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  1. Jump in with us. We plan to be on the podium 😁 I need to get us qualified for RA next year.
  2. We've had a last minute opening for COTA. Competitive and well sorted car. https://www.facebook.com/WinklerMotorsportsTeam/
  3. @Bill Strong FB says Double 10 in a few places, is that the case?
  4. Texas HPDE, Track, TT, Road Racing, etc Bill Agha tried to get a "privately sanctioned" Spec Miata race put together a couple weeks ago, but it feel through. With it having to be mid week, I would be unable to attend as I'm still working (WOO! Car Business Essential)
  5. Injectors determine the amount of fuel going into the cylinder, not the pressure at the rail. Do NC's have a return line coming off the regulator?
  6. I think you're missing the point, or at least the point I'm trying to make. Current class structure is pointless, and not based on anything other than engine displacement. I'm not looking to give participation trophies, only giving another option for teams to build to.
  7. What if it was competitive in 300 point class...?
  8. My question was directed at the Any car in the field can win. I agree the preparation doesn't have to equal a dollar amount
  9. Do you really believe this?
  10. With all this talk about money being spent, why is a proposed structure for less spending (classing based on points) being crapped on...? All this does is offer another (lower) bar for teams to build to. With the CCES documenting log books this year, I think it would be beneficial for the organization to take a look at what points 50-75% of the field are running at, yall might be surprised.
  11. Yeah when we first started, we paid attention to the class standings, but now that we have developed the car, the overall is the only thing we focus on. I do think it would give new teams something to shoot for, and since we've been so focused on budget from the tire talk, the lower classes would certainly have less development cost.
  12. Hey, lets talk about Troy's revised classing structure! I really like the idea, the current class system is a bit pointless since it was designed for sprint races.
  13. @Brian Jones @333 Kinkle, we appreciate the interest, however given the timeline to the event we have made the decision to withdraw our car from the Harris Hill race. With little interest in the past few weeks, we decided to slow down our prep schedule for this event, ultimately leading to us pulling out from this one. However, I will be sure to to reach out in the near future. We plan to run in at least three more events this year, and will have seats available for rent. Feel free to shoot me a message on our Facebook page or a PM here, and we can exchange contact info.
  14. If I get time today, I'll move some more stuff to youtube
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