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  1. Why is there so much inconsistency??
  2. See the video I posted earlier, definition came from Mike at the Board Meeting in Charlotte.
  3. Vertical element 10pts Horizontal element 10pts
  4. 1:48:00, why is it different depending on who you talk to? Mike defined it in April, now we get a new interpretation?? "A vertical device is an air dam, it can be a little tiny strip at the bottom, it can cover the entire nose of the car, that is an air dam."
  5. I dont know.. We're just starting to get our BP figured out. We're already a second faster than the local ecotec car, anymore and the lynch mob would really be after us 😂 **Forgot Loanstaracers is a swap car, only 1/2 second**
  6. Yeah the e46 6 speed is the solution for that.
  7. Might have been an exaggeration... or an implication of cheaty bits. But the biggest win they'll have is they ''cant'' run a stock intake manifold since it faces the wrong direction. Plus the race header, will have you off to a good start. Ecotec have already set the precedent on those to be included right?
  8. Dang, that's bad news for the Mazda powered cars. That will be a game changer. 200 horse in 2,000 lb cars 😳
  9. Petition was passed for 2020 to increase max cost to $2,500, in the board meeting at Charlotte.
  10. Subframe - $1,350 Trans Adapter - $500 Flywheel - $750 Oil Pan - $1,000 Isn't the cost supposed to include the motor? K24a4 - $500 $4,100 minimum stuff
  11. Couldn't agree more! That's what drew me to the series in the first place, but I'm getting tired of trying to hit a moving target on claimed points. Car looks to fall pretty close into ST5, so we may dip our toe into that.
  12. Insert the word Only or Must, problem solved! Make all air dams uniform to a common rule set.
  13. I like this definition.. Food for thought "Vertical front air dam (5º tolerance) that follows or extends beneath the outermost edge of the front and side bodywork/fascia."
  14. Who teched your? That was right after Ray made clarification that Vertical Plane was 10 Horizontal was 10.
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