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  1. shanehutton

    Looking to Borrow a Trailer - Ottawa

    Where in Quebec is the car?
  2. shanehutton

    Canadian Racing Resources

    What BBQman just said. Perry is a great resource.
  3. shanehutton

    Ballooned Fuel Tanks

    Not really worried about it, more concerned that you can buy fuel capacity and it isn't reflected in points. Not saying people need custom cells. Off the shelf cells with a means of reducing volume would be fine as well. If not too concerned though, I just think it's odd that everything else seems so controlled and that this is just accepted as ok. A chunk of plastic or wood has a points value, but extra fuel is free. Yes, you are correct. Our old Hyundai was 50L and I had that in my head. The civic is indeed 11.9 (45L).
  4. shanehutton

    Ballooned Fuel Tanks

    If the series is built around the idea of controlling costs doesn't the idea that we are allowed to buy more fuel capacity seem in conflict? There is no reason why the cells can't be made to have the stock capacity. Otherwise, its as simple as having a $1500 bonus fuel option that isn't factored into the points. Perhaps the half measure is to allow the extra 2 Gallons with a cell but assign a point value to it like anything else you can buy to improve the performance of your car.
  5. shanehutton

    Ballooned Fuel Tanks

    Civic. That said, they are both the same size anyways. 50L
  6. shanehutton

    Ballooned Fuel Tanks

    I have to ask. Why do people with a fuel cell get extra fuel vs a stock tank? I would love to hear the justification for this as it seems to me it's just as simple as you spend a big chunk of money and get more fuel. Wasn't there a discussion around points / money for extra fuel that was already shut down? Why is it allowed in this case? I personally think the balloning of stock tanks should be illegal and fuel cells should be stock size or have displacement blocks added to get back to stock size. That way everything is fair. (Full disclosure - We have a stock *unmodified* tank and are too cheap to buy a cell)
  7. I just checked eBay and there are some options. Saw the Rota Grid for a reasonable price. You could also check TR motorsport wheels (Tirerack house brand). Not sure if they make your pattern but I have them on my E30 and they are light and cheap.
  8. shanehutton

    OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    At that temp, nothing is damp. The snow squeaks when you walk cause it's so dry. Back to race cars. We bought a new transmission for the civic. By new, I mean used and in need of a service. Sometimes I wonder if my cheapness will be the end of me.
  9. shanehutton

    OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Yes. Brake pads can vary a lot so if you are fabricating a system, build it around something with good cheap pads. In a series like this, that will save you a ton of money.
  10. shanehutton


    Meh. He is talking about AER so who cares. It's not like he is pushing for one in chump champ.
  11. I see your point. However, If the point is to make things fair then I see their reasoning. Sloting the strut towers only works on strut cars. Everybody else has to spend points adjusting their camber / caster.
  12. shanehutton

    E30 Expansion Tank Delete

    I deleted all that stuff in my E30 race car (not chump car). I added a roll-over valve and then a solid vent line that runs up the C pillar and back down. My vent line is a bit small so it tends to be a bit sensitive to turn off gas pumps if I try to fill full blast. Filling with a jug seems to be fine though. It isn't as fast as our chump car though where a lot of emphasis was placed on the fastest fill possible.
  13. I have a brand new still in the plastic / box set of DTC-60 pads for the front of a civic. Part # is HB218G.583 so please confirm they fit your car. $150 in Ottawa (add $10 to ship in Ontario or Quebec)