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  1. Since we and I am sure a lot of other teams also have a lot of video to go sort through to document the weekend I decided to upload all of the raw footage into one playlist so interested parties can watch (and maybe even fast forward) to see if they can find their cars. They are broken up into 20min videos so we have a few of them up there. (I tried to link the playlist but i am not sure if it worked correctly). You can see some pretty quick lap times I think our fastest was 2:15.96 and most of them averaged out close to the low 2:20’s
  2. So we recorded the race for the first time. i need to edit the videos but here is a sample of our video from the Corvette.
  3. We are over 500 so we start in the hole from the start and try to work our way out. We did have fuel issues in the past but now have surge tank so we can go about 1:45
  4. Congratulations to team infinity. We had a good weekend and had a great time. We ended up with a 10th finish and 2nd in class, not bad for a C4 corvette that started 6 or 7 laps down. congratulations to everyone
  5. so what if you get out of shape some how in the bus stop and hit a cone on accident (come in to hot, etc...) do you still get a prenatally or is that for people who are being aggressive and taking an advantage of the wider track?
  6. Can't wait to try it out. We fabbed up a spot on our dash and have wired up power. See you this weekend
  7. If anyone is interested I will have a 2015 helmet for sale. I will have it at the race and if someone needs a helmet this would be a good deal.
  8. I am thinking about selling my current helmet. It is a Racequip Pro 15 with the side air vent. The helmet is a great entry level helmet that is Champcar legal and is still good until 2025. It is Snell SA2015 rated, has the HANS inserts ready for you to put your anchor posts on. I also have a brand-new blue visor that would go with the helmet. I planned on installing the new visor when the visor screw became stuck. It works fine the way it is but the best solution would be to operate on it and get the screw out so you could changeout visors. Since a new one is $200 and the v
  9. You have not seen a mess of wires until you dig into an C4 Corvette. Back then on these cars everything had it's own separate power feed (for the 4 tail lights there were 4 separate hot leads and grounds (because the car is fiberglass). This was the early age of electronic automation so they had a million wires along with ABS, theft control, etc. We first tried a paired down harness then finally just gave up and made our own. It is a lot cleaner and also follows common/simple logic so we can trouble shoot a lot easier.
  10. Not to be a smart ass, but maybe all of us should concentrate on Race-craft and focus on being better drivers to avoid contact and not put ourselves or other drivers in that situation vs fortifying the cars. Just saying it sounds like a lot easier solution and way more cost /work efficient.
  11. Bill/Dana , can you share the process for the new Tech procedures? Per the supplemental it says that we are using the new web based electronic log book (by the way I tried to access but it would not let me select our entry to tech in the drop down). Once we fill out the web based log book which I assume is the same as the old tech sheets what else do we need to do? Do we still need to go to tech to get safety checked and get sticker? Also do we know who will be allowed to attend (can we have crew, and guests/spouses, etc?)?
  12. This thread prompted us reach out to the tech desk and to ultimately make changes at the shop before we attempted to go through tech.
  13. That is they way we understand it. Our team reached out to the tech help desk and came to a solution (which resulted in additional work and the addition of a new piece of Lexan). At least we have it solved before Daytona and don't have to worry about scrambling race weekend to make a fix to pass Tech.
  14. Nothing like waiting until the last possible moment. We just signed up yesterday because I was waiting on one driver to renew membership. Good thing we got in. See you guys there...
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