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  1. Don't forget the Eagle Talon and Plymouth Laser when you are looking for used parts. I would assume they vary a bit in looks but fit is likely very close.
  2. Which Hall from DIY Autotune? If it is the red one with the threaded body it will likely need a pull-up. It's made by a company called Cherry. They are fantastic and have never had an issue with one in multiple applications. Sounds like you are having fun with the build and install.
  3. I would be more concerned with a VR sensor. The Hall should be fine. Double check your jumpers etc. Make sure you have checked to see if you will need a pull-up resistor. Is it an OEM Hall or aftermarket like Cherry etc?
  4. Nah. 4 in the Civic and the Hyundai used up 3 or 4 plus one transmission. To be fair, we always make up some excuse to beat on it like "stock redline + 2000 rpm has to be fine". They are always quite fast but as the saying goes "The candle that burns twice as bright only lasts half as long". Oddly, the races we are kind to the car and finish are the least fun. I just think we might be weird.
  5. Great weekend. We managed to get the engine to make a shitload of power and last 11 hours. On to the next one. Still a perfect record of 4 races with this car and 4 engines. I would hate to spoil a good thing. We may chuck some bolts in the oil pan on the next one just to keep up the streak. Glad to see the Wheelerz back. Sad to see Junction smashed up again. Bring on Calabogie - but not too fast cause I have an engine to figure out.
  6. Are they able to do multiple brands or just the Firesense you have? I have an OMP one that needs a re-fill.
  7. Based on what I have been able to find out: There is one person in Montreal that can re-fill / re-cert a single brand of bottle. It would seem that everything else will have to go to the USA and shipping becomes an issue. I believe your bottle may be able to go to MTL. I can't recall the guys name but Perry Auto should be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck.
  8. What BBQman just said. Perry is a great resource.
  9. Not really worried about it, more concerned that you can buy fuel capacity and it isn't reflected in points. Not saying people need custom cells. Off the shelf cells with a means of reducing volume would be fine as well. If not too concerned though, I just think it's odd that everything else seems so controlled and that this is just accepted as ok. A chunk of plastic or wood has a points value, but extra fuel is free. Yes, you are correct. Our old Hyundai was 50L and I had that in my head. The civic is indeed 11.9 (45L).
  10. If the series is built around the idea of controlling costs doesn't the idea that we are allowed to buy more fuel capacity seem in conflict? There is no reason why the cells can't be made to have the stock capacity. Otherwise, its as simple as having a $1500 bonus fuel option that isn't factored into the points. Perhaps the half measure is to allow the extra 2 Gallons with a cell but assign a point value to it like anything else you can buy to improve the performance of your car.
  11. Civic. That said, they are both the same size anyways. 50L
  12. I have to ask. Why do people with a fuel cell get extra fuel vs a stock tank? I would love to hear the justification for this as it seems to me it's just as simple as you spend a big chunk of money and get more fuel. Wasn't there a discussion around points / money for extra fuel that was already shut down? Why is it allowed in this case? I personally think the balloning of stock tanks should be illegal and fuel cells should be stock size or have displacement blocks added to get back to stock size. That way everything is fair. (Full disclosure - We have a stock *unmodified* tank and are too cheap to buy a cell)
  13. I just checked eBay and there are some options. Saw the Rota Grid for a reasonable price. You could also check TR motorsport wheels (Tirerack house brand). Not sure if they make your pattern but I have them on my E30 and they are light and cheap.
  14. At that temp, nothing is damp. The snow squeaks when you walk cause it's so dry. Back to race cars. We bought a new transmission for the civic. By new, I mean used and in need of a service. Sometimes I wonder if my cheapness will be the end of me.
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