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  1. Race is tomorrow and will be a challenging course with walls even closer than those at WGI
  2. @mgoblue06 I think Logitech is still probably your best bet for budget gear although they have gone up in price during the last year. I would say that Thrustmaster is probably a small step up from Logitech. Next step is Fanatec, their gear has an entry level and expert level. If I were to buy a new wheel, I'd go for the VRS direct drive and pair it with a set of ProtoSimTech pedals and a Fanatec Shifter that does H pattern and sequential. If it's in the budget, get pedals with a load cell brake, they measure pressure (like a real pedal) instead of distance (potentiometer) and will allow you to be much more consistent quicker. I hope that helps, reach out to me if you need more advice.
  3. He cared for me by sharing a bottle of water at WGI, begrudgingly but I did have 16 oz of luke warm water to drink during my three stints.
  4. @Jadyn Clark buy that Miata and thank @LuckyKid later.
  5. Volunteer for a race and get paid to learn. https://champcar.org/web/volunteer.php Spend the weekend looking around and asking questions, it will be time well spent.
  6. I'll share a lodge story, Adam the bartender paid my tab on Sunday in honor of our win (my first).
  7. @mgoblue06 I look forward to seeing you at Mid Ohio, you are going to love it. This is a great series, full of great people. I second what has already been said, make sure to talk to @Ray Franck if you have a question. The dude is super knowledgeable and always been great in my interactions. I liked the front wing too @LuckyKid but was glad they stopped you before anyone else copied it. My engineer thought it was so cool. As for cylinder heads, it should include the whole head for 100 points.
  8. Thanks again for the pads @Mazmarc You are a good dude. I tried to share pictures here for everyone else but they were rejected for max size by the forum. I need @Bill Strong to teach me how to change the quality of my pics.
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