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  1. Wow.. that was dramatic. Fun race to watch. Congrats RVA graphics.
  2. I didn't get out on track too much but had fun in the paddock starting no less than 5 grown up kid snowball fights with random passerbys.
  3. I'm a definite yes to this! I'll skip saving for college for a year and travel to races to buy up all the racecars I want. Dibs on the following: Pinkies Aero Crowd Control Mustang Biohazard 2 Cone Crusher 944 Enterprise BBY 2000 Badger miata also plenty others, If you show up with something cool.. i'm buying it, competitive or not. I'd like to addend the petition to extend the rule to the champcar paddocks as well.
  4. Great list of tracks. There's always a lot of talk on the forum about the next part that can get you .2 seconds while the biggest gains could be done by looking in the mirror, bathroom mirror - not rearview mirror. So in addition to running races and turning laps, I like to make challenges for myself to work on a specific skills -- stuff that you would never be able to replicate in real life (like driving a mclaren f1 to practice smooth inputs). Here are the 6 for Road Atlanta: Challenge descriptions are in the video descriptions.
  5. Yeah OEM equivalent nonadjustable control arms are plenty available. When we had a boxster, we specifically didn't get the GT3 arms, because as a team, we thought they would be super cheaty even though they are a direct fit item. But it $eems as though the deci$ion was made to benefit one team and any differing opinion can get you booted from the series so I'll leave it alone. Just waiting for all adjustable suspension to be 0 points since the boxsters are getting it (from a different model's race/track trim no less). Rich, thanks for the voice of reason. I hope you have some success.
  6. All of this smells pretty bad from a distance. With the eclipses, they got caught and left the race. With the balloon tanks, there may or may not have been allowances made in the past, who knows for sure, but it was caught and taken out of the series. But a team gets caught with unclaimed parts that are shown to tech but still claims a bunch of podiums?... And Champcar goes along with it!!? You think danger or nby or huggins or bio or rbank or any of the other awesome teams we race with or against would have gotten away with winning with known illegal/unclaimed parts? @Round3Racing hasn't responded to any of this and I hope that they do instead of leaving it all to speculation. Otherwise I guess they're content showing off illgotten hardware to shell or penzoil but losing the respect of everyone with whom they race. Everyone's budget for doing this is different, but if you can buy your own ruleset with multiple hashtags and multiple race entries, then count my budget a little smaller. I'll travel more and save for the recession instead of racing if champcar's going to be pandering to one team. Leadership doesn't read the forum so I'll send my thoughts directly to them. Others can and should do the same if you want to at least try to effect change, even if it is in vain.
  7. How was the sunday penalty lap situation handled for that awesome fast fiero? They won by a ton both days and deserved both wins. I'm just trying to sort it out from mylaps but can't figure it out. And since there was no broadcast for the sunday race we didn't have the usual enlightening commentary from Bill/Doc/Paulie.
  8. Watched a bunch of their live feed. They ran a great race on track and in the pits. Well deserved win.
  9. I love your Roux too.. I think its a great value for the features it comes with, if only it fit big square heads. Tried to get it to work with L and XL and various pad configs but just doesn't. And once I tried on a Stilo helmet, but then had to call the fire department to cut it off. So...
  10. Why is this even a discussion? EC cars should be assigned points per the rules. There is no exception in 4.1 that says EC cars can skip the assigned laps. A minimum of 50 laps should be assigned (plus multiplier) and if it hasn't been then we've been breaking our own rulebook. Please email Chisek and remind him of this situation (i've done so already) as he is consistent in staying off the forum.
  11. Since it didn't make it into the supps, what time is the track opening for getting in the fuel line on saturday if we can't fuel friday? Can we drive a truck up to the tanker with drums for the weekend? Has anyone done the math for filling time before the race to make sure it works out for as many teams as are there?
  12. I'm firmly in the camp that thinks that EC cars should be allowed to run as they currently do. Whether its fuel tank too big or caymans at watkins, I'm ok with it. I just don't want the fast EC cars mucking up the top of the leaderboards when watching, participating in, or reviewing the results of a race. Any 999pt car has to take 50 penalty laps for short races, but the ec cars don't for some reason? The simple fix of adding extra laps, like the nice round 100 that's been thrown around, would solve the issue but has met significant resistance from the powers at be for some reason.
  13. The rule change thing doesn't make much sense. You can have a declared 996 point car that takes 50 lap penalty per the rules. As soon as you stop declaring or get over the 1000pt margin, you don't need to take any penalty laps and can "win" at watkins, ncm, indy, wherever.
  14. Are we going to try an EC lap adjustment at this weekend's race in Willow Springs?
  15. Saw this elsewhere. Don't know who made it but definitely worth sharing.
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