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  1. Hello...are you guys ever looking for drivers? I've been racing off and on for 30+ years. I'm in the Cincy area.
  2. Ae you still racing? Do you ever need drivers? I'm in the Dayton area.
  3. Do you still have a seat avalable for Indy? I've driven automatics and rwd cars and have been racing off and on for 30 years.
  4. I am very interested in a seat for the Nelson Ledges race. I co drove the class winning car in the Lemons 24 hour race at CMP two weeks ago. My cell number is 937-477-0191
  5. Please let me know if seats are still available. I am very interested. My cell number is 937-477-0191. My name is Bill
  6. I'm very interested. I'm looking for a ride in the Nelson 24. I've been racing on and off for 30 years. Started out in open wheel cars in SCCA. Moved on to sedans in both SCCA and NASA. I've been doing Chump and WRL for the past 3 years. I have a current SCCA regional competition license. I'm consistent and take care of the car. Please get back to me. I'm in the Cincy area.
  7. Hello...do you guys have seats available for the Nelson Ledges 24 hour race? If so please message me. I'm in southern Ohio.

    1. Kentite


      We may. Have one new driver that is supposed to test the car in the next week or two. Stay in touch.

  8. I'm in the Cincinnati area and would like discuss team membership with you. I race at most of the tracks that you plan on racing at and this might be a good fit. Bill Ehrstine
  9. i live in Ohio but am interested in doing the Sebring race in Dec. I have zero mechanical talent but I'm a pretty solid driver. I'm 64 so I guess that makes me a senior. Let me know if you want to chat further. Bill Ehrstine
  10. I have driving experience in SCCA and Chump. My most recent driving has been in Chump and that is where I want to focus going forward. I have two donor cars, one of which is fully prepped and the other is a street car that would be a great candidate for an endurance racing car. I also have an enclosed trailer. I do not have a tow vehicle and I have ZERO mechanical ability. I'm looking for 3-4 guys who would be interested in putting something together with the goal of getting on the track for at least one race this fall and then on to next year. Any interest?
  11. I'm an experienced driver in the Cincinnati area. I've driven SCCA, Chump and WRL. I'm interested in the seat at the 24 at VIR. Feel free to contact me either by cell...937-477-0191. Or email wehrstine@yahoo.com. Bill Ehrstine
  12. I'm interested in doing one of those two races. Bill Ehrstine 937-477-0191
  13. I'd love to do the AMP race. I love that track. I've been racing off and on for 30 years. I ran open wheel cars and sedans in scca. I've been racing chump and WRL for the past 4 years. Let me know if you are still looking and what the seat would cost. I'm in the Cincinnati area. Bill Ehrstine 937-477-0191 cell wehrstine@yahoo.com email
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