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  1. Definitely interesting question. A 15hr parc ferme race should probably be treated with 8 laps. If counting them as separate races (which is what it sounds like at the moment with the champion being decided by the combined best finish), you've gotta treat them as any other 2 individual races with 5 laps each day.
  2. People are making arguments for bad calls being upheld?! If there's proof a corner worker made a mistake, we can't overturn it because you might have to buy a $50 action camera (you don't have to, but you might consider it), so let's just get it wrong. Man would it bring me great joy if the Riley Corvette has all is points reworked next week and its a competitive race all day with them running second. Then with 1.5 hrs to go the leader gets a call for minor contact. Champcar live shows the incident and it's not the leading car that made contact. Leading car captain brings thre
  3. Agree that the tire talk wouldn't be an issue without the Riley corvette. Don't really care what happens with the tires as long as there aren't rules with midrace exceptions (change 1 tire, unless flat spotted 2 tires, in which case you can change 2 but not with fuel, unless it's raining, but only if raining by decree of the series, which can only be found on usacellular version of racemonitor, and then you can change 4 tires in the paddock but only without switching drivers). I'm far more interested in how the gbu car will be treated at Road America. Its extraordinarily clear t
  4. Wow! Sounds and looks scary and awesome. Beyond the budget though.. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/93811-Blagg-Ln-Grass-Valley-OR/17885062/
  5. Turn 8 layout is different than the supps. Looks like there's a new curb on the inside significantly narrowing the track and increasing the turn acuity. If you're getting in for your first laps on a hot track today be mindful that it's different from last year. Any other changes we can't see from our limited sight lines?
  6. Thanks everyone. Seems like something better left on paper.
  7. Lots of intelligent people here who understand air better than me, any thoughts on a tube connecting the cabin to the rear of the car to exhaust hot air. Something running through the trunk to the low pressure area behind the car as so elegantly drawn below. Does the physics work? Would it need a blower? Points?
  8. Mine doesn't like to scan upside down (either the camera or the phone).
  9. Here's a view from one car back. Fortunately managed to stay out of it but sorry for your teams' day getting messed up.
  10. Not sure I get the difference between these two.. why is one ok and the other ??
  11. Stinks. The only benefit I can see (other than very real health benefits from shipping this event) is that there a slew of limited edition race that never happened shirts in the world. Bill, how do I get one?!
  12. Team Name: Daring Prefect Car Number: 742 Class: Mustang Drivers: Lee Muhleman, Maciej Tobola
  13. I hope proponents of running this race are just kidding. Do your local medical team a favor and stay home. I hope Champcar or Road America cancel the race NOW so people don't start getting together or running to stores for parts to work on their cars during this last month. There are FAR more cases in the world that are being reported from lack of testing*. We've got a ways to go before we're at peak infections. I know this sucks for everyone. You'll get tired of your house, family, dog, homeschooling/failing at homeschooling, homemade toilet paper alternatives, et
  14. Wow.. that was dramatic. Fun race to watch. Congrats RVA graphics.
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