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  1. I am new to this whole cheap...ish...racing thing and am looking into both ChumpCar World Series and LeMons racing, but I live in AZ, and most my friends that are willing to drive and join my team still live in CA and I travel for work (Construction), so it makes it hard for everyone to get a decent amount of seat time in the race car, and deciding on a central race to ease traveling costs on everyone also seems like it will be a hassle... so I was wondering are there any race clubs or series that are on the cheaper side like ChumpCar and LeMons that are not endurance races? that a solo or two driver teams can do? any cheap car rally cross or rally series? I am hooked on this ChumpCar World Series but not so sure my mates are and I would like to get all in on racing. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for any and all advice given. Ronnie
  2. @zack_280 Thank you sir for the information! The $5000.00 budget was just for the car build it's self, I was working on a budget for the cost of racing (a lot of the stuff you listed above for at the race) and the cost of safety gear is another budget I was building as well. I have a friend in CA I grew up with and I want to see if he would be interested in becoming another driver on the team, I hope he is interested because he has welded for a living really learned from age 6 and in high school he would weld all my dirt bike and buggy frames that I would crack so I am trying to see if I buy the roll cage kit (I think others have mentioned them before) see if he could weld it together and in stall it for me (He built a whole body roll cage for his off road buggy that has passed several local desert race inspections) and I would pay him hopefully half the price. But all that is down the road, after talking and reading a lot of posts not just in this thread but the whole forums I am really leaning toward buying an already built Chumper by the end of this year, going to at least one ChumpCar race this year, once I have the car take at least 2 weekends in Cali. to have two full day track days with the team taking turns in the Chumper as well as a couple of our regular cars so we can watch and learn who is going faster where and help each other out. If we can get that done and feel good about ourselves then try our first race in 2018, other wise spend all of 2018, tweaking the car and practice practice practice! and without a doubt in my mind I plan Rondog Racing to make it debut in 2019! I am also looking at LeMons, with them being a money budget, in 2019 after we get our feet wet in ChumpCar World Series getting a junker just to run in LeMons (get my buddy to put the roll cage in to save a lot of money) 1. we will have exp. on a track and driving a race car in a race. 2. we will know what we want in a car and what kind of car we want, what class we want to be in and so on. 3. we will have all the safety gear. 4. we will know what are good things to fix to make the car go the distance (From what I hear just being able to finish the race gets you a decent finish. 5. know what needs to be done, and what can be done to build a car that will pass tech specs. 6. have a running car to keep racing while we build this car. 7. then once we are done with the LeMons 24 hr. build find it's VPI and upgrade a Chumper that is our own. (In my heart of heart I really want to build our own team car, but I want to get into a race no later than 2019, I might find that after buying a car already built and keeping it running might be more than enough to please my build dream, or costly enough and lose my desire to do a complete build.) but thank you again for the info.
  3. Thanks Roland, I want to watch a race first, I have never driven in a track and i would hate to cost some one a better finish because I am so slow and I would hate hate hate to wreck someones car. that and I don't have any of the safety gear yet, but I will be sure to look them up at the track and pick their brains.
  4. U-Turn, Thank you sir. I saw that but I am not sure if I will be there by then, However I plan on being there for the Texas race in May and if your there I will look you up for sure.
  5. You are right, I did not mean disrespect to anyone. I was meaning being a dangerous driver. Sorry again I did not mean any disrespect or to put anyone down.
  6. I take it the google vibe that a roll cage will cot between $700.00- $1000.00 is a lie... Realistically how much does it cost to have a shop build you a good roll cage that will pass a ChumpCar tech. inspection?
