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  1. 4 hours of seat time...Two 2hr stints '04 BMW 325ci...new build $1,400 lohman11x@gmail.com
  2. If your looking for an fun, inexpensive and competitive ride for the 24, you should jump on this. Ross has all the right parts and pieces and the car should run consistently in the low 2:20's
  3. Or maybe the 944 S2 VPI points got lowered to 470 points overnight
  4. Racer7x

    Age Requirement

    Read the rules and it just specifies a minor... I'd assume a 14yr old late model driver would be OK with parental consent?
  5. How would they be looked at point wise?
  6. Racer7x

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    If I would of known you could run a 550pt, 210hp 944 S2 with a 22 gallon fuel tank at 470 pts I might of chosen a different platform to build...
  7. Racer7x

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    The extra 35hp at 500pts wouldn't hurt... you'd still get off the corners quicker than me though😁
  8. Racer7x

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    I'm currently watching the champcar live broadcast. Is anyone else getting tired of hearing about cone crushers competiveness running a 550pt, 210hp 3.0 liter motor in their car at an erroneous 470 pts or is it just me? Maybe I'm just getting really cranky at my old age😊 I'd love to run a BMW 3.0 liter 330i higher hp motor in my car instead of the 2.5 at 500pts and see how much more competitive my car would become...
  9. Does a cars handling, braking and driver ability still factor in to a cars competitiveness? There's a huge discrepancy in these at champcars grassroots level...
  10. Racer7x

    Best Radio System

    Thanks shawn...how much extra is the antenna with our champ discount?
  11. My bad...just figured it out 2 drivers each per your two cars...kudos to all four of you👍👍👍
  12. That's some hell of an endurance race... did you guys sneak back on the track after everyone left for the day or are there still some lingering effects from the heat stroke😀
  13. Racer7x

    2018 petitions

    Yep, one of them there fwd platform hondas ran the 2nd fastest lap out of 85 cars at road atlanta a few months back... It's puts a big smile on your face running a little 2 liter vtec honda/acura and never getting passed in a 2hr stint... Good times
  14. Racer7x

    Decibel rating

    AMP has a problem with sound, so you need to worry about it there also.
  15. Racer7x

    2018 petitions

    Welcome to the instant "B" podium club with a few competent wheelmen😊