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  1. There is a race at Harris Hill in a few weeks. I suggest you go and work as a volunteer. You will get to see the series from all sides, probably learn a bunch and get paid. That's how I got started and think it's a great idea for anyone that's interested.
  2. Look at this fancy guy with his two camera system, I thought we were doing good having the rear view in the frame. /s In all seriousness, I had a blast racing you, thanks for coming by the pit after the stint.
  3. Is this footage from the black Maxima?
  4. Hugh Jass

    What Tire Size Does Your Team Run?

  5. Hugh Jass

    Discord Server

    1) I do not think that is needed. 2) I think the link is active, if not PM me and I will get you one.
  6. I have a room at the VIR Lodge that I no longer need, I am going to release it tomorrow morning to the wait list unless I have another name to give them. PM your name and phone number if you want it, first come first serve.
  7. Last year it was right around 100, I would expect the same this year.
  8. Well said @JC_CRapshoot. @Racer28173 and @Jab31169 I'm traveling right now and only have a cell phone but I think the above post describes it better than I would have. I'll look for some references next week if you guys still need some help. For what it's worth, I think I have my monitor 17 inches from my eyeballs. To set it correctly, just measure the distances the sim requires and let it compute the FOV.
  9. To build on @Rapido comment, make sure to use the in sim FOV calculator. It's important to get it set correctly early in your 'career' otherwise you will need to unlearn it later.
  10. Looks like this is dead unless someone wants to pay up. From: https://www.zeemaps.com/blog/free-maps-changing/ 100 views on free maps Therefore, as of 1st April 2018, ZeeMaps will limit the number of views on free maps to 100. (Free maps means maps that are not owned by an active paid plan). When you reach 100 views, your map will ‘freeze’ and it can only be unfrozen by upgrading to a paid subscription plan.
  11. Hugh Jass

    Benefits of Sim Racing

    Good article, thanks Doc.
  12. Where is the gif? You can't keep us waiting like this.
  13. Hugh Jass

    Decal Requirements

    Thanks @enginerd
  14. Hugh Jass

    Decal Requirements

    @Bill Strong how big are the Maxxis stickers?
  15. Hugh Jass

    Maxxis 2018 Champcar contingency

    @Bill Strong do you know the dimensions of the Maxxis stickers, I am trying to make sure I leave enough room for them?