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  1. Withdraw this entry please... I know @Jab31169 has already mentioned this, but wanted to be sure.
  2. Team: WUDU Racing Car #: 719 Class: TBD - violent internal discussions underway Driver 1: Andrew Pinkerton Driver 2: Chris Kniseley Driver 3: Paul Roddy
  3. WUDU Racing 719 Porsche Cayman Andrew Pinkerton Paul Roddy Chris Kniseley
  4. Wish I could! Love the car and track! Good luck.
  5. Also, passing under the double yellow okay!
  6. Team Name: WUDU Racing Number: 719 Class: Cayman Driver 1: Paul Roddy Driver 2: Chris Kniseley Driver 3: Andrew Pinkerton Driver 4: Jack Joyner (?) Thats our current plan.
  7. @AFawcett do you have individual logo files? I am looking for one logo per file for some customization on placement, etc. Thanks in advance! Never mind, found them all save for the number panel. Can you post a file with just that? Again, thanks.
  8. Right?!? Even the televised NASCAR Pro invitational iRacing series got 2 fast repairs. Come on...do it.
  9. No question, we are in. Class TBD. Also, all you Hugh Jass guys have to be nerfed.
  10. Damn, I missed this. I am going to make a donation now anyway. Way to go guys!
  11. Someone with more knowledge may correct me on this but: - Use regular iRacing, not the UI for this, seems easier to me for league stuff - go to league sessions, should show this event, enter and done - fuel is a must, as we all start the race with a set short amount. tires is an option for you, at this track I think most will choose to take tires - the setting for fuel and tires are in the "black boxes" that you can display on screen to see relative, standings, etc. play with it in practice - in these black boxes you check or uncheck for tires...again, play with it in practice - fuel quantity you take depends on when you pit and how much fuel you are burning in race (saving fuel by running behind someone?) If I remember right, this track will probably require 4.2 gallons? - You set the pit stop items prior to pitting (checking whether or not you are taking tires, how much fuel) and when you stop in your box it all happens. - fast fix is a check/uncheck box in the fuel "black box" window. leave it unchecked unless you have significant damage - as sometimes it can be used for very minor damage and you only have one. sign up an run tonight early, a lot of your questions you can get out of the way in the practice. especially if you have a mic set up. Cheers, Paul
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