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  1. RVA Graphics & Wraps

    Official 2018 Lifeline 24-Hour Classic at Virginia International Raceway

    Are the pit assignments in an email?
  2. RVA Graphics & Wraps

    Looking to purchase Race car

    Do you long for the roar of a V8? Do you like challenges? Do you like Audi's? Are you ok with a car that has almost zero spare parts available at your local parts store? If so, we may have a car for you!
  3. RVA Graphics & Wraps

    Anybody competing with 600 point car

    Nope, plain ol V8.
  4. RVA Graphics & Wraps

    Anybody competing with 600 point car

    Apologies as I read the post while chatting with someone here at the office and missed the whole choice of leaving it an auto or swapping in a manual for points.. I would probably pick running the slush box and competing for a spot, we ran an auto Mercedes years ago in Lemons and while a completely different experience, it was fun.
  5. RVA Graphics & Wraps

    Anybody competing with 600 point car

    Run EC, stay clean and clear of those vying for a podium spot and you should be fine.
  6. RVA Graphics & Wraps

    Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    You must be counting the hours you spend posting what you ate for breakfast on Facebook.......😉
  7. RVA Graphics & Wraps

    Decal Requirements

    You are correct, we did not produce/provide the Maxxis decals.
  8. RVA Graphics & Wraps

    Decal Requirements

    The challenge is choosing a material that stays put in 100+mph rain, but doesn't pull the paint off when removing. As such, we chose a 3M material that has decent adhesion, but is classified as temporary, therefore less likely to pull paint off , etc. If they are applied to a clean/dry factory finish, they will stay on during the races, but can be removed after the season without pulling paint. If they are put on over a rattle-can or a paint roller paint job, then they can/will remove some paint when removed, we found our the hard way on our car when we first decided to wrap it. Those hours I spent applying Rustoleum were for naught as that paint pulled right off when affixing decals. Also if the decals are hastily applied last minute in the rain to make the drop of the green flag, they tend not to do as well. I am intrigued by the magnetic board suggestion, but I would hate to be black flagged if my number panel fell off. Maybe we could try some during the next race(s) along with the standard panels and see how they do. Justin
  9. RVA Graphics & Wraps

    Official 2018 - Sahlens Champyard Dog at the Glen (Watkins Glen)

    Unfortunately, we will not be at this one as I am recovering from knee surgery and we were thin for this race to start with. Please contact Tyler at the shop if you need anything for this race as I know we have been filling quite a few orders this past week. Good Luck! Justin
  10. RVA Graphics & Wraps

    Lexan Rear Window(s): Points Per Sq/Ft Apply?

    Less posting more buffing......😉
  11. RVA Graphics & Wraps

    High Temp Thread locker - No, not Bill

    Proof that regardless of topic, a little shade can be thrown.
  12. RVA Graphics & Wraps

    High Temp Thread locker - No, not Bill

    That look like an interesting option. I wonder how it would hold up to the higher temps of the brake caliper?
  13. RVA Graphics & Wraps

    Marathon Coaches Daytona Race Results

    Excellent Leroy Jenkins reference!