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  1. 2021 marks the 10th Anniversary of Team Sahlen competing in the Tire Rack - ChampCar Endurance Series. Our 1st event was the 25 hours and 25 minutes of Nelson Ledges held in the fall of 2011. Our trusty "Charcoal" Mazda RX7 finished the race, securing 11th out of 74 entries. And 10 years later, we are still racing our "Charcoal" rotary racer,,,which makes it one of the oldest running cars in the series. Over the past 10 years, we have enjoyed the competitive on track action and the camaraderie in the paddock with ChampCar racers. The Officials with ChampCar have been super to work with. And we look forward to many more years to come of being a part of this amazing series.
  2. At Mid-Ohio, Team Sahlen ran on our used tires from the Watkins Glen Weekend. Out of 30 hours of on track racing for the 2 days with 2 cars, we used just 1 new set of tires on the Boxsters. The rest the weekend was spent using up tires from the Memorial Day weekend event.
  3. Desired to had some thoughts on the Tire Discussion The thoughts are meant to add context and background to the discussion points brought forward in this post to date Marking Tires / Quantity to Use: - Having been in Pro Series, where this was done, it is a significant amount of staffing required to execute, - And even then is very difficult to police Limiting # of tires in a weekend - For our team (and many other teams), we sometimes start on used tires to save money - Limiting the tires used in a weekend will drive up our costs, not down, as now we have to go into the weekend with brand new tires, and have ZERO used tires as part of our rotation Limiting # of tires changed at a time on a pit stop - This actually will work in the opposite direction of saving money - Teams that can do a quicker pit stop will make out, thus making the gap bigger not less between teams - And again limiting tire changes means starting on 1/2 used tires is a disadvantage if I then have to change on a pit stop Tire Cost - While there are references to the Total cost of set - The actual discussion to me should be on the increase in cost of a set - As an example, for our Mazda RX7, we run 225/15 - Options: Hankook $130, Toyo $150, Yokohama $189, BFG $195 - Thus for a race, the total cost from lowest to highest option is $260 for the day, or $65 per driver (4 drivers) - I am not suggesting that $65 isn't more money for driver, I am just establishing what the total cost factor is here Tire Cost factored in with Damages - As a Team looks at the cost of $260 per race - The increased cost can easily be offset each race by the less car damage due to better control with grippier tires - I know all might not agree, but 1 less hit per race can add up to $260 pretty easily Sahlen's Tire Changes - Although it has been referenced many times of the # of tire changes we had at the 2019 Nelson 24 hours, please allow some context here - We changed tires every 4 hours - This was the very 1st race we ran Bridgestones in ChampCar - We pre-shaved our Bridgestones, thinking they would chunk - They in fact did not chunk - As a side light, Nelson is very abrasive on tires, with the MostMint Racing Saturn even changing tires every 6-8 hours - At Sebring NYE, we came with unshaved Bridgestones, and ran almost the entire 2 days on one set each. - And as reference, when it does appear that we have lots of tires at the track, remember that as an example, at the upcoming Pitt Race, we will have 3 Cars worth of tires there, and as well, we will have many used tires available in case of a flat with an hour to go in the race Thanks for the opportunity to share thoughts in this forum Will Nonnamaker
  4. Team Sahlen Porsche Cayman - with 3.8L Motor Conversion. 911 Calipers, ATS Shocks and Coil Over Springs, Ext Fuel Pressure Regulator and Filter, Adjustable Tarett Sway Bars, Race Headers and Mufflers, Dry Brake Fuel Filler, Guard Transmission Differential, Forgeline Wheels, , Battle Aero Rear Wing, All-Fit Front & SIde Skirts, Cobra Race Seat, Carbon Fiber Light Covers. Many Spares including 2 add'l sets of Forgeline Wheels, Rotors, Brake Pads, Spark Plugs, Oil, Filters, Tear Offs, Hoses & Belts, and Body Parts. $53,999 Contact Will Nonnamaker Will@phoenixpromotions.com (330) 280-1603
  5. The 2019 Nelson 24 was a great event, Thanks to ChampCar, Tire Rack, Nelson Ledges Road Course and all the track volunteers for putting on such a great event. It has been a dream of our family for 39 years, since we 1st ran this event in 1980, to win the the Nelson 24. To notate on tires, yes we have in the past shaved our tires and did so for this event. Not shaving should get us more life and we plan to try this in the future. The reason for shaving is to avoid blistering, which we have experienced in the past. As it was, we were getting 6 hours out of a shaved set, and probably could have went 8 hours between changes, but again we wanted to minimize risks. Most likely, in the future if we don't shave, we should be able to get 10-12 hours out of a set. which would be around 2 1/4 sets for a 24 hour race, which seems most logical.
