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  1. Don't take exception to the hit, those two orange topless mitsu's seem to run into everyone and everything on the track on a consistent basis🙂
  2. Racer7x

    Official 2018 Marathon Coach Sebring 14

    Which hood is fiberglass, a Cobra or Cobra R...
  3. Racer7x

    Official 2018 Marathon Coach Sebring 14

    Doesn't the bccr state no replica fiberglass body panels in lieu of factory steel/aluminun panels? I know there are some bmw's out there that would love to run some fiberglass fenders and hood since I guess it is now allowed with points. VPI also states standard models only and that car is showing up as a special model cobra running "D" class, not a standard mustang gt?
  4. I don't keep up with mustangs. Is that a Cobra or Cobra R bumper cover to go along with the hood?
  5. Car looks great and welll sorted, besides the Cobra R hood. Hood's going to definitely help with heat dissipation under the hood. Good luck with the the "0" points.
  6. What's the point hit for the aftermarket non oe hood?
  7. Racer7x

    BMW Endurance series

    just expect a little less mpg and some extra snap, crackle and pop in your exhaust note😊
  8. Race monitor does show negative laps at the beginning of each race... I think close to 10% of the field showed negative laps... The cool runninz 944 was -15 laps down to start the race...
  9. My bad then...I thought it was running in "c"
  10. Just pulled up race monitor...4th place 530pt bmw 330i given no penalty laps at the start if the race??
  11. I feel 'ya doc, a lot of us just don't want to hear about a 620pt 3 liter 944 being a standard bearer of the series... You guys have fun this weekend...
  12. Poly suspension bushings are free as long as they came on the car oe offset like that has been the interpretation of most members... Not many cars have offset suspension bushings from the factory as far as I know... bmw Z3 M cars had them, but I haven't seen that car show up on the vpi list and I doubt a bmw "M" car ever will, so those offset performance bushings should be points all day everyday...
  13. 4 hours of seat time...Two 2hr stints '04 BMW 325ci...new build $1,400 lohman11x@gmail.com
  14. If your looking for an fun, inexpensive and competitive ride for the 24, you should jump on this. Ross has all the right parts and pieces and the car should run consistently in the low 2:20's
  15. Or maybe the 944 S2 VPI points got lowered to 470 points overnight