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  1. I thought NC's were known as MX-5's My mistake
  2. B Class Miatas - safe to assume swapped. I've seen one turbo car in the past that would bump to B
  3. https://fastcarphotos.com/galleries/2021-events/2021-champcar-road-america-national-championship/
  4. https://www.demon-tweeks.com/us/schroth-super-sport-xlt-fhr-device-991867/ When the pound was soft, I was able to get it bought for $200 shipped Seems to do everything I need it to
  5. Great heat deflection Leather is tough Been running them for 4 years now, still in great shape
  6. Check the supplemental rules for the event. It can vary by the track, are you asking in general or a test on a specific ChampCar weekend?
  7. Number of races is not correct on our car there, Bill Safe assumption any B Class NA/NB Miata has been swapped
  8. Close enough to Texas, that I'm sure most of the Lone Star teams will be in attendance. I wouldnt worry
  9. I know you haven't been to a race in years, but horse power is far more valuable than aero. Ask me how I know
  10. Watching over our film from Saturday, I'm glad there's one on the back of our car. LifeLine
  11. @Bill Strong did the borescope picture get posted for everyone? Just want to make sure everyone was happy with the findings
  12. Yeah agreed, very well could have been an isolated incident, but with this result, its not worth trying again in my mind.
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