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  1. There goes months of practice down the drain. 1 and 13 were the two most interesting parts of the course on sim. It'll still be cool to race there, but I doubt it'll make the lists of people's top three tracks when its all done now that the best corners have been taken out.
  2. Leave turn 1, 12, 13 as it is please. It's fun that its different. I'm with Brad about the no go zone being the natural line though.
  3. @Richard's suggestion of adding a bunch of laps to EC cars is really simple and innovative (as far as I can tell, it hadn't been discussed before). It keeps EC cars out of the top of the standings so classed cars aren't affected in EC leading FCY situations. There's no uncertainty at the end about who was the overall winner, 2nd, 3rd etc is. Scoring the EC cars in a separate race as opposed to relegating them to the bottom allows for the same situation where EC cars can claim they won since the final results will reflect an ec class car in first place. If they want to see how they stack up with ec cars, they can check the class grouping just like any of the other classes.
  4. Agree handily with Davinci Resolve for editing video/audio. How they give this away for free is beyond me. Gopro 7 specific tip: record with the battery out all together. I can't make it last more than 40 minutes if the battery is in so I use an external one and it recorded 4k60 all day at watkins without hiccup.
  5. Since this have you been able to use this app in a race situation? Does it work well in a race length setting?
  6. +1 for Martin. He does silly stuff to nissans.
  7. Is there a live broadcast of this race? Tomorrow's race?
  8. This is correct... almost. RE-71 will be good, Z3 okay, and RS-4 mindnumbingly awful.
  9. Ha, I was just thinking to myself. Sounds about right pricewise - assuming it's every other stint for the whole race. ...and lunch includes some black truffle.
  10. Ha some of us don't have that many friends... may need to buy them if plan is to stream at the next race. I did the free version of subpals.com and worked for 15 subscribers or so (leaving only 900 to go). But it's tedious and you have to subscribe to a bunch of trash channels. May decide to cough up the $100 and buy the 1k subs.
  11. 1K is not going to be easy. Can anyone confirm that streaming still works if done by a secondary device? Like using the Yi camera to your phones hotspot. Probably way easier to go that route if that still works.
  12. Thanks for these, very cool to see telemetry from top teams.
  13. Another wild race weekend for me. Started friday all set to drive the Prefect Racing Boxster. During practice it seemed a bit softly sprung and underdampened and was likely going to be a tops 1:48 car. But as many of you saw, it was not meant to be as one of the drivers lost the back end coming through turn 12 and a salvage boxster became a scrap boxster. My take on it is that the rear of the car got light as the springs decompressed just past the bottom of the hill and he was not quite ready for it. Maybe others have a different idea, either way here it is: Driver's ok. Lots of people came by to check on him during the next couple days so he wanted me to thank those that stopped by. We all run out of talent sometimes, but the rubber and steel and fluids can be replaced so it's not the end of the world as long as flesh and bones are fine. Fortunately the couple of us that still wanted to drive from that team were able to find seats. Big thanks to the Never Start Racing Team for picking up one of my friends for some seat time. I jumped in with NBY to try help the team repeat from a couple races ago. Everything was going to plan when my stint began. I got in the car in 4th, and was back in the lead promptly as some pit stops were made. A mid stint caution opened the track up for a couple of time attack laps where the ftd was set. At least during my stint, everyone drove with a lot of respect. People that got the blue flag almost all either ceded the space or maintained a predictable racing line, either of which is commendable and makes it easy for all of us to stay on track. Unfortunately, the engine let go during the next driver's stint so the weekend turned out a total bust from a racing perspective. But it was still good to see everyone on and off track. Congrats Huggy team on the win. Thanks to the Champcar staff and volunteers and double thanks to the safety teams and corner workers at Road Atlanta.
  14. Come on. Golden Arches, M shaped registration flags.... I'm no hamberder expert, but it's right there.
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