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  1. We are finally ready to go racing. Look forward to seeing everyone again. Special thanks to @Ray Franck for the help.
  2. Typically. I might be a little late to the qualifying session but I should be there by race time.
  3. @pintodave I can't speak to the Rift but we have a CC.Sim Discord server setup for chatting. I think the link is in the pre race post that @Rapido puts up for each round.
  4. I think it only takes 3-4 clean rookie races to get a D license. Just avoid taking incidents and you will be eligible in no time.
  5. We are officially registered, look forward to seeing everyone.
  6. It's the lot beside the media center, someone said it was the drivers lot on Nascar weekend, plenty of power down the middle with a jersey barrier protecting it. Just looked at Google maps and there are approximately 36 spots with power and another lot that was empty last year, we used it to teach our youngest how to drive stick. I'd say there were 8-10 RV last year, I honestly wouldn't worry about it. If I'm wrong we can be pissed off together. 😂
  7. For what it's worth, there was plenty of RV space last year.
  8. Yes, I am still annoyed but less so than if you had not dropped off the money.
  9. I am watching the broadcast right now and there is great racing all through the field.
  10. Nerdie Racing made some for us, Troy is a super nice guy.
  11. There were about 20 people in session while I was there, I joined via the web interface.
  12. Hey @Bill Strong can you unpin 2018 and pin 2019?
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