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  1. Agreed @Burningham, it’s a small change that’s designed to make it absolutely clear. I saw the rap sheet for the penalties last weekend, it was long and quickly applied without exception, including to our team - we saw our position drop just a few laps after the infraction. The big difference for me between the 2 series is not so much the rule change but the enforcement, without it it’s just words on paper. This should be the focus for Champcar IMO.
  2. We had a test Flagtronic at RA last year, it worked well and I like the smallness of it compared to the bulky Flagger unit. Only issue was the brightness was way too much when it got dark, but we’d definitely have it again.
  3. I like the concept, maybe try with 1 or 2 fewer stops for the fast car but with a power adjustment or weight penalty to make the theoretical finish time the same for both?? Pitting every 4 laps was a bit much for me at least. Thanks for setting this all up!
  4. Hi, I'm local to Barber and was not expecting to race but the weekend has opened up, so looking for a last minute opportunity if anyone has an open seat to fill? I'm safe and fast, I race 4-5 times a year in CC, WRL and AER - can send vids etc. DM me for any questions, thanks!
  5. Trading paints worked last night, so I would assume so. Don’t know if each driver needs to upload locally or it carries over, but I would take the safe road and get all drivers to upload the livery just in case.
  6. Team: ERacing Number: 890 Class: Porsche E30 Driver 1: Simon Foweather Driver 2: Carlos Mendez Driver 3: Jarred Douglas Driver 4: Tom Masiero Driver 5: Miguel Vidal
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