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  1. This is the best picture I could find of the Probe that runs as a convertible. They have done an excellent job using sheet metal to make a make-shift tonue (spelling, sorry) that covers the whole passenger side and rear hatch area. But per the rules... they had to have cage above. This 300Z also is running without a windshield... but it per the rules it also has the cage over the passenger side. All three of the examples you have been shown are of very fast cars, I am sure any of them would have run less cage if allowed but the rules on this issue are clear.
  2. it may be over on points but dang it's fast. click to 4:50 then enjoy the fun.
  3. Hybridshocker, I personally liked racing your car at NCM. I am okay with the Jeep running EC, Heck I am even okay if someone shows up with a 996 turbo GT1 (insert proper Porsche digits here). My only problem with EC cars are clerical issues. They shouldn’t be shown as winning the race on speedhive and they should not have been picked up as the leader during a full course yellow. I have zero animosity toward the teams running EC. Your car ran clean around me this weekend. I hope the Kentucky Fried white e36 keeps racing with Champ as it fits right in.
  4. KTM300, Welcome to the madness! Our team enjoyed being around your car on track. Our cars were completely different on how our cars produced our very similar lap times… We have the power but don’t handle for spit and our car is uglier than yours. (The Lincoln LS that’s missing its rear) Some of our drivers passed your car but others were passed by your car. Whoever told you to run Lemons can jump in a lake. Your car is a perfect little budget racer. I am glad you were out there. Speed creep is real the cars are getting much faster every time I get our car to the track, it is impressive… we built a butter knife for a knife fight and now teams are showing up with howitzers. But at one point or another I did pass both the 350z and the G35... (at other points they blew our doors off) But passing the G35 was fun because of how ugly our car is and how new and perfect theirs was. Good job finishing 23rd! Staying on track and making laps moves you way up the order. My goal for the weekend was a top 20... but sadly we had too many problems and finished around 30th Saturday then DNF'd Sunday.
  5. Engine control… isn’t a high $ expense even for very good stuff. https://www.diyautotune.com/shop/megasquirt-assembled/microsquirt/ Our system in the slow Lincoln is less than $400 and performs at a high level. If you want to be a fool and spend your money on the ultimate system go for it… but microsquirt is affordable and fits the series just fine. I go to a race weekend with 12 or more wheels… that would be almost 5 grand if I ran $400 wheels in something I consider a consumable. Limiting wheel cost seems like a good idea to me. If you want to attack something attach the people who are moving toward active aero. There is one team that claims 4 grand plus spent on their current aero and they are moving toward a DRS system.
  6. I want to attend this. Do you have a time set out yet? I am driving to the track on Friday and if I need to leave earlier to make this I would like to plan accordingly. Thank you, Bill.
  7. https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/5209163 https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/5209164 But it has.
  8. Not a girl but... call Ron. https://www.discoveryparts.com/ If your near Atlanta's north side, I would suggest you stop by his store and try out the different options his wife would be very helpful.
  9. https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/league-city-1991-nissan-240sx-race-car/6898360434.html
  10. This is hard to say... but Bill is 100% right; easier because Richard said it first. Giving them hundreds of laps removes them from discussion on the broadcast it flat takes them out of the conversation. They still race, they still pay... and best yet no extra work on staff. As far as people not getting to race because EC cars are running... I have no sympathy for them. Event entries open the same time for everyone. There are several cars who only run Champ that only run EC because they are looking for easy track time... Look at the ACME 200sx... I doubt that car exceeds 600pts (heck it might not exceed 400pts) and it has always run EC. We don't need to chase them off. Let them run what they brung but handicapped so they never reach the top ten overall. They can have their track time and not mess with the standings. Lastly if one of them is running a Mazda they need to be in the standings to they can show the result to mazda to keep their Mazda comp stuff membership. And having more cars behind me on the results makes me feel better about being mid to back of the pack.
  11. looking at iaai... this looks like it has potential https://www.iaai.com/Vehicle?itemID=30938937&rowNumber=2&loadRecent=True copart https://www.copart.com/lot/49392838
  12. quick look on CL doesn't turn up anything... looking at RJ... https://www.racingjunk.com/Road-Club-Racing/183206912/ITS-STL-Mazda-RX-7.html?search=RX-7&np_offset=6&from=search#12 these cars are getting OLD.
  13. I'll tell you what it's not... our Lincoln LS. 😜
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