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  1. Teamwork!! #almostidenticalrigs
  2. Great job @David Haines and Aaron Thacker, broadcast was great, missed driving in the race, and still thoroughly enjoyed the video! Well done.
  3. Very fun race! Qualified P2 (don’t know how that happened...no drafting for that lap) and stayed top 3 until I kept shifting into 6th on my 5-4 downshifts, lost the draft. Had a lot of fun for the first ten laps running with Alex and Bradley (I think?). Anyway, fueling error - theme of the night? - and lonely drive the rest of the race. Biggest achievement, my internet didnt poop the bed! Hope to see everyone next Wednesday!
  4. Good old Spectrum internet. Had a good race for 3 laps... see you all next week!
  5. May not make tonight, but planning on 23 and 30 if work doesn't rear its ugly head!
  6. I am going to partake in more races this season, trying to help get @Jab31169‘s rig set up after his move before the RA race. I think the changes will be good, nice work guys.
  7. So we know what you are bringing to the track next time! Sweet!
  8. I like the variety of races, looks fun. Will try to take part in some of the races, thanks for the heads up.
  9. Got my rig set up shortly after @Jab31169 did his (rest of our team a bit jealous), but with a make shift deal in the kids playroom until I can move/donate a bunch of crap from my basement. I went the Oculus Rift route also and will stick with it - I love it. @macheesy is spot on with the drawbacks, but I think I can live with them for the immersion. That, and how awesome all of the other Oculus games are that my kids can’t get enough of. Also, rift a lot cheaper than 3 or 4 monitors!! Hopefully will see/meet you all soon online and at the track!! Can’t wait for virtual and real VIR.
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