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  1. I'm getting ready to cancel (2) double rooms at Chateue Elan if anybody wants them...
  2. Your also comparing apples to oranges. WRL has just as many $70K cars running their events as they do $5K-$15K cars... Champcar is the direct opposite. Most Champcar teams aren't afraid to get a dent or scratch on their $7K car whereas one of the WRL teams running their $70K Cayman, Corvette or M3 would lose a weeks worth of sleep over it...
  3. With only 45 wrl cars running Rd Atl 'till 5pm every day I'd hope the driving standards would be better... Put 90 wrl cars out there until 11pm and I'd bet those standards would drop a smidge
  4. Did you attend the VIR race? It sounds like you found your racing niche out west with Lemons and LD and your happy which is great, but please don't come on here and be negative about this series if you've never run a recent 90 car count 14hr Road Atlanta, 90 car count 14hr Sebring, 120 car count 14hr of Daytona or 110 car count VIR 24hr race... Most of us on this forum have found our niche. It's not running with AER and their $100K cars, nor WRL. I can't say anything bad about LD or Lemons because I've never run with them, but I know for a fact this is some of the best bang for the buck racing going on in the United States right now. Tire Rack thinks so also... Good luck with your racing on the west coast, most of us on the east coast feel sorry for you
  5. So you think with 80 cars on track for 24hrs and half of that in the pitch dark there isn't going to be any contact? Certain teams have always had issues with constantly "running out of talent or being asshats", but for what was just run at VIR, major incidents of contact was not an issue except for one or two instances... Kudos to all teams involved except for a select few that have been called out
  6. 30 cars per mile. I think VIR is around 3.75 miles. There had been 110 cars registered the last two years and 80 this year... Daytona has had 120+ cars the last 4-5 years
  7. 100% E46's fault, I just wanted to see the previous lap footage to make sure there was no red mist going on between the two... Sounds more like the Connolly driver also moved far left to draft your guy and misjudged when he pulled out of your cars draft to overtake... I feel for you, having a car wadded up because of someone else's actions is a tough pill to swallow... I agree, Matt should be put on notice for his now two car team recent transgressions
  8. Would love to see the previous lap video to determine if there was any shenanigans going on between the two... He was looking in his rear view pretty hard coming out of oak tree and moving to the left out of the racing line on the back straight could of been a blocking move and that's how the race ended for them? There might of been some road rage going on between the two and more video might help
  9. I stated certain teams, which could mean two or twelve and didn't mention any names... I was pitted next to a front running Porsche at Road Atlanta last year and everytime they pitted and fueled had a headache for 10 minutes from the smell
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