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  1. I was in the car, there were 2 cars behind me and it can be tricky to see behind at night. I wonder if anyone else has footage? I was a bit mad when they black flagged me for it, but In the end, I'm not upset. my car only has some minor scuff marks and they gave the time back. It could have been a lot worse. I think they could have found my team and asked them about it instead of pulling me from the race. I just thought it was worth mentioning since it was a bit strange how it all played out. officially i think they ruled it a racing incident. Crowd control could probably argue that I moved over on them. I'm not trying to start anything. Mostly just trying to explain to those watching the race cast what happened with the timing at the end.
  2. Hey guys, figured I would post up our recap of the race. But first I just want to say thanks to all the staff at Champcar for putting on a great event! We had an all new experience in tech, and I was impressed with the willingness to inspect cars in impound. In my opinion, this is the way forward for our series, it is different but we all have to deal with it the same. Now about our race, we were able to make the 2-hour pit strategy work, we finished 9th overall. We started towards the back and climbed our way to the top ten. in my last stint, I had contact with the Crowd Control Mustang in turn 3, I got black flagged a few laps later. watch the video. We lost some time that the officials gave us back. that is why you may have seen the change of positions with Brew Crew for 9th and 10th towards the end. and I have to say my mr2 had a hard time keeping up with some of the new builds. the level of competition has certainly increased. the series is evolving and I will be excited to compete in Champcar in 2019. the incident at turn 3 is at 4:49.00 the conversation with the martial was at 5:14 I am interested to hear opinions on the incident.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJVtTBbH_0g&t=20865s
  3. Looking for a driver for Road Atlanta, our car is a 1991 Toyota mr2. it has a 3.3L Toyota v6 5 speed manual transmission, big brakes. we have been racing for over 3 years now and the car is well developed for the series. We will have the pace to be somewhere in the top ten. $1200 for 2 stints contact me at leviathanmotorsports@gmail.com
  4. We are looking for a 5th driver for the 24 hour at VIR. we have been racing for 2,1/2 years now and the car is set up well. we generally place top ten. we always come prepared with new tires good brakes and cool suit. We can also fit drivers up to 6'4''. Now about the car; it is a 1991 Toyota MR2 we have converted it to use a 3.3L Toyota v6. It is actually an easy car to drive, we have set up the suspension well, so don't let all the negative feedback you find on the internet turn you away. It's like driving a big go Kart! About us; we are from Athens Ga. we are pretty laid back and easy going, we want to win, but we don't take everything too seriously. We are well prepared with spare parts, and most of us work as professional mechanics for a living. We are usually prepared for whatever the racing gods throw at us. Now about what we are looking for, we want 5 drivers for this race we already have 4 so we just need one more. you will probably end up driving twice so you should end up with 4 hours of seat time. there is also a 2-hour practice session before the race so we will get everybody in the car before the race. please contact for more info me @ leviathanmotorsports@gmail.com
  5. Looking for a driver for Charlotte, We Run a 1991 v6 swapped Toyota MR2. She's fast and well sorted and a blast to drive. we typically run in the top 10, but has the potential for more. please contact for more info leviathanmotorsports@gmail.com
  6. Shout out to Cone Crushers they ran strong both days, so the victories were well deserved ! I think they have a great build for our series, if anyone wants to complain, I say build a faster car and catch them. Hopefully we will run with you guys next race. Cheers guys!
  7. I like these kinds of builds, I want more of is in chump, I say we open up the rules more for these kinds of cars because that is what attracted us to the series in the first place. people, spectators, and potentially sponsors love the cool builds. Chumpcar is on the verg of becoming a big deal, lets reinforce what make us unique from all the other racing series. Racing is never fair, well maybe in a spec series but even then. So all the guys with bmws cant keep up anymore? lets give e30 and e36s more points so that they can catch up, to the fast cars that are withing the current rules. Chumpcar has rewarded creativity in the past, please don't turn this into a spec series!
  8. So in other words your solution is to take anything competitive, and give it more points so it isn't competitive. And you admit that you wouldn't build one if the points were adjusted? I might be biased but my car doesn't seem that unfair to me, my car is close to 500 points, i have raced 6 races with it now. I have been able to achieve top ten finishes, but never podiumed. You are basing all your accusations on one persons car and success. And who knows maybe the green car is bending the rules to an extent. but so far as I can see, all of his extreme modification are still within our current rules. perhaps these areas such as weight reduction and aero need to be looked at more closely. While the mr2 is a great platform, it is no where near the ballpark of current chumpcar speeds without major modifications. So I don't think the answer is to punish all the other teems who have tried to make the mr2 work in our series just yet, as their success is still quite limited. If all the mr2 teems all of a sudden start being massively successful, I would say you have a valid point. we cant always punish success, when we actually need to promote it for others. Attempting to take away the mr2s ability to ever be successful, as you are suggesting, perhaps would would set a new president for the way the rule philosophy of our series works. i believe this would be a tragedy. I think its a challenge to keep up with some of the new builds that people are coming up with, for example e46s are already very competitive with almost no mods. meanwhile there are a lot of car older obscure cars that are no longer competitive. My solution would be to add more points to the teems that are struggling to work with. basically give slower cars more points so they can catch up to the faster cars. because otherwise, the newer cars that are now legal like e46s, will dominate our series.
