff like 3 Audi's, a Dodge Shadow, Hyundai Accent, Dodge Neon, Ford Focus, 240sx. Our favorite part was that all 3 Audi's were virtually the same lap times so we could really trade positions with them all weekend. There seemed to be a little more aggressive driving and more contact than usual. We had a few small "touches" on the passenger side of the car but nothing serious. Our car ran really well all weekend. Our only issues were a badly flat spotted tire near the end of the day Saturday and a failed voltage regulator on the alternator Sunday afternoon. Combined with a few missteps in the pits we lost a few positions. But I can say we were very pleased with the overall results. Impound was exciting and thorough both days, with Jay asking teams to remove valve covers, hubs, etc....if there was suspicion of unaccounted for parts. For the teams "caught" with these parts, Jay made the call to add the points to the VPI in the moment. This didn't have an impact on the final standings. As you can imagine. there was some disagreement on if this approach was better than just disqualifying those teams. Either way, I was happy to see some real inspections facilitated by the Champcar staff. They indicated it would be even more strict as the year progresses. I can't wait for the Fall event at Harris Hill. If you haven't made the trip down, you're missing out!
  12. Sounds like fun to me! I can't wait for this weekend,
  13. Do it! I promise not to hassle you about Ecotec's. But seriously, if you need some test and tune time at Harris Hill, I am a member and happy to help you.
  14. That sucks! I also ordered in early Feb and was nervous waiting until last week to receive them. Now I have to get them mounted before Friday! A few teams at Harris Hill races really like the Maxxis tires, but I haven't had a chance to try them.
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