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  1. I'm a driver on Team Jacky Ickx and will be in town for my son doing a Teen drivers school at Porsche Center in the morning. I'll be around in the afternoon if you're still looking for drivers. Brian
  2. I have a Featherlite open Trailer that I'm not using, so figured I'd get it to someone who would use it. $4200. I can bring it Daytona if paid for in advance. IMG_3053.HEIC
  3. I forgot to add our names to this Right now Team name is: Almost Team Jacky Ickx Cayman Drivers: Brian Cheaney Paul Rigoli
  4. "They" is actually "he" the OP (Henry runs PDG) I don't know the answer (i haven't run with him in a while), but I can say they are by far my favorite DE group in Florida. Really good group of guys relaxed but still professional.
  5. Peterborough New Hampshire, but we can pick it up any where in the North East.
  6. QUESTION! Does any one have room in their trailer and ability to take a car from the Watkins Glen race to "somewhere in the north east?" I'm sending a car up with Mike Ogren that will be picked up the day (or two) after the WGI race. It was going to be picked up that weekend, but we'll be at New Hampshire Motorspeedway the same dates and won't be able to get it from the Sahlens at the Glen. It can be picked up right after the weekend. Any race shops at or near WGI that can store a car for a couple days? Thanks, Br
  7. https://jalopnik.com/fire-extinguisher-holder-proves-hes-most-important-memb-1834380762?utm_medium=socialflow&utm_source=jalopnik_facebook&utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_facebook&fbclid=IwAR24yca674dcypw6XlcAdTPRslPK-Jjz_KrJgWYvxs0Q6kseumzHedhcxNc
  8. there are so many answers here that are wrong, I don't know where to start. Liability: Yes a LLC would protect you would reduce your chances of personal liability, and isn't a bad idea if you're going to be renting your vehicle to other people. Just treat it like a separate entity, or it means nothing (not commingling funds, proper accounting, etc). Titling Vehicles: Commercial insurance will cost you more. Also titled as a business may require you to act like a commercial vehicle (way stations, travel plans, DOT regs). This is a whole other additional sets of
  9. BF Goodrich R1 S and 2925 but whose counting .... I totally agree with you that it would be a competitive car but definitely not head and shoulders above others(and would likely not make it without a diff and trans cooler). . Maybe 3 years ago... because speed-creep is definitely a thing. There were 5 Non-EC cars that ran NYE SEbring at or below 2:36 Fast Lap ... many of the NA Miatas doing 2:38s. I've been kicking around making a FRS for WRL/AER if they continue to come down South more often. p.s. I am the other Dynasty FRS in T4 (Darren sold his).
  10. That was my opinion on a lot of these was that the car getting hit didn't "present" himself to the other drivers where in the mirror is filled and it is indisputable that their presence is there. Most of these newer drivers don't have refined situational awareness. While not officially at fault, the car getting hit has some responsibility (in the context of being a safe and should have anticipated what likely behavior of the other driver, if the other driver didn't see him). It's a casualty of this level of racing unfortunately. I especially notice it when third car is sneaki
  11. T4 is a showroom stock class, so no power specific modifications (Oil cooler is correct). However, I would agree that there are some mods that would exist to increase the VPI, and that the laptime is not on compliant rubber. I'm probably not the best person to ask as it relates to comparing the GCR/BCCR rulebook etc.. I was just posting from experience that it is a great racecar, just not quite champcar material, although I'm no expert. Very balanced and fun, I hope some day there is a Spec class in some series like there is in Australia.
  12. I race a 2013 FRS in SCCA (Touring 4 and STL) and NASA (PTD) - Ballasted to meet T4 class is 2975, but I don't remember how much ballast I've put in it. It'll do a 2:32ish at Sebring with a semi-capable driver, which is about 2 seconds faster than what Pobst did in KSR's car. SCCA BOP'd it with a restrictor and added weight vs. the NC MX5. Knowing that, I would think it's a bit above the Champcar class, but that's just my opinion.
  13. It says no license requirement, but the race says otherwise. I do have a D but it's under 2.0 and I don't have time to race any other races except this one. Brian
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