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  1. Hey guys, I remastered the audio on this video, and I think I found out why the EC E46 made that pass in the grass. It turns out they had Ludacris - Move Bitch playing at a high volume. It all makes sense now.
  2. Here is the party that @Jab31169 was mentioning.
  3. The other car "lasershark" is a 6 series. It's a 500 point car and is faster.
  4. We tried with 100 lbs of party on the trunk and roof, stock suspension, and.....................it's a 7 series
  5. Racebar here with one of the last trip reports (as expected): This was our first race with our newly rebuilt motor, named "Rainbow number 5" as it was our fifth motor and was painted like a rainbow by a drunk Patrick "Dick Freelane" Mchugh during a late night party rock session after the kids had gone to bed. On Friday, during the track day, we blew a head gasket for obvious reasons. Quantum speed works hosted us throughout the day as we pondered why our brand new motor blew a gasket and we waited on the new gasket to arrive. By 5 pm, it was clear that the car wouldn't make it to the paddock for the BBQ party, and with the continuous deluge of wet stuff (Ben Dawson's race driver equalizer), we decided to move the dance party slash BBQ prerace get-everyone-drunk-so-they-drive-like-poop-the-next-day-party up to the super amazing facility at Quantum. So that night, we ate, we talked, we drank, we danced, we rebuilt Racebar, and we misdiagnosed her problems. Around midnight we introduced our new pledges to Racebar with a lap around the paddock by foot, and a little team bonding with the Champcar trophies. (Its ok we blamed our transgressions on Winsome Racing. The staff never knew it was us) We made it to tech in the morning where we discovered that people have complained about Racebar from previous races. Ray, sadly, was forced to add a 25 pt penalty to our amplifier, speakers, and bar claiming it adds speed. He said this would calm the complaints. I dont think we are winning any races Ray. By noon, after blowing yet another head gasket, we discovered the actual problem with the Racebar motor was not under torquing of the head bolts, but rather detonation. WIth some quick thinking by Jeff "Ron Mexico" Caplan, we had a head gasket on the way being delivered by Al "The reverend" Taylor. After having "practiced" a head removal so many times in the past, we pulled together as a team, and had the head off in 20 minutes. However, with the head off, we realized yet a new major problem. Our block was majorly cracked. So after another hour of pondering, we decided to run her for as long as she would go. 30 minutes later, we were on the track and racing again. We changed the coolant multiple times throughout the next 6 hours and added countless qts of oil. Eventually by about 7 pm, it was oil starvation that ultimately got us as I, threw yet another racebar rod. (This would be the third rod our team has thrown all with me at the wheel) Despite our lack of success on the track, this was our most successful race yet. Our team has grown every race. We have built a culture, values, and a team which people willingly invest time and money to further the cause. We had the opportunity to help numerous teams at this race which was rewarding for all of us. We have built friendships with other teams that extend beyond the track. Moving forward, we have new motors going in both Racebar and Lasershark, a newly aquired e30 to add to the team, an e36 being built now, and a new acquisition of Winsome Racing (they havent exactly agreed.) We are doing an endurance running relay with Racebar in April, competition bbq this summer, pub crawls, brewery parties, HPDE events, and Indy in July. We were verbally reminded of how much we suck during this race by the e46 EC team. Its ok, no judgement passed here. There are those who understand Racebar, and those who have yet to learn. At this race, we met a young boy named Jack. Jack wrote us a handwritten note, which I think sums up how we feel about our team. This is his note: Dear Racers in Racebar champcar series, Your car was the best and creative but you didnt win. But who cares if you win or lose. It matters if you have fun or not and I hope you have fun. You have speakers on your car. You went in the pit stop a lot of times but thats ok. I hope you are proud and do you think you could write me back. Sorry and I might write you more letters. Bye, your friend. Jack The e46 team, should probably talk to Jack so they can learn a few things about life. It truly is an honor to race with all of you. Most of you are better drivers than we are, so thank you for sharing the track with us. Free beer and bbq is always on us. -Raaaaaacceeebaaaaaaar!
