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  1. So in my mind, to run the Penske Spec Miata kit, which is legal, the top hat would be included.
  2. Just run Penskes Until those are outlawed
  3. "By top hat do you mean the strut top, where you would adjust camber on most cars?" @Black Magic The strut top.
  4. Also, a GOOD tuner will listen to the goals of the car. Tune to max power, then dial down to intended goals (longevity, fuel economy, usable power band)
  5. @NigelStu and I had similar projects this weekend!
  6. Alaskan Bullworms had a 96 lap stint a couple weeks ago, I dont know if that car has a cell, but thats a LONG time on a fuel run. Is the question of the VPI points? I guess I dont understand Edit: Poor math skills.. lol Carry on
  7. Thanks for all the feedback, in hind sight I probably should have been looking for the definition of a splitter. Is the extension the splitter or the flat surface the splitter (regardless of termination point) You can call me a member that weasels the rule book if you like. In my mind if I'm not building, prepping, and driving the car to 100% then I shouldn't expect to finish towards the front. I love competing in everything I do, my team operates the same way. This series allows a ton of creativity in building a car. Far and above my favorite part, next the how well the events are run. As ChampCar does a better job of teching cars pre/post race more of these discussions will come. I'm 100% comfortable with defending my interpretation of a rule, but I have a hard time signing off on rules that are not documented, and newly introduced on a given weekend. Champ Staff, keep up the good work! Loving where we're going as a series.
  8. Ahh hah! Another area more definition is required. Construction is quite a vague term, isnt it?
  9. J Spec BP4W came with those parts
  10. @55mini got one coming from Treasure coast?? I'd like to double the delivery fee if you get anyone locked down.
  11. Base VPI - 300 Swap - 50 Header - 25 Suspension - 40 Sway Bars - 40 Splitter - 10 Air Dam - 10 Wing - 10 Floor? - 10 495 with the floor by my calculations.
  12. Right, but there is no definition of what an air dam is, or encompasses. That’s is not the same as what Bill quoted.
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