  9. this may be the case, I would also argue that some of the other cars are overvalued. Racing is never fair, especially when we have such an open set of rules as champcar. hopefully our organizers can identify these imbalances and keep the series competitive for everyone. been trying for two years now, trust me its not that easy. how many mr2s have you raced? and why don't we see more mr2s? last race felt like a spec e30 race to me. I want the variety of cars chumpcar has provided. i challange others to build an mr2 for chumpcar. my mr2 is at almost 500 points with the same swap as the green car, and it is fast, but never been fast enough to win yet. there has ALWAYS been an imbalance in cumpcar, part of the fun is trying to build something competitive within the rules. the series is getting faster, the cars are getting faster, we used to not have e36 bmws and e46 bmws, but now we do, if sombody is beating you on the track i suggest you change your game, not blame the rules.
  10. A mid engine car is a advantage at amp especially in the rain, when everybody has traction issues. we were able to pass a lot of cars just because we had traction when they didn't. don't confuse a car saying is has more power, when is has more traction. we found this to be the case with our car, we could get the jump on a lot of cars out of turn 1 turn 6 and turn 13-14 purely because we had more traction there. having said all that you are right, the green car is diffidently fast, but i don't think his advantage is pure horsepower; Everyone should instead be looking at his aero, his reduced weight and his suspension. these are the reasons why I think he is fast, not his engine. Why is it that every time someone tries to say someone is cheating its always the engine. lol
  11. VPI got lowed for several cars with the 2017 rule change, not just the MR2 since it was based on power to weight an NA MR2 got more of a bump then others, be cause its was under powered, and overweight stock. also it seem we are seeing a trend of heavy cars doing well like sc300 possibly because there is more weight to take out. With the big rule change at the beginning of 2017, a lot of teams got hurt bad with the new swap rules, our swap now cost 200 points instead of like 75 points, that is why a lot of cars point values had to be lowered, especially if it would require a swap for that vehicle to be competitive. While I think the system still needs a few tweaks, i think chumpcar did a good job with these new rules. I would argue that that Biohazards performance was flattered by the nature of AMP. Remember this is a track that Miatas do well at, and horse power doesn't seem to mater. The nature of the mr2 works well there. We have seen Biohazard at other tracks recently where there was not this type of speed delta between him and other cars. Unless hes made a major breakthrough recently, I would expect to see him back to running the same times as everyone else at the front, at the next event.
  12. I haven't weighed our car recently but I think its around 2500lbs stock would have been 2600-2700, I don't know troys exact weight, but i Know its hundreds of pounds lighter.
  13. They had to deduct points on a few cars like this due to the new swap rules that first came out for 2017. remember swaps used to cost a standard 75pts, even if it was a 500hp ls7, as long as it was cheaper then your current engine. I think the vpi and swap performance index need to be closely looked at. there are a few cars that got screwed with the new rules for sure. hopefully chumpcar can find a way to to make it even for everyone without having to breakout dyno and scales at the end of every race. However the new rules are an overall improvement in my opinion, since it is base more on power to weight. Even with the 150 point deduction, the points with the swap is actually more then it was before. remember we didnt see troy or bill race the first part of the year because they had to go home and take stuff off their cars. Troy Truglio is the mastermind of Chumpcar in 2017. I race the orange and black, mr2 and we were 6 odd seconds a lap slower with our strongest driver, with a similar build. However, Troy has cut more weight out, he has better aero, he has a better suspension setup. I think most of this come down to the fact that Troy has been at it longer then we have. I would argue that most of the cars that we race in chump could be built to the level of his car. but you have to understand, he has gone though a lot of R&D to get where he is. I think cars like the GWR BMW have the right idea, however, it will take some trial and error to figure out the setup on a car like that. For us, figuring out setup and reliability issues on our car has been a pain. But every time it breaks we fix it, and every race we learn more, and we get a little faster. I wish there were more teems willing to try building a mr2; instead I regularly hear about how our series is overrun with BMWs and Miatas. I think most of us like to see the wild and crazy builds people come up with, for me this is part of what make Chumpcar so special, and if you don't like it, I suggest you go find a spec series to race in.
  14. sorry we are located in Athens Ga, spelling inst my strength, spell check is usually my friend but it let me down.
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