  6. Hey an update to the bbq. We moved it up to quantum speed works. A nice dry shop. Free beer, bbq, and music, the food will be ready at 5. Stop by and grab some food!
  7. Hey Mr. Bagel, I want to thank you for your comments. Racebar is always seeking to improve our customer experience. First, I understand ac/DC may be offensive to some at a race track, therefore, we have added Abba "dancing Queen", Bob McFerrin - "don't worry be happy", and various nickleback songs to our playlist. I think you will be pleasantly surprised as you drink your coffee on March 2nd. Second, If "boobs" as most people call them were a distraction, we sure are glad you didn't see the dicks! I think you might have snapped a lugbolt right off if you had. I'd say we dodged a bullet. However, in light of your comments, we have moved the full frontal nudity to a private area that will be clearly marked off with a sign titled "fun people only". So on March 2nd, if you find yourself face to face with a sign that mentions fun people, it's best that you turn the other way. Obviously you are still welcome in our "not fun people" side. You will still get all the great racebar benefits of free beer, bbq, and nickleback, just without all the distractions! It's really a win win. So in closing, bagel boy, you are right, we do suck! But thanks to you, we can suck just a little less! P.s. I think you mean torquing - the act of needlessly applying a calibrated wrench to a lugbolt to pretend like your doing something useful. I believe twerking is an ancient mating dance, and was likely not what you meant.
  8. Ok so the way we usually do this is we smoke between 70 lbs and 150 lbs of pork shoulder for about 12 hours and we have a keg of beer. We invite all the corners workers out, and interestingly they seem to make the best turnout. I think in december, despite the rain, we had almost all of the corner workers at the party. Which is amazing. The race teams are hit or miss. Some teams show up every time. It seems like a lot of teams are pretty busy getting set up or making last minute repairs. And that's ok, at some point we just drive around the paddock and deliver beer and bbq to people laying under their cars. I'd say let's look at why we spend all of our money on this silly hobby. Is it the primal instinct of killing (slaying a cavalier), proving your superior racing skills that you have developed after spending countless dollars on the journey, the drug adiction of dopamine, or coming together with peers to build a team while accomplishing something great? The team building is the most challenging and most rewarding thing we do. I've learned this from the Navy. Drinking beer, socializing, and building bonds is far more important than accomplishing the mission. Maybe I'm a bit naive to this sport, but I think we can all take a moment to appreciate each other, not only within our own team, but also respect other teams, because we have all worked hard to get to every race. I know this is long winded. All I'm saying is let's get together and throw a huge party. Friday evening. Everyone bring some food. Let's come together and raise a beer to champcar for uniting us all in a common passion.
  9. If you don't drink our beer, eat our bbq, and crash with racebar we will be sad. Friday it is! I guess we will get there Thursday night
  10. Crickets.......this is going to be a fun race! Hey come on old people you used to have fun where did it go. Post up. Let's see that energy. Get us fired up to race. A little forplay if you will. You all know what forplay is right? Right now this race feels like a dead fish.
  11. Racebar will be here! As expected, we plan to host a BBQ party. You can expect beer, lots of pork shoulder, music, probably some [REDACTED] and lots of fun. The bbq will be ready starting around 5:30 pm on Friday!
  12. A little bored today so I overlayed some Boeing 737 TCAS sounds onto this clip of contact with Hill Billy Racing:. The driver was really cool about the whole thing. Super apoligetic. I didn't see his late brake and slide so its on me too.
  13. Did the Lasershark speaker do damage to somebody's car? PM and lets talk.
  14. So sparrow speed gets to figure out who to give it to at the next race. They have to weld a car part onto it. Hosting a party, bringing a keg, or hosting a meal are some ideas. Helping other teams, or just being fun to be around. Shinanigans are also helpful. Drawing a penis on @bendawson3 truck is another option. It's a little like the sportsmanship award, but more prestigous, and over time it should get larger as parts are added. And yes, sex on a car in the rain is a good start......
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