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  1. I'm pretty sure FIA certs have similar grades as SFI. ie Single to Single Multi to Multi
  2. Productive weekend, got a ton checked off the list. Wiring project complete, found an old racepak on the ebay for cheap, thats roughed in, and buttoned up the whole car. Ready for shake down.
  3. So, since I am paying points for coil overs.. Whats the difference with an aftermarket top hat on a complete set of coils (BC, Tein, etc) vs the non oe top hat that comes with this coilover setup? Define 'coil over kit' and this goes away
  4. @Bill Strong can we make this event the National Championship next year? We had planned to make the trek but life got in the way. Put the big trophy on it, and I bet we make it out.
  5. We plan on running one in September, because it's LOCAL to us. If CCES gets some TX races next year we probably wont bother. **Hint, hint**
  6. We use this mount with a big hose clamp to secure our RTic bottle to the cage https://www.summitracing.com/parts/dog-firex-mnt-do?seid=srese1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItPP8l_C84wIVGo3ICh2ELAVQEAQYByABEgI21fD_BwE (Best Picture I've got)
  7. I would point out that when the failure leads to an uncontrollable car with no brakes, the safety aspect should be considered.. What are we most mad about? That these are legal? That we don't have them? That they cost more? That the bench racer inside us feels cheated, (remember everyone still has to go race..) That a series sponsor is now offering the same product that we're mad about? That we didn't know? How the points changed? All I know is that I'm angry!
  8. To play devil's advocate.. What's the difference? If everyone is saying their hub prep is bulletproof, why does it matter for someone to take points for high rolling resistance and more unsprung weight? You wouldn't change them if they weren't a safety issue..
  9. I would not run anything from Rock Auto on a race car... But hey that's just me The improper casting and machining on the the back is a larger issue to me than the bearings failing. Timken and other Autozone specials have incorrect cuts around the studs, leading the complete flange failure. There is a particular part number of Centrics that have the correct machining. We've seen as much flange failure as bearing.
  10. I don't know where @Jer is getting $30 hubs, ours were $150 a piece. At that cost the math sure made since to me. I also am unsure of where the idea of shady dealings is coming from. In my experience, we showed up with changes to the car to accommodate the assigned value, to be informed that the value had changed. If there was any lobbying, I'm not sure where it came from.
  11. I thought this was announced somewhere? Let me see if I can find it.
  12. Based on a decision made at Charlotte. Jay told us going through the tech line that hubs had been assigned they're own point value.
  13. We claim 2.5 pts per for our baller hubs (Baller Hubs!)
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