  7. HAHAHA, my dad would love that post, I sadly was that son for many years, now my stubborn pride kicks in an I want to do it all myself. when I am ready to pull he trigger I will hit you up and see if you still have it. thanks for the offer. ok so
  8. That is a good post, and I agree that every person has a different competitive goal in mind, I learned as a kid growing up ridding dirt bikes then finally getting a race bike at 16 I thought oh year in the back woods track i was faster then everyone on my block my bike was 10+ years old but I rode the wheels off of it. so I had this competitive goal in my mind I was going to go to the track every Tuesday (Practice day at the track) for 3 months get the track dialed and then start the Saturday races, and once I win my class I will jump up to the expert class... long story short after 3 months of ridding the track there were jumps I could barely get over on my 250cc bike that 8 year old kids were clearing on their 80cc bikes, my spirits were crushed I got mad and never even signed up for a race. Our team goal is to have fun doing what we love, working on and driving cars with your mates. my competitive goals for starting the team is simple really, have fun, race hard but stay safe, I know wrecking is part of the game and you can't control what other drivers will do, but I don't want to be, nor anyone on the team to be that drive that everyone hates because they are driving over their heads and running off the track all the time and bumping or wrecking other drivers. I am taking the mindset of our church co-ed softball team, we were never that good and we knew it, we join the team to have fun, but we played to win, if someone made an error "Nice try, you'll get the next one" even if we lost every game didn't matter but we never give up and played to win every game, so applying that mentality to ChumpCar World Series, I want to be able to finish the race (as much as that is in our control), I don't know how deep each class usually is but I don't want to be that guy that everyone passes and just has no business being on the track. So say if there are 20 in my class I would be happy with 15th or better in my class, All the guys on the team including myself have to go back to work on Monday, so though accident happen and there is always the risk, this isn't our living but a hobby. I would like to build a car to be competitive and win our class, then set our sights on overall, but all that is years down the road. sorry once again I tend to ramble on hope this post makes sense. Right now get a car that will pass inspection without any penalties, be able to complete the race, and not be the slowest car on the track, no matter where we finish as long as we can over take someone even if it is the same one car every handful of laps and can have fun doing it, I will be happy.
  9. Thanks, Let me get back to work and put the money away but if you still have it in a few months when I am ready I would be interested, what kind of car is it? is it ChumpCar ready? got any pictures? when I pull the trigger to buy a built Chumper I am willing to travel to pick it up seeing most people I have seen selling cra on here are not from AZ or TX
  10. Thank you sir, yeah Practice, Practice, Practice that is my team motto! Like I pointed out above right now the goal is to get in the race and spinning laps round the track.
  11. Thank you, I looked at LeMons first actually and could hardly find a car for less than $500.00 that ran, that is why I am leaning towards ChumpCar I feel it allows you to build a car for dependability so you can finish a race. From what I understand reading through the ChumpCar rules once as long as the car I buy has a VPI 500 or less I can do a complete car rebuild pretty much everything as long as it is all OEM without gaining a single point, and even be able to beef up the suspension (Non-adjustable) and brakes (2X rule). where what I got from LeMons everything you buy for the car even the labor if you pay someone to work on it goes towards your $500.00 limit, leave very little to no wiggle room. Car wise, I like them all, I have grown FWD cars all my life (75% of affordable cars are FWD) and have pushed them through canyon passes often, I do often tend to look for RWD drive cars or trucks when I am looking for a new ride but that is mainly because I drive on many dirt roads and love just stepping on the gas around bends in the road and have the rear end slide out, but that is not what you want on a race track. That is why right now I am really just looking to see what is out there what I can afford that is already built in my price range, then while we are practicing and racing the bought care really look at what we want to build. The main thing I have to learn is growing up we never really had extra money, only got another car when the last one dies and only worked on our cars when something broke and replaced it with the cheapest replacement part out there... so I always learned to drive a car and adjust myself the the car, I need to start learning performance tech, and terminology so we can build the cars to our driving... I will have to learn that... Sorry that is a long way of saying thanks you for the advice I see your point. on a side note I keep hearing about these logbooks or log check lists, is there a place on here to download and print one?
