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  1. How was the sunday penalty lap situation handled for that awesome fast fiero? They won by a ton both days and deserved both wins. I'm just trying to sort it out from mylaps but can't figure it out. And since there was no broadcast for the sunday race we didn't have the usual enlightening commentary from Bill/Doc/Paulie.
  2. Watched a bunch of their live feed. They ran a great race on track and in the pits. Well deserved win.
  3. I love your Roux too.. I think its a great value for the features it comes with, if only it fit big square heads. Tried to get it to work with L and XL and various pad configs but just doesn't. And once I tried on a Stilo helmet, but then had to call the fire department to cut it off. So...
  4. Why is this even a discussion? EC cars should be assigned points per the rules. There is no exception in 4.1 that says EC cars can skip the assigned laps. A minimum of 50 laps should be assigned (plus multiplier) and if it hasn't been then we've been breaking our own rulebook. Please email Chisek and remind him of this situation (i've done so already) as he is consistent in staying off the forum.
  5. Since it didn't make it into the supps, what time is the track opening for getting in the fuel line on saturday if we can't fuel friday? Can we drive a truck up to the tanker with drums for the weekend? Has anyone done the math for filling time before the race to make sure it works out for as many teams as are there?
  6. I'm firmly in the camp that thinks that EC cars should be allowed to run as they currently do. Whether its fuel tank too big or caymans at watkins, I'm ok with it. I just don't want the fast EC cars mucking up the top of the leaderboards when watching, participating in, or reviewing the results of a race. Any 999pt car has to take 50 penalty laps for short races, but the ec cars don't for some reason? The simple fix of adding extra laps, like the nice round 100 that's been thrown around, would solve the issue but has met significant resistance from the powers at be for some reason.
  7. The rule change thing doesn't make much sense. You can have a declared 996 point car that takes 50 lap penalty per the rules. As soon as you stop declaring or get over the 1000pt margin, you don't need to take any penalty laps and can "win" at watkins, ncm, indy, wherever.
  8. Are we going to try an EC lap adjustment at this weekend's race in Willow Springs?
  9. Saw this elsewhere. Don't know who made it but definitely worth sharing.
  10. There goes months of practice down the drain. 1 and 13 were the two most interesting parts of the course on sim. It'll still be cool to race there, but I doubt it'll make the lists of people's top three tracks when its all done now that the best corners have been taken out.
  11. Leave turn 1, 12, 13 as it is please. It's fun that its different. I'm with Brad about the no go zone being the natural line though.
  12. @Richard's suggestion of adding a bunch of laps to EC cars is really simple and innovative (as far as I can tell, it hadn't been discussed before). It keeps EC cars out of the top of the standings so classed cars aren't affected in EC leading FCY situations. There's no uncertainty at the end about who was the overall winner, 2nd, 3rd etc is. Scoring the EC cars in a separate race as opposed to relegating them to the bottom allows for the same situation where EC cars can claim they won since the final results will reflect an ec class car in first place. If they want to see how they stack up with ec cars, they can check the class grouping just like any of the other classes.
  13. Agree handily with Davinci Resolve for editing video/audio. How they give this away for free is beyond me. Gopro 7 specific tip: record with the battery out all together. I can't make it last more than 40 minutes if the battery is in so I use an external one and it recorded 4k60 all day at watkins without hiccup.
  14. Since this have you been able to use this app in a race situation? Does it work well in a race length setting?
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