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  1. Protests

    with twin turbos to boot
  2. Protests

    couldn't you just fab an aluminum plate to put over the gear selector that would block off 2nd gear, or would that be considered a cheaty piece?
  3. Protests

    but what then when you unplug that stock ecu and it keeps on running, then what
  4. Protests

    hey bill, if your willing to put a truck full of that junk up for a bet, I'll take your word for it. are you still stocking the fridge with Tab too
  5. Protests

    I'm with ya bill. @Bill Strong but you know darn well know biohazard ain't running a 3.3 V6 sienna swap with a toyota ecu. I love the series and applaud the job you and your folks do. I know us racers are a pain in the butt but there is no other sport like motorsports and we are all very passionate about it. my buddy and i have a $600 build that is 45 days away from being completed and I have run in five races over the last eight months my problem is the speed creep that's developed over the last 18 months since I started eyeing the series. just an idea for you to maybe get things a little bit back in line. you get one (swap) or the other (stand alone). NOT BOTH. you want to swap your motor, that's fine, but no standalone. you have to use the oem ecu but you can chip or flash that sucker as much as you like u want to run a $2,000 stand alone, go for it but no motor swap and if you do swap a different motor in, you keep the original engine hardware. no swapping of heads, intake manifolds, throttle bodies, etc @chisek I do think that would help you get things more back in check and you wouldn't hear as much bitching as you have lately I'd hate @Bill Strong to see a member get seriously hurt or worse because of the ever widening speed discrepancy with liberal engine swap and open engine management rules that have been implemented as of late and put this grassroots series in jeopardy especially after numerous members have brought this concern to your attention.
  6. Protests

    can someone tell me why there are minivans and small suv's on the vpi list to began with has anyone ever seen one circulate the track during previous races???
  7. Protests

    not a big fan of fake tits and botox injections either
  8. Protests

    do the the new rookies, amateurs or layman looking to join the series and build a car know the fast 25yr old civic they just watched race in person or on youtube/facebook know what their actually seeing is a 2.0 crv suv/vtec integra disguised as a 1.6 '92 civic or a 3.0/3.5 V6 maxima with race car electronics that is disguised as a 4cyl eclipse/240sx or a 3.3 V6 toyota sienna minivan disguised as a 4cyl mr2 with race car electronics or a e36/e46 bmw with race car electronics disguised as a 30yr old e30 bmw or the 3.0 V6 infiniti is actually a 4.5 V8 infiniti doubt it...
  9. Protests

    or an ecu re-flash??? the rule should of been changed to reflect open oem ecu's...chip or flash away your oe ecu to your hearts desire should of been the rule change not free stand alone engine management systems...this isn't imsa or fia what happened to the original $500 grassroots car concept...teams are now spending probably close to $5K just to swap out motors and put in stand alones on top of the motor swap they just did...that wasn't the premise of the series 18 months ago when I first started looking at the series unless I missed something What's next on the horizon...cars running methanol or home made sequential gearboxes
  10. +1 for matt & crew...fun/fast car and fun/competitive group car has a podium finish in it...
  11. Protests

    btw, welcome back to the Tuttle cars... missed seeing that ugly gator orange on the track and usually in the grass. ..
  12. Protests

    hey, hey...don't be a hater...no one made you choose a Dodge Stratus as your platform of choice
  13. Protests

    I think mr. strong has checked out of this thread??
  14. Protests

    was the series having this issue 12-16 months ago?? what has changed since then? as oprah would say, free engine management systems for everyone...you get a HALTECH, you get an AEM, and you my friend get a MOTEC, and all you m20 owners get the MEGASQUIRT MS3...and don't forget as a parting gift everyone gets free non-oem higher flowing/upgraded fuel injectors... I was laughed at by the powers that be 120 days ago for bringing this up... speed creep has taken over and this is the result... carry on, I just got my bag of popcorn out of the microwave
  15. Protests

    where do I sign up...would love to see if Huggins or GWR's stock m20's would give my slow e30 a little extra omphhhhh down the straights for $1,500