  12. Thank you everyone for your words of wisdom, I think I am leaning more towards buying an already built Chumper now, for a couple reasons 1. Looking back I have tried building two off road trucks, the first I didn't have the money so it was a real slow going build that I ended up calling it only doing half of what I wanted to and just not being happy with it, the second I had way more than enough money to do everything I wanted to but traveled for work (Construction) working 50 plus hours a week and moving every six months and just didn't ever seem motivated to work on the truck so after towing it for the third time we moved I just sold it. 2. though I have the time and the money for this build my short term goal is to get out there and put laps in, my big picture goal is to have an official team that travels to maybe 4 ChumpCar races a year in a car that we built from scratch and know every nut and bolt, a car the team could collectively tare down completely and rebuild, to make a name for ourselves not just as a team but also as drivers (Not being they best or the team to beat, though I wouldn't mind that, but rather be a familiar name that people recognize at the track and have good attitudes, are know for racing hard but clean, and mostly I want to be the team that everyone says is having the most fun.) but RIGHT now I just want to get out there and turn laps, the rush of people zipping past on both sides of the car, the thrill of overtaking another car... most of all Right now I just want to get into the atmosphere of the ChumpCar World Series! 3.Like Justin9 said non of my team members nor myself have any on track racing exp, Yes growing up we would race each other through the Angeles National Forest in Palmdale, CA pushing each other and the clock each time we did, or found abandon dirt roads and fields and cut out a off road truck/ rally course and through our trucks and cars side way in the dirt and gravel, but there is nothing like being in a line of cars or being pushed from behind, or having to hit your marks lap after lap after lap and all the "racing" we did growing up means nothing on a real track out there with real racers. That said though I have confidence in the two other team mates I have in mind, one is a CHP officer and was in the top 2% of his academy in all driving exercises, and the other has built a couple Baja Bugs and been in a few desert races. I have full confidence we will adapt, but you need to be out there or at least at the local track on track days putting in the work, learning, gaining racing exp. You need to get to know the car, how it accelerates out of corners, how it brakes and leans going into a corner, how hard can you push in a corner before the wheels start to break loose. Then there is ware and tare on the car, what is the fastest you can push the car lap after lap with the least amount of tire ware and brake fade (All these races are endurance races after all) so I have taken the first big step and committing to building a team and getting out there! in order to do that we need a car. 4. I started looking at a realistic time table for the next 18 months A. I am waiting for the call for my next construction job in Houston, TX job starts March first I should be out there by mid March at the latest, once I am working it will only take a couple months to get the $5000.00 saved up and put aside for the car. B. If I am in Houston in time for the race in March I will be attending as a spectator, and will be at the race in Texas on in May again spectating picking racers minds and getting a feel for the controlled chaos of a ChumpCar World race weekend. C. Buy an already build Chumper by the end of 2017, and start getting out to track days as many times as I can and with my fellow team members D. See how the comfortable the team feels with the car and with the team in general when the local race approaches in 2018 and possibly make out ChumpCar World Series debut. If we are not ready then continue to test, practice, learn, and put in the work on race days through the rest of 2018 and prepare for a crazy 2019! E. Fully commit to a race in 2019 weather it is our first race or we have several under out belt. F. Finally spend the next two years deciding what care we want to make our first build (what class we want to be in, FWD/RWD/AWD, etc.), how much the car will cost, what the car's VPI will be, how much money and time it will take for all the required safety features to be installed (Roll cadge, kill switch, etc.) What performance parts I can afford points to put on the car and of those performance parts how much they will cost and how long they will take to install and dial them in, basically every thing that goes into a Chumper build. Once it is ready for the track sell the other car to a new team starting out.
  13. Thank you Kentite and Mender, buying an already built Chumper was something I thought about, but I always talked about doing a project car and the ideal of building it is something I like, however the head aches you can avoid buying a car that is already built is something that sounds good also, so I will weigh the two options, I will look at the cars on these threads that are built ready to go and keep looking into building one myself.
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