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  1. My bad...just figured it out 2 drivers each per your two cars...kudos to all four of you👍👍👍
  2. That's some hell of an endurance race... did you guys sneak back on the track after everyone left for the day or are there still some lingering effects from the heat stroke😀
  3. Racer7x

    2018 petitions

    Yep, one of them there fwd platform hondas ran the 2nd fastest lap out of 85 cars at road atlanta a few months back... It's puts a big smile on your face running a little 2 liter vtec honda/acura and never getting passed in a 2hr stint... Good times
  4. Racer7x

    Decibel rating

    AMP has a problem with sound, so you need to worry about it there also.
  5. Racer7x

    2018 petitions

    Welcome to the instant "B" podium club with a few competent wheelmen😊
  6. Racer7x

    2018 petitions

    Newbs only, no oldtimers need apply😜
  7. Racer7x

    2018 petitions

    Great inexpensive newbie starter kit... The 92-95 1,800 lb honda civic hatchback (EG) with the 190hp, 7,800 rpm honda crv b20 non vtec motor swap plus the added additional swapped on vtec head and induction from a totally different motor than the origInal motor swap would be a great low cost build...
  8. Racer7x

    2018 petitions

    And it was said the over 93 octane race fuel petition was not cost effective... A quick google search will show numerous devices for less than $150 that can instantaneously test octane rating, so that response to the petition is bullshit in my opinion...
  9. Racer7x

    Best Radio System

    Thanks for the input Shawn. I'll be getting in touch with you in the next couple of weeks.
  10. Take a look at Speedway Motors out of Nebraska. They carry a huge onsite inventory and their high end gear on clearance is 1/2 off the price of what it was a few years ago. You can't go wrong with some of their garage sale safety gear prices.
  11. Racer7x

    Best Radio System

    I know digital is now the way to go over the old analog. What is the best bang for the buck system currently available ?
  12. Racer7x

    Turbo Kit Class Question

    I heard that class is a handfull😀
  13. Racer7x

    Turbo Kit Class Question

    and that why there's the ec class for your now turbo d class car.
  14. Racer7x

    Newby Question

    the fiberglass fender weight savings made the difference😊
  15. time limit is for max driver stint of 2hrs or less, nothing to do with fuel.