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  1. Based on that recap and watching on Race Monitor all weekend it looked like a hell of a great race. Congrats on the win Redcow and Higgy.
  2. What tires were they running on? It is definitely a testament to how good the "200" TW tires are.
  3. If you are running fans and don't need high pressure air then you should draw air from somewhere that has cool air and is not going to pick up junk.
  4. Which would at least line up with what everyone else is paying for adding camber through additional parts.
  5. Why are other cars getting charged 20 points per axle to change camber and this is ruled at 10points? How is this not a camber changing apparatus? I guess I am going to re-name my camber adjusting upper A arms a "shortened Ball joint"
  6. Perfect. We definitely needed more model specific rules.
  7. I was welding an oil pan together and after cleaning with brake cleaner I hadn't noticed that some was caught in a seam. Almost knocked me right on my butt when I heated it up. I definitely lost a year or two off my life. Not doing that again.
  8. That is an air dam. These rules and interpretations of rules are just getting silly. The march to EC continues...
  9. Cause I haven't seen one small enough to meet our rules that has a cap. That one you posted is way too big.
  10. The issue seems to be heat. There are options to run an external coil that could help. I played around with the idea of mounting a large CPU heatsink on the housing and even considered a CPU fan running on the heatsink. I ended up ditching it all and just going COP at the end so that I could remove a common weak point.
  11. I wish this was the case and you could just build a car using the rule book. The first post already shows the intention to add points despite the rule book just saying Wing = 10pts.
  12. I don't see why not. There are no rules about what you build your splitter with or what shape it is. As to the size. They look bigger than they are. They are 2.5" deep, 6" wide.
  13. I actually just built some DIY with a hammer and ignorance. The only place I could fit them was ducting almost straight at the tire. I was hoping to have them vent inboard of the tire to get airflow to the CV/brake etc but about half is hitting the tire. Do you think I will still see a benifit?
  14. No. Move it along the axis that runs from the front to the back of the car. Along that axis, you want to make the arm shorter.
  15. You don't need to drill the swaybar. You just need to find a way to move the pickup point and shorten the arm. Some do it with clamps that go around the bar so perhaps try to find something like that instead of drilling a hole.
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