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  1. Also, keep in mind, with the new(ish) rules around oil and fuel lines in the cabin, you will likely have to spring for the electronic valve. The manual one will be very hard to have accessible to the driver without some creative plumbing. I just took mine out as it was a manual valve with braided SS lines and didn't meet the rules anymore.
  2. I just figured that moving the clip has the same effect as adding and removing helper springs / using helper springs of different stack heights. Effectively, it is a spacer more than a fine adjustment for corner balancing etc.
  3. Does anyone know if shocks with C-clip based spring seat height adjustment are 10 points? What if we promise never to move them? Not my shock but we have a couple of grooves in ours that are maybe an inch or so apart.
  4. You can run steel cable or chain as a droop limiter to keep the spring in place.
  5. I though the transmission swap 25 points to use a transmission that never came in your car was clear. I also thought the final drive and header rules were clear. I agree. Why are the SC400 running with a manual? Are they claiming a 25 point transmission swap?
  6. Holy sh!t, I am more lost than ever. @Ray Franck -So if an E30 can run a 4:10 with a 6cyl, then can any car run a non stock final drive? Can you point me too the exact explanation as I need to see if that final drive needs to be from the same year, chassis, manufacturer etc. -If an SC400 can use a SC300 manual tranny for free can any car swap to the transmission from another model for free? Can you point me to the exact explanation as I need to see if that transmission needs to be from the same year, chassis, manufacturer etc. Based on these two, I would have to assume that transmissions, gear ratios, and final drive are all wide open and free. If they are not wide open, please explain why one car can do the above but others can't? These parts bin supercars are going to get way out of hand. With the E36 manifold on an E46 the precedent is getting set that we don't even have to hunt for the good parts within our particular generation. I really don't understand why everyone can't just follow the rule book. Nothing turns off a new competitor than finding out after they build their car that the rule book was just a guideline and that the "real" rules are completely different. If I was the E30 at that race where every other E30 was running an illegal final drive I am pretty sure I would have packed up and never come back.
  7. If this is true then I am seriously over this sh!t. Can the overlords please compile and present a clear outline of every outside the rulebook "interpretation" that has been given over the years so we can figure this all out? The knowledge base is nice but unless it is clearly organized AND UPDATED WITH EVERYTHING that predated it, it's useless.
  8. Yet despite this, Tech just couldn't resist yet another ruling that seems to go against the written rule and give one car a freebie. 🤷‍♂️. I guess now with the knowledge base it will be easier to find out about the "special" rules. I think we can all go erase the line in our logbook that shows points for headers. So happy to have this points back.
  9. I think we should just close up all the loopholes and stuff that isn't universal across all makes and models. No special interpretations, no re-using this or that, just a value for the car and a list of stuff that costs points. Anything not on the list gets assigned a value and applies to every use of that part. The fact that there is a debate about being able to run 2 exhaust cams or the way better exhaust manifolds off a different car for free is what is wrong with this series. Way too many rule lawyers and interpretations. If you don't have the two cams the engine came with inside the engine activating the valves they are supposed to activate, its a cam change and it costs points. Should be that way for every car and you shouldn't have to do a bunch of detective work to figure out what special version of the rule book is being cleverly interpreted by the other teams. How many point value parts have been allowed for free or reduced points for a certain team, car, situation? I think it's time to get all the skeletons out of the closet. Maybe it's just me though. 🤷‍♂️
  10. The engine swap is 50 points even if you don't make any extra power. If all you get is the cam and you already have an engine then it isn't helping at all. If you are going to buy an engine and go through all that why not use an ecotech? Are they not way faster?
  11. Just remember, if you are taking the hit for cam points you may as well go for a much bigger cam.
  12. I am well aware of the fact that he intended to use the M52 ones (and also assumed it would cost points) but the answer in the knowledge base is:"As the catalytic converters are built into the e46 exhaust manifold, a swap of the E36 exhaust manifold would incur zero points." That means that any E36 OEM manifold is approved. Thus, the S50 ones are just as legal as the M52 ones. It also doesn't take much of a look to see that even the M52 ones will be substantially better than the E46 ones with squashed runners and a 90 degree corner. I think most of us are paying 25 points for "headers" that provide less of an upgrade than these will provide. Change your exhaust manifold should just be 25 points for all cars under all circumstances. I don't understand why this can of worms was opened up for the ecotech or in this case. If the stock manifolds suck, or the motor swap you are doing doesn't fit, then pay the points for the parts you want. Why is the answer half of the time "we didn't pick your car" or "we didn't pick your swap" and the other half of the time it's "whatever you need is free"? If I want to put a V8 in a Toyota Tercel but it doesn't fit in the front, can I put it in the back and have everything I need to do that for free? It almost feels like the rule book is just a set of suggestions sometimes.
  13. These are the stock E46 manifolds vs two different OEM E36 options. Based on the knowledge base wording, they are all allowed with zero points. This is great news cause I have been wanting to run the Integra type R OEM manifold on my civic for free as well. 😎
  14. This is the sort of stuff that makes people spin. Is there a specific E36 manifold that has to be used? There are some VERY good factory E36 manifolds. What happened to "We didn't pick your car"?
  15. I don't understand why you would want to go to this trouble vs just laying off the gas pedal a bit or shifting earlier. Both will reduce fuel consumption and shifting earlier will reduce the beating your engine is taking.
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