  6. Team Sahlen welcomes our newest partner, honeybeeBase.com to our 2017 campaign. honeybeeBase.com is a cloud based web app for businesses to manage their human resource services to their team members. Team Sahlen’s Sporting Director Will Nonnamaker shares his excitement in having honeybeeBase.com become a part of the Team Sahlen campaign - “We are really honored to be chosen by honeybeeBase.com as part of their continued education to the business public of their cloud based web app. The partnership with honeybeeBase.com will not only include our remaining four events in 2017, but we have some very exciting programs planned for 2018 that will integrate the racing campaign into honeybeeBase.com’s avenues for communicating the web based app’s services.” Ian Giebeler of honeybeeBase.com shared how racing is a perfect format to share the dialogue of what this cloud based web app is all about – “For many, many years, race teams had very few ways of analyzing the performance and status of the race car on track. Then came along Data Acquisition Systems and this changed the whole dynamic of how to go racing. The best acquisition platforms were those that integrated all the data different into one concise system. This included providing data in regards to engine monitoring, lap time sectors, suspension/tire monitoring , all while the car was on track. This is exactly what honeybeeBase.com provides to a company’s management team. Instead of a different web app for each human resource and business need, honeybeeBase.com provides a full menu of applications all on one cloud based web app. No longer do businesses and human resource departments have to log on to and pay for several unique services. Now with honeybeeBase team members can log in from any mobile device to their own personal data acquisition system about their business. We are excited to use the platform of Team Sahlen to spread this message in the years ahead.” Team Sahlen has been utilizing the honeybeeBase™ web app for over two years now. These systems include the Paid Time Off, Attendance, & Vacation Tracking, and the Payroll Time Clock. The one system that has been extremely beneficial is the Peer Recognition Medal System. This is a digital medal that one employee can give to another employee for their efforts. Medal types include “Great Communicator”, “Excellent Teammate”, and “Hard Worker”. Team Sahlen’s Car Chief Tony Artino shared his experiences with the Peer Recognition Medals - “In the high stress environment of the racing world, there are so many ups and downs. When a team member works late to fix a car, you want to do something to show your appreciation. I know that I really enjoy looking at my dashboard of medals from my teammates sharing their appreciation.” About honeybeeBase.com: Multiple Systems in 1 Simple Web App! The need to increase employee efficiency and decrease office paperwork processing is becoming paramount in this dawning age of technology. honeybeeBase.com understands this need to have a cloud based Web App on a mobile device to make team members lives easier. The problem arises when each solution to a problem requires a completely different web app. This means multiple web apps that do not function together and multiple costly monthly service fees. This is why honeybeeBase™ was created. honeybeeBase.com provides you with all of these functions on one simple web app at one basic affordable investment per month. honeybeeBase.com Multiple Systems: $30 per month for the complete package Payroll Time Clock Management PTO, Attendance & Vacation Tracking Counseling Reports beeMail Quizzes & Testing Peer Recognition Medals Food Date Labeling Comm Log Daily News Posting File Sharing Upload Storage Bright Ideas Box Flagged Words Click here for your free 1 month free trial: www.honeybeebase.com About Team Sahlen: Championship Winning Sports Car Endurance Racing Team Team Sahlen has a rich history in Sports Car Endurance Competition. In the team’s inaugural year, the team won the 1984 SCCA Endurance SSC class racing a Volkswagen Golf. This was followed by winning the same Championship in 1987. In 1997 and 1999 the team secured the IMSA Endurance Touring class Championships racing the Mazda MX6. The team then switched to Acura Integras and won the 2001 & 2002 Grand American Endurance ST Titles again. Next the team moved up to the IMSA Endurance Championship and secured the 2003 & 2004 Titles racing Porsche 911s. The team then transitioned to the Grand American ROLEX series competition, racing a variety of cars that included Porsche GT3 Cup, Pontiac GTO, Chevrolet Corvette and Mazda RX7. During this period the team captured the 2005 and 2011 Bob Akin Sportsman Awards in the GT class. In 2013 the team competed in the top level of Sports Car Racing – the Prototype class in the ROLEX Series. This 1st year in Prototypes saw the team secure 2 Pole Positions, many laps led and securing the Jim Trueman Sportsman Award. In 2014, Team Sahlen returned to the IMSA Endurance Championship, securing Porsche the Manufacturer Championship, and narrowly missing out on the ST Driver & Team Championship. During 2016, Team Sahlen competed in 3 Endurance Series (American Endurance Racing, World Racing League and ChumpCar World Series) and achieved the unique distinction of winning OVERALL in each of the 3 Endurance Series. Check out the latest Team Sahlen news at: www.TeamSahlen.com Team Sahlen All Time Statistics: Driver Championships: 7 Team Championships: 7 Manufacture Championships: 12 Victories: 53 Podiums: 159 Fastest Race Laps: 41 Pole Positions: 42 2017 Team Sahlen Campaign Partners honeybeeBase.com, eEuroparts.com, Tarett Engineering, Guard Transmission, Porsche of Beachwood, Pittsburgh International Race Complex, HubstandsPRO, Brothers Grimm Landscaping, Optima Battery, Winding Road Racing, NGK Spark Plugs, CM Racing Products, Maxima Racing Oil, Mothers Polishes, Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, Design Engineering Inc., Hard Brakes, Forