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  1. Where : Alpharetta Ga What : 2 (two) sticker Bridgestone Re-71's 205/50/15 Amount : $100 each Shipping : no, but I'll meet you at my office in Alpharetta. I plan on putting a for sale sign on them at my next race : Lucky Dog @ Lowes Why : I need a tire to go 8 hours on a rough tire track not 4. I bought 8 of these to run AMP last year went thru 6 on day one; these are the remainder that never saw the track. Thanks
  2. I don't see class 'D' on the Sunday results. (Wanted to see GBU lap time)
  3. Or... make them as long as they need to be but have them remain virtual on YouTube: FOREVER. Best part of racing and covid: Drivers meetings that make since.
  4. I do I do. Personally, I do want classes. I don’t love the classes now but they are something people can build to and try to run well within. Nor do I think class wins should get you to the Chumpionship (you’re on your own here Rich) I also think that ½ the field is typically slower than 110% to 115% of the fastest classified cars lap. These cars are not in it to win it. Some times they and steal a class win but really this is a story of the haves (fast) and the have nots (slow). Is the solution points based classes? Or do we literally just give participation trophies to the top three slower teams (115% slower than the days fastest time maybe). At Daytona this would be: 24th overall Impulse Motorsports, 26th overall Sharky 2 & 27th overall Dead Broke. The back ½ of the field may be slow but they are why this series works. More cars = more fun. Low budget entry level series needs to celebrate low budget entry level teams. I am fine with the one winner one goal talk but honestly at any race I attend there are normally only 10 cars in the race that might win the race. The rest of us are racing for the fun of it. I say share some love down to the slow teams paying 1/2 bills of the series. (Yeah I like Luckydog)
  5. @frankrehnelt , Thank you for posting video to the youtube. I had no idea what/who happened to preform a perfect pit maneuver on me. Very minor incident, but I just wanted to know so I hunted your vid down. Looks like the green e36 driver over estimated his front-end grip and pushed out into me. The 901 driver did an excellent job avoiding our mess. Not crying. Not yelling. Just glad to see it from another prospective other than my memory. This was just a racing incident I am happy to have clarity on it. Thank you, team 901. 20min and 20 seconds into…
  6. Why not a lifetime ban for the person in the car at Daytona? (I am a fan of) Why extend to the others on the team? (I am not a fan of)
  7. NCM has a lot of bumpy curbs… might be an additional part of the problem. My suspension failure on Sunday was while I was tracking out on the Tiger Tooth at the hair pin. (Driver induced mechanical failure)
  8. I personally had a lot of fun at NCM. Thank you Champcar! This weekend was a perfect example of why I have let my SCCA competition license expire after 20 years. For a similar entry fee to a double weekend… tires… what not… we got 11 hours of track time (of a possible 15) for the same cost as an SCCA event. I personally got about 6 hours of seat time. Not six thirty min sessions but Six hours. I love it. Champcar rocks. I loved sharing the track with all you nuts. Even when the car broke on me late both days I was getting out of the car smiling. Because I was having so much fun racing you crazy people. Champcar rocks not only because the time on track is so much but because the people you’re on track with are fun to be around. After 6 hours… of driving I have almost nothing negative to say about any of yall. Big shout out to team Bare Maximum for welding on our car Saturday night! We wouldn’t have made Sunday without someone welding on the car. Big thanks to everyone! If anyone has an image of the Lincoln on two wheels in the right following that sharp left hair pin; that would be cool. My daydream when building that car back in 2016 was for it to look like an Australian Touring car on track. It has never lived up to that. But I think I may have been getting air there on a good launch I could feel the right front reestablish grip about half way to trackout, not sure if it was airborne but it wasn’t doing anything till mid track. Sorry for causing the really long purple when the car broke on Sunday. I couldn’t drive it safely to the pits. (the left rear tow arm broke in half) It took a little while to load. The wrecker crew started with a rear axel pick up; started to drive off… the Lincoln fell off and rolled into the back of their truck. (I made a bad joke about I hope the paint on the rear bumper of the Lincoln was okay; they didn’t get the joke) Then they had to flat tow it, made for a very long purple. Thank you Champcar!
  9. Read Bill's notes on the NCM event page. twice he clarifies that it will be used at that event. So... if your Mazda is going... do the math.
  10. math is common sense... or is it too hard? you've got 2 weeks before NCM to do the math... I have faith you can do it by then.
  11. Yes (I THINK) rear wing value needs to be adjusted. 10 points is too low. I have never believed aero matters at our speeds till... one car proved me wrong.
  12. Last year I asked to adjust Aero points because of your car, my petition was shot down. Yall are impressive, and I think the rules need to be shifted because of your achievements.
  13. I think the NA data backs a review of the platform both in points & swap weight. (politically I think the swap weight is easier to adjust)
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