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  1. I want it, pm me for payment @MR2 Biohazard
  2. Troy, Do you know what frequency are programmed? If I jump on this I want to be able to program my existing stuff to match. Thanks Alex
  3. Anyone know why we would stream to BoomerBook instead of the most well known streaming site in the world?
  4. https://champcarenduranceseries.blogspot.com/2021/09/2021-mid-ohio-post-race-impound-protest.html?m=1 @chip my buddy found this post, I guess the series has a blog now too
  5. I bet @chip would know best since he was winning races with them back then and is still winning races now.
  6. I did a few laps, I can wait till Wednesday. I just don't enjoy fwd cars.
  7. @mostmint you hosting anything this week?
  8. If mine is punched JAN 17, it needs recertification in JAN 22?
  9. I don't know if they work well on fwd cars but I have always had good luck with Raybestos ST-43 in rwd cars and from the sounds of it would be cheaper and last longer than what you are using now. I'd call Porterfield Brakes and see what they think too, they will know what other people are buying.
  10. Tell Justin that Hugh Jass sent you. https://www.miatahubs.com/
  11. Where was it announced, Facebook? I noticed the Twitter hasn't been updated since June and Instagram in May. I didn't see any posts here on the forum. I guess FB must be good for the Boomers, but what about the rest of us? And why are our social media feeds so dead?
  12. I have to work tonight and don't think I will be done in time to join the grid, good luck and I will see you all next week.
  13. I think this must be the incident that @Ray Franck was telling me about, a bunch of close calls.
  14. I thought this might be about raising the points on the NC Miata to head off that growing group
  15. This is why I was slower than @chip I swear. I learned how to handle that in my brief with Care and Concern post stint and will be better prepared next time.
  16. I will go first if no one else wants to. I think this is @Rodger Coan-Burningham and @Chris Huggins at around 8am on Sunday in T15.
  17. I am so excited that it is finally race week. Looking forward to getting back to the track and seeing everyone, oh and to get to do a little driving too. Who else is ready for Friday to get here? Or are you wishing you had another week to get everything finished?
  18. Up next unofficial practice on VIR full course with the legacy MX5 Monday 8/2 7-11pm eastern time zone Practice at 8x time Hugh Jass Practice VIR, I am going to leave it open as I don't think it will fill up and maybe we will attract some new faces @Hurljohn you should join us, get some reps ahead of the weekend.
  19. iRacing mentioned during the broadcast of the top split 4 hour race on Saturday that they are working on rain and show some of the progress. The race was to benefit Multiple Sclerosis research and had some pros racing for charity. Team Hugh Jass had a strong showing with P3 in class after a last corner pass. Check out this video if you want to see more.
  20. Race is tomorrow and will be a challenging course with walls even closer than those at WGI
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