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  1. Jim

    2019 Official The 12 hours of VIR (South)

    Ok so the way we usually do this is we smoke between 70 lbs and 150 lbs of pork shoulder for about 12 hours and we have a keg of beer. We invite all the corners workers out, and interestingly they seem to make the best turnout. I think in december, despite the rain, we had almost all of the corner workers at the party. Which is amazing. The race teams are hit or miss. Some teams show up every time. It seems like a lot of teams are pretty busy getting set up or making last minute repairs. And that's ok, at some point we just drive around the paddock and deliver beer and bbq to people laying under their cars. I'd say let's look at why we spend all of our money on this silly hobby. Is it the primal instinct of killing (slaying a cavalier), proving your superior racing skills that you have developed after spending countless dollars on the journey, the drug adiction of dopamine, or coming together with peers to build a team while accomplishing something great? The team building is the most challenging and most rewarding thing we do. I've learned this from the Navy. Drinking beer, socializing, and building bonds is far more important than accomplishing the mission. Maybe I'm a bit naive to this sport, but I think we can all take a moment to appreciate each other, not only within our own team, but also respect other teams, because we have all worked hard to get to every race. I know this is long winded. All I'm saying is let's get together and throw a huge party. Friday evening. Everyone bring some food. Let's come together and raise a beer to champcar for uniting us all in a common passion.
  2. Jim

    2019 Official The 12 hours of VIR (South)

    If you don't drink our beer, eat our bbq, and crash with racebar we will be sad. Friday it is! I guess we will get there Thursday night
  3. Jim

    2019 Official The 12 hours of VIR (South)

    Crickets.......this is going to be a fun race! Hey come on old people you used to have fun where did it go. Post up. Let's see that energy. Get us fired up to race. A little forplay if you will. You all know what forplay is right? Right now this race feels like a dead fish.
  4. Jim

    2019 Official The 12 hours of VIR (South)

    Racebar will be here! As expected, we plan to host a BBQ party. You can expect beer, lots of pork shoulder, music, probably some [REDACTED] and lots of fun. The bbq will be ready starting around 5:30 pm on Friday!
  5. A little bored today so I overlayed some Boeing 737 TCAS sounds onto this clip of contact with Hill Billy Racing:. The driver was really cool about the whole thing. Super apoligetic. I didn't see his late brake and slide so its on me too.
  6. Did the Lasershark speaker do damage to somebody's car? PM and lets talk.
  7. So sparrow speed gets to figure out who to give it to at the next race. They have to weld a car part onto it. Hosting a party, bringing a keg, or hosting a meal are some ideas. Helping other teams, or just being fun to be around. Shinanigans are also helpful. Drawing a penis on @bendawson3 truck is another option. It's a little like the sportsmanship award, but more prestigous, and over time it should get larger as parts are added. And yes, sex on a car in the rain is a good start......
  8. Also I want to take an opportunity to share our documentary that was recently released. We were honored to be part of the "what we do" documentary series. Doug Frasier spent 6 months following us as we prepped for the 24 at vir in August.
  9. So here is my best shot at a writeup. The weekend was a total blur, but we got to race with some really amazing people. So many awesome battles being fought out there I can't name or remember them all. Also thank you Champcar for not kicking us out, yet again. Somehow we seem to just slip under the radar. Some highlights: 1. Both Racebar and Lasershark threw connecting rods 2. Kristina - Second time on a race track ever. She did great. 3. Racing in the rain and fog. This was insanely awesome 4. Sorry for the 12:30 engine revving wakeup call Sunday morning. Apparently we thought our alarm clock was set for 6:30. 5. Ben Dawson turned a better lap time in a car with 100% stock suspension and beer cans on the roof then he did in his own car. 6. Lasershark finishing top 10 on Saturday caught us completely by surprise. We never ever expected to do even remotely well. 7. Racing with Bill Strong 8. Passing Bill Strong 9. Mike letting us give out the Racebar trophy and starting a new tradition 10. Going off track, getting stuck in mud, then not being able to go over 40 mph because it felt like the car had square tires. 11. Kristina sitting backwards on turn 1 for three laps until she was towed in. Apparently after she spun, the oil pressure light was on (the engine was off). We told her if the light comes on to turn the engine off. 11b. Kristina sitting backwards on [REDACTED] for [REDACTED] until she [REDACTED]. 12. Throwing a rod, then jamming out to reggae music while being towed through the pits and waving a "rod" at everyone. Priceless. 13. Getting out of Racebar after blowing the motor up, then blowing up the motor in Lasershark in the same way. Sorry about the oil on the track. 14. Too much bar not enough race. Missing the start of the race on Sunday because we couldn't find enough people to get the beer cups out of racebar, or gas in Lasershark. Then several of our drivers not being able to race because they were too hung over. 15. Drawing dicks on peoples cars in places they wont find until they get home. 16. Someone complaining to Mike about the dick on the rear window of Lasershark......and then having to remove it. I still want to know who it was. 17. Best quote of the weekend "I guess I'm not that good at joining orgies" - Brian Dawson 18. Watching cars pass then promptly spin or go off track. Then getting cocky and doing the same thing. 19. Serving pulled pork and beer to the corner workers and having them tell us how much they enjoy seeing us go around the track. 20. Forgetting to register Racebar Friday night, then being so bothered by it that I couldn't sleep and was litterly waiting for mike to show up in the morning. 21. Almost getting arrested in Emporia on the way to the track for this: 22. Running straight into a tire wall at 36 MPH while yelling oh frack. Then backing up and continuing to race.
  10. Ill start off with this, and follow it up a bit later with more. Thanks to everyone for a FANTASTIC race!
  11. Just a friendly reminder. We have 90 lbs of pork going on the smoker in 2 hours!
  12. For anyone interested, racebar is having a documentary release party at the big ugly brewery. We are pulling the cars inside the brewery and have a 12 ft inflatable screen, speakers on the cars, and will be hosting an awesome party. We have live entertainment scheduled and bbq food truck. 6 pm is when the show starts!