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  1. is any one successfully running a wrx? Very popular rally car just not sure about endurance racing.
  2. hell no My name is Joe and we will be there to have fun, see ya there
  3. Anybody else? just sitting here completely loaded ready to leave first thing. Giddy like a school girl, lol. Looking forward to it gentleman, lets have a beer at chateau on friday.
  4. Aquafi Racing is super excited to be headed out to Sebring, we blew up our car testing for Daytona and haven't been able to race since. New motor fully rebuilt with ECU and dyno time, hoping to be faster. Looking forward to it
  5. not to argue, i certainly applaud your efforts. Did the weights not change to allow the M50B25 swap at points that would allow it to be 500. Oddly the masses seem to have agreed at the time that this was way off. I'm not just some internet pain, I'm really looking forward to Sebring my team has had some set backs we blew up the motor testing for daytona and struggled. So after to much time and thousands of dollars I'm really looking forward to Sebring. It doesn't change the fact that the swap info is wrong.
  6. So is this the E30 3K plus weight that allows an e30 to take the motor out of my car, I drive an e36 with a vpi of 500 but these rules just gave my motor to e30's. how is this fair?
  7. That is interesting, now the platform that they drive will come into play. As the committee members will be voted in you'll want as many people as you can get with the same perspective as you, especially if they are going to be elected to 2 year positions. I guess I'd also like to see some questions posed to the applicants such as e30 weights, 944 swap values, e30 rear gear ratio's, etc.. This way we can see the direction they would be voting. Exciting stuff, it's like appointing our own supreme court justices.
  8. I'm wondering if the tech committee will have any input as far as future VPI.
  9. Sorry to swerve off topic but did anybody get a clarification on the 944, I thought as it's been beat to death in the forum that the car was a 530 pt S2 engine. I was told that Phil signed off on it . Not sure if there was any information. I watched the race online and great stuff, bravo to all who ran it looked brutal out there with the heat.
  10. I will, I'm bringing my daughter to an HPDE with an instructor, she wants to race with my brother and I in Champcar. Sometimes it's good to hear from somebody other than Dad. We agree with you about the team aspect completely. This was about when my team can't make a long haul or we have a month or two between races we plan to attend.
  11. I'm not comparing sprint racing to endurance racing it wasn't going to be a choice between series. It is a purely selfish love of racing, my team can't always go racing and I am exploring other choices to compliment Champcar. As the team owner I have the truck, trailer, tools and pretty much everything I need to build another car. I guess I was just asking opinions as there are alot of people on here that have raced other series. I realize that another car would probably be EC in Champcar but that's ok. I'm ok with the $$$, it was more a question of value. I guess I'll just go to a few events and draw my own conclusions.
  12. I wasn't looking to run my current Champcar, I am looking to build a second car that could run both series. I've been looking at spec american iron mustangs but really looking for car counts and it seems e30's and miata's have the biggest count. From what I've seen they don't have nearly the car count of Champcar but my brother runs on my team and we race within 3/10 ths almost every race in our champcar. I'd like the car to run both series so that I can have the chance to race my brother on track. Talk about checkers or wreckers that would be fun.
  13. We are out of Orlando and we want to continue running ChampCar, just thought that NASA runs alot of florida races and it might be fun. It looks as if the only cars that could legally run both would be spec e30 or spec miata. Have any of you guys done this?
  14. I was actually thinking about renting seats when I can't get my team there or it's just to far to haul. There are some great tracks that I'd love to try. Thought it would be a cool way to meet some new teams and racers from around the country.
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