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  1. About 500 race events mostly circle track asphalt late model, some dirt a few ice races even one figure 8.Won about 70 main events more than double that number in heat races trophy dashs qualifying events.Our other two team members have about the same with Kevin mostly in dirt sprint cars and Jim in asphalt late models and modifieds. Only three champcar races with two blown engines and one broken transmission.
  2. Mike I think you guys are some of the best I have met in racing and we race almost identical cars under 10,000 spent on our build but that said I think claiming rules are stupid in the 60's and 70's minnesota tracks had claiming rules in the hobby stock divisions at times where you cold claim someone elses car for two or three hundred dollars and you would get there car and they would get yours what this led to were fistfights brawls hatred and animosity in the pits and retribution on the racetrack. It was a bad situation and was dropped.
  3. I guess I mistakenly thought that champcar was a low budget entry level racing series,95 % of all racetracks in america have a spec tire rule there are many local tracks that can get a 100 cars a night and have no problems,do the track owners want to do that no but they know if they dont they will end up with 25 cars a night so they have to to stay in business.Lucky dog is a perfect example Roy probably figures he can finish 3rd or 4rth at ra but if potenzas are 2 or 3 seconds faster he can win so his tire bill went from 800 a weekend to 2000 a weekend and maybe he can afford it, but in my c
  4. Thats a very admirable and unselfish opinion roy coming from a team that has the ability to spend the money very rare, skoal to you roy !!!
  5. I think for the long term viability of the series it should concentrate on tires that can last the weekend. open unlimited tire rules are great for the teams with big budgets but history has shown that it leads to dwindling car counts due to the cost and frustrations of the mid to low budget racers lack of competitiveness.That said I dont like the idea of limiting the size of the tires as my 3200 lb camaro will not corner as well as a 2000 lb miata just pure physics.
  6. First of all I would like to say all the champcar people in management and tech and the racers have been super great and I really do mean that.But I think we are overlooking the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM if what Troy says is true Bill Rileys tire bill is about double our expenses for the entire weekend of racing.I dont mind if someone builds a faster car or has better drivers,because I can work on my car to make it faster and work on my driving skills,but if I know I cant afford to buy tires to be competitive I will leave champcar and do something else.So what you might say just one team out of so
  7. I had the the opportunity to meet and race with Roy last year at road america. Roys a super nice and intelligent man.I think it would be good chance for someone to race a fast car and learn a few things I know I did. I wish we did not have so many car issues or iI think I could have gained more feedback and insights from Roy if he had more time behind the wheel of our car.
  8. Every engine is different but way back in the eighties i ran super late models with a sbc and every body back then ran water pump pulleys to slow down the pump, which was fine until i ran a destroked 400 but then i struggled to get the car under 240 on hot nights.I called griffin radiator about a baffled radiator but he told me to try what the cup guys were doing first which was to run 1 to 1 pulley and run restrictor washers in themostat housing.that alone lowered temps temps 15 degrees due to less cavitation in the cylinder heads.I personally would never run a thermostat because it one les
  9. I have been a used car dealer and mechanic for forty years 1 toyota lexus 2 honda 3 gm car with 3.8 and at the bottom would be ford chrysler and mitsubishi .
  10. I think another thing to consider is to be competitive you will probably need to run large tires the for sheer physics of taking a corner with 3100lb vrs 2000 lb car.We have only been running 255 and 275 17 for cost reasons and when i walk around the pits i see a lot of girly cars with same tires so I think this is something i need to address.
  11. I have a 1980 camaro and overall I think they are a good car they also have some weaknesses they are very heavy 3000 plus,the front frame design has a lot of flex with chump legal roll cage and leaf springs can be a more difficult and expensive to tune,no rack pinion.I used to race super late models on asphalt in the midwest in the 80/s 90/s and while its a completely different type of racing the balance point was 40 hp to 100 pounds and the lighter car was almost always faster in races of 100 laps or more.
  12. We had a driver cancel on for this weekends race,2 stints one for Saturday, 1 for Sunday .The car is a 1980 camaro 350 t10 trans ford 9 rear 4piston willwood calipers 23 gallon cell.We turned a 2.52 last time there in 2017 with 2 year old used dunlops and no road racing experience.We have a new engine with more hp ,new tires , better brakes now so hopefully we should be faster now car should make 2 hours on fuel.Our team consists of one dirt sprint car driver and two former late model asphalt drivers.
  13. In my opinion based on 35 years of circle track racing sbc's of different forms or another they are complete dogs with the stock cam, it will make the most usable hp mod available.
  14. Dan Naverstad DCA racefab Dan is a fellow champcar competitor and a super nice guy and a great fabricator he is located in lacrosse wi
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