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  1. Its just getting old. I see more dumbass Miata drivers causing wrecks every week
  2. Funny how Miata people always blame everyone else.
  3. This will be our first Champ Car race. We raced at Gingerman last year with LeMons and really enjoyed the track. It’s nice being able to see the majority of it. Bob Johnson
  4. My aftermarket anti-roll bar connects to the control arms using heim joints. I don’t have to declare the heim joints because I already took a 20pt hit for the sway bar?
  5. We have Cobra calipers and rotors on the car now. They worked great in the citrus race we ran a few weeks ago. We are 20 points shy of being able to make all of our desired upgrades. That's probably what everyone says though.
  6. I We have a V-6 Edge Mustang. I wonder if Fordparts.com is considered a national chain?
  7. We plan on racing in Chumpcar soon and I need a clarification on the 2X rule. I looked up replacement shocks and struts at Autozone.com. There is a wide price range for replacement shocks and struts. Struts vary from $44 to $240. Shocks vary from $20 to $155. I guess the most I can spend is $479 per strut and $309 per shock? Bob J
  8. The GoPro Hero 5 Session lists that it has HDMI D (micro) as a connector type. Can I use it with a Cerevo LiveShell 2?
  9. There's Northstarmotorsports.com in the Chicago area.
  10. I am elbow deep in building our first Chumpcar. I am getting pretty sick of the cold and was considering going to Daytona to watch. Is there any Chicago area teams going that might need a extra hand? I am not interested in driving, or a handout. I am planning on going alone and thought I might be able to help out. Bob Johnson
  11. In past seasons, how many hours were required for a driver to be qualified to race at Daytona? Bob
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