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  1. So first we have "0" point $1,100 miata Penske shocks being accepted with no membership debate or vote and now we have high dollar miata hubs having there point values being changed to some random 2.50 number with no one knowing again about these rule changes... Club leadership is telling us one thing but doing the complete opposite of what their telling us every 6 month... Very disappointing...
  2. There's no price posted for the E36 on Facebook but if I had to guess their probably asking in the $8K-$10K range... Unfortunately your going to have a hard time finding anything competitive currently in the $4K range...there was a quick, sorted and competitive '01 Nissan Maxima up north that went for $5K
  3. Hey Bryce, there's a solid front running e36 on "the champcar garage" on Facebook located in Vidalia(south georgia) that was just raced at NCM a few weeks ago...
  4. This issue is starting to happen at every other race now and it was said by a board member it would be addressed but it seems the series leadership would rather upset the 95% of the team's that abide and build towards the series rules than the 5% that arrive with cars that don't play by the rules and should have no problem having -100 laps added to their car/team by t&s at the start of each race... @chisek @Bill Strong @Doc
  5. It can't get much easier than t&s giving every ec car -100 laps before the start of each race... It's not good to disenchant the base of the team owners and team captain's over this.
  6. Which car had the checker flag come out and waved at them for winning the race?
  7. It's a shame cars that don't conform to the ruleset are still being picked up as the race leader during cautions and is still declaring themselves as the race winner and taking the winning checkered flag after this was discussed ad nauseam for three weeks previous... It leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth that plays by the rules... Not real motivated to pay the VIR24 entry and make the 20hr roundtrip drive right now...
  8. What do you think would happen to laps times if everyone was running OE ecu's and aftermarket fuel management systems were not allowed as of 3yrs ago...
  9. You'll need to allocate 20pts to make a proper splitter on a miata, which leaves you with what, 180pts left to play with😊
  10. And here's another earlier post exhalting their achievement in their IMSA Cayman against a bunch of $5K Miatas and Neons... Yes, adding 100 laps will get this BS taken care of...
  11. So your saying your running one of the two OEM manifolds the kit requires now or are you still running one of those free custom 9hp/$300 "non header" headers😀
  12. Does the turbo model have the fuel capacity to be run hard for1:55hrs-2hrs before stopping for fuel?
  13. Yep, and almost all on here have agreed with techs interpretation at 10pts... Tech and Chisek have also said BMW "M" front bumper covers are 10pts
  14. That's a question for Mike and Tech... I asked about running a $100 Chinese "M" bumper cover on the E46 and was told 10pts.
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