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  1. Let me rephrase that... If the cool box is mounted in the trunk vs mounted in the car near the driver, does it still need two racket straps? Thinking that trunk will contain the unit if it breaks away in a crash. Tom M Sweetwater Racing. 523 & 522 Miata’s
  2. Can someone post link on where to get the fire proof foam please?
  3. The tire size is 225 on 9" rims. Tom M Sweetwater Racing #528
  4. Frist time on RS4's in our Miata at Indy. Where should I start with cold tire pressure's? Tom M Sweetwater Racing #528
  5. Enough about gas supply and prices. I want to know if milk will be supplied at the winner circle and can we “kiss” the bricks? Tom M 523 Sweetwater Racing
  6. Thanks for the info, Going with the 9's. Look out Indy!!!
  7. Thanks, I was looking at the Koenig and Jongblode's . What offset do you run? We have been running 205-50 on 5X7 with +38 offset and 1/4 spacers.
  8. What’s eveone running for 15 x 8 or 9” rims for NA Miata . And what offerset works best? I am running 225x45 RS4s Tom M 528 Sweetwater Racing.
  9. Any body run the 225 45 15 Ventus R S4s on 15 x 7 rims?
  10. So here is my dilemma. I have 12 15 x 7 rims and ran the Dunlop ZII StarSpec - 205/50-15 last year and I liked them. From what I am reading the Hankook R S4 are the tires to have or this their a better tire than I can run with 15x7 rims? Tom M Sweetwater Racing 91 Miata WGI 46 and 36 Thompson 5th
  11. What rim width size are you guys running with the Hankook 245 40 15 R S4’s
  12. Helmet blower $50.00 and free shipping Tom M Sweetwater Racing Miata #523
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