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  1. So your saying your running one of the two OEM manifolds the kit requires now or are you still running one of those free custom 9hp/$300 "non header" headers😀
  2. Does the turbo model have the fuel capacity to be run hard for1:55hrs-2hrs before stopping for fuel?
  3. Yep, and almost all on here have agreed with techs interpretation at 10pts... Tech and Chisek have also said BMW "M" front bumper covers are 10pts
  4. That's a question for Mike and Tech... I asked about running a $100 Chinese "M" bumper cover on the E46 and was told 10pts.
  5. As long as it isn't an E36 "M" bumper cover, cause that will be an additional 10pts added to the splitter and the wing...
  6. Hence the 10 extra points for the air dam/front air spoiler that was attached to the 10pt splitter to solve the aforementioned problem...
  7. I disagree with you zack...It looks like a 10pt splitter with added 10pt vertical front spoiler/air dam material added to it... Might as well fabricate a custom/complete bumper cover/air dam for the same 10pts and be done with it. Last time I checked duct tape is free and might serve the same purpose?
  8. I'm 30 minutes away in Jacksonville if you need help? Brian 9046619604
  9. https://digatrondirect.com/fuel-tester/ Run all the race fuel you want in EC... @chisek @E. Tyler Pedersen @Jer @Jay Mauney @Ray Franck
  10. I thought one of the petitions was for cars needing race fuel to be classed in EC?
  11. Some on this forum would give their left nut to have four awesome Champcar tracks within 4hrs of their driveway...
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