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  1. I recommend you sign up to volunteer (you get paid) at a race working for the series. https://champcar.org/web/volunteer.php
  2. I am not sure @tyler_j but I think @Chris Huggins would probably share what he is doing.
  3. Here is a little clip of @chip doing some work at the end of the race on Sunday.
  4. I should be able to make Round 2, look forward to seeing you on the grid.
  5. @SCUDERIACACKALACKY did you happen to get any of the Pinkies Out cars running nose to tail on Saturday?
  6. I didn't read all the responses, so this may have been suggested. Is the CAS out 180 degrees? It will fit in two ways but only one is proper. We put it in 180 out one time and it would run but not rev or pull under load.
  7. I started in sim racing before taking the plunge and buying a car to go real racing. Sim racing has helped me immensely in so many ways. Some things don't translate completely, but overall I think sim racing is a great investment for any racer. Reach out to me if you need help getting started.
  8. You can solo test. Cars similar to your E46 would be up to interpretation but I think the ND Global Mazda Miata would be close, it's 185ish HP and RWD. There is also a GT4 BMW available but that is quite a bit faster than CC spec. Why are you not interested in racing with others? I encourage you to join myself, @mostmint and the rest of the CCiS regulars this week at Barber.
  9. You guys are awesome, thanks for supporting the series. I just placed my order for some new safety gear.
  10. If you built a PC for gaming, you should join us in the ChampCar iRacing Series on Wednesdays.
  11. Computer gear and racing controllers might be on sale soon too with Prime Day and the holidays.
  12. https://youtu.be/Maeaht5vEBM What I was singing about 5 laps into my first stint today.
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