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  1. vinyl wrap question

    Thats a great question. I wouldn't imagine they would take issue with the free advertising, unless it is used in a derogatory way. We have yet to hear from anyone in Hollywood concerning our use of Sgt Shultz.
  2. vinyl wrap question

    I apologize for the delayed response as I was out of pocket last week. Message sent to Cam Betty. Troy, our E36 used 225.78 sq/ft and the E30 used 208.6 sq/ft of material. 5x45 may be cutting it kind of close. Justin
  3. Windshield banner, number panels

    Correct on all fronts! We are happy to be the title sponsor for ChampCar for the 2018 series. There will be patch panels available so one does not need to replace all of their number panels. The windshield banner has been updated, see below. The sponsor panels have not yet been finalized. We will have everything available for the first race of the season, on site, but as mentioned, one can order online and pay shipping to enjoy the luxury of applying the decals in the warm comfort of their shop, as opposed to in the cold dark of say a Road Atlanta tech line. I wanted to say thank you to everyone for their support over the past season and please let me know if there is something we can help you with. Best, Justin Andress
  4. Collectors Editions......

    We all know how cool it is to have that shirt that shows you knew the band before they were popular, or have the old school logo hat for your favorite driver etc. Well, you too can be that cool with......a vintage, old school Chumpcar pop-up tent! As we are working hand in hand with ChampCar to help with the printing needs involved with the name change, we find ourselves looking at a few tents that are going to be obsolete. As such, I would like to offer these tents up to the members well below our cost, as opposed to having them collect dust for years to come. If you have seen our tent at one of the events, you know these are definitely not the $89 Dicks Sporting Goods specials, they are by far the nicest pop-ups I have ever seen. These are new, still in the box and available for $650 + Shipping. Check out the link below to get a better feel for the tents and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Best, Justin https://www.rvagfxstore.com/collections/frontpage/products/10-x-20-pop-up-tent
  5. 1978 Chevy Monza

    Claim it, claim it, claim it.
  6. vinyl wrap question

    I agree, that is something we are considering offering as a package for fellow Chumps. Which brings up a question I have been wanting to ask. Are there any other decal/printing type products you would like to see RVAGFX offer to Chumps? Either items for sale or items to be awarded during award ceremonies? Any items that Chumpcar could have available at every race if folks want/need them. For example, every time we go to a new track, we have a track map printed up to put on our pit box so we can discuss the track after our stints, hopefully improving our performance. I was wondering if those types of items were available, would folks want to buy them at the races, or online. Best, Justin
  7. vinyl wrap question

    Sorry for the delayed response to this post. As Tubby and Speed Maverick stated, there is a substantial difference in cost and quality between the 3M vinyl we use and some of the cheaper vinyl out there. I would think $5/sqft for printed and laminated vinyl would be an accurate measure for a wholesale cost. I think an e36 uses about 208 Sq ft of material to get a rough idea of cost. I applaude anyone who has the ability to put a wrap on after watching a how to video as I know I am not able to do what our guys in the shop can. But I guess the ability is relative to the level of presentation one is comfortable with. I imagine most folks could DIY one for their ChumpCar, especially if theirs is a wrinkled as ours, but I still say it takes serious skill to do wrap a street vehicle and have it look as good as a factory paint job. My concern would be that if one wrinkles up their material attempting to DIY, then that would be money wasted. Applying a logo or graphic would be pretty straight forward, but heating and wrapping around corners etc is pretty difficult in my opinion. That being said, we would be glad to discuss options with anyone interested in trying to do their own car. I am sure our guys would be happy to share a few tips n tricks to help out fellow Chumps. Best, Justin
  8. Sticker application made easy

    Good morning fellow Chumps. I wanted to take a moment to chime in on what our guys recommend regarding the decal application process. The material that we use is a high grade 3M product that we use for full vehicle wraps as well. The material obviously has an adhesive backing, as such, we DO NOT recommend using any type of liquid substance on the surface prior to application. I have attached a guide that we have started including in the decal packages we mail out (with a free squeegee as well) that helps folks like myself who are not a skilled vinyl applicator, have the best results installing the decals. We have folks with decades of experience installing vehicle graphics. More than two years ago, we wrapped several city buses here in Richmond. Those things lead a pretty tough life, each day going through a full friction brush wash at the end of the day. Those wraps still look good today and the only graphics that needed replacing we due to collisions, not vinyl failure. Good materials installed properly will hold up for quite some time.
  9. A little more info about window banners number plates etc.

    You can custom order, and pick up at the next event with no shipping under one condition, that we are racing that race I am 90% sure we will be at WG, so please order away and we will bring it with us. If for some reason we can't be there, we will ship it to you. Justin
  10. Official 2017 14-Hours of Daytona

    RVA Graphics & Wraps will be set up in the inspection garage, the last garage at the end of the "Blue garages." So when you are on your way to registration, stop in and check us out. Not only will we be wrapping the ChumpCar pace car, we will also have displays set up of different things like helmet wraps, team logo packages etc. It will be a great time to talk to the guys form RVAGFX to see what they may be able to help you out with on your race car or whatever graphics needs you may have.
  11. Official 2017 14-Hours of Daytona

    I emailed Mike earlier and got a reply back saying "Gate 40 will close at 7 pm."
  12. Stickers/decal removal

    Do you have the window banner and rear decals already? These are all no charge, just cost of shipping, which is the same if you get the sponsor panels only, or the window banner, number panel patches and rear class sticker as well. Link to the site to order: https://www.rvagfxstore.com/collections/frontpage/products/sponsor-decals
  13. Stickers/decal removal

    You can order everything today from our website and pay only shipping. That way you can take your time and have everything ready to go before you get to the track.
  14. Stickers/decal removal

    While I was at Sonoma, I heard Mike tell folks that they did not have to take of every other decal, or old sponsor decals. He also said that everyone must however, put the new sponsor panel under the a-pillar/mirror area as that is what the sponsors on said banner approved/agreed on. And I saw several Miatas separate the panels into separate sticker to fit the real estate available on their car. I am not a creator/interpreter/enforcer of the rules, just sharing my observations made in two races this year with the new decal packages. It's also worth noting that I observed on two separate occasions, cars that had not applied the new decals being made to do so. One was on pit lane at RA, I watched it right in front of me as we waited to go out for the parade laps at the start of the race and the team hastily applied the decals just as cars started out on track. The second was at Sonoma, where I saw a car brought back in to apply the decals after the race had started, and the car was a bit damp at that point. Both of those teams seemed somewhat stressed applying the decals on pit road, so I would highly recommend that everyone gets the new stuff on before heading out to start a race.
  15. A little more info about window banners number plates etc.

    Fry Fry Sorry for the delayed response. We plan to make a youtube video to explain what can and can't be done with the helmet wraps, unfortunately (not really) we have been incredibly busy with a backlog of fleet vehicles to wrap etc so we have not finished it yet. Since the decal is essentially being placed on a sphere, the wrap must be done is sections. A single image, or contiguous large text won't work due to distortion from heating, stretching etc. As such, if one desires something like this storm trooper look then vinyl won't work. If someone wants something like these, that can be accomplished with layers or sections of vinyl, we can do that.