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  1. https://youtu.be/Maeaht5vEBM What I was singing about 5 laps into my first stint today.
  2. Sorry, that doesn't show up on mobile.
  3. The dark theme is great, thanks for the updating the site.
  4. Enterprise truck rental is my suggestion if you need a tow vehicle. We usually end up with a brand new diesel f-350.
  5. I'd suggest posting this to the Discord channel @Z06LOL, not sure if you joined the server yet.
  6. Bill,


    I know we are not USAC but this was posted by the WGI account on a Finger Lakes website.  I would think we would fit in phase one since we don't have spectators. Any way to run this by the track and find out if we are going to be held to these rules?  The six people per team, cars in the pits 6' apart (assume this would apply to garages too) and trailers in paddock 20' apart being some of the most problematic ones to deal with.  I know that we all want to go racing and the more information we can get ahead of time can help with our logistics.  






    reopen 1

    1. Bill Strong

      Bill Strong

      NASCAR owns WGI and they have will let us know what they want done. 

      I have a set of rules already for other events, and they are all different depending on where the race is. But New York is changing everyday. We will post up a final set of rules and procedures to the participating teams most likely a few days before the event.

    2. Hugh Jass

      Hugh Jass

      My biggest concern is the restriction to number of team members, if we are going to be held to six, I need to withdraw.  If this part of the puzzle is known, please let me know and I can pull the plug and make room for someone else.  Waiting around till a few days before the event to make a decision is disappointing.  I understand the NCM deal, it was all new then and unexpected, that's not the case here.  If I only have a few days to make sure I have accommodations and transportation, its possible that I have to withdraw anyway.  I know everyone has their stuff and my problems are my problems, I am just trying to get whatever information is available. 

  7. @mostmint Sorry about that, I got sidetracked mid message and forgot to add the link before sending.
  8. @mostmint I think most if not all was covered in the post linked below. We always welcome feedback, so give it a look as a "new to the sim driver" and see if there is anything we can add for next time. We are still gathering feedback from Charlotte and have started planning for WGI. Once the series meets with the track tomorrow, we should have a better idea of the situation. edit: added link
  9. @DEE DEE Do you think we will be to phase 4 by the end of May 2020? edit: to clarify that I meant this year.
  10. The Global Mazda has a bug that can make it unrepairable even with fast repairs, we want to avoid that. Anyone that is worried about setups, run the Jetta as it has the simplest setup sheet on the service.
  11. Split this group and enter a car in one of the other classes.
  12. I would like to raise the stakes on these endurance races and to do that I am going to sponsor a points championship with a prize yet to be determined. The points will work similar to CCES, lowest total is best. You will get a point for first, two for second and so on. Each class will earn equal points. I will take your three best scores as the total. I would like to see this balance the classes more since it will be easier to get a low score in a smaller class. If there is a tie, the team with most wins then seconds and so on will win. Points will be based on car number, s
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