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  1. A gurney flap in front of the venting wouldn’t be a bad idea.
  2. Keep in mind that unless it’s a tube and fin style, you will never be able to confidentially clean a blown engine out of a cooler. Beware of used ones and if there is metal in your oil you may want to toss yours.
  3. The last thing you want is the splitter touching the ground and cutting airflow under the car. Between that and off track excursions, a bit higher is better than too low.
  4. We run Motul gear 300 and haven’t blown anything up.
  5. Any idea what distribution looks like in Canada?
  6. Yeah. I think I need to pump it out with the in tank pump and see how much is left.
  7. Car is an EK chassis Honda Civic. We already have a float switch about 2/3 of the way up the surge tank that triggers a light on the dash.
  8. Currently having issues getting 2hrs out of our tank and would prefer not to spend on a cell if possible. at the moment, we get about 1:40 to 1:55 depending on the track with a stock tank and a 2L surge tank. For those of you that have run a similar setup and added a hydramat, what kind of improvement did you see? Is it only really an advantage for those who don’t have a surge tank?
  9. Based on that recap and watching on Race Monitor all weekend it looked like a hell of a great race. Congrats on the win Redcow and Higgy.
  10. What tires were they running on? It is definitely a testament to how good the "200" TW tires are.
  11. If you are running fans and don't need high pressure air then you should draw air from somewhere that has cool air and is not going to pick up junk.
  12. Which would at least line up with what everyone else is paying for adding camber through additional parts.
  13. Why are other cars getting charged 20 points per axle to change camber and this is ruled at 10points? How is this not a camber changing apparatus? I guess I am going to re-name my camber adjusting upper A arms a "shortened Ball joint"
  14. Perfect. We definitely needed more model specific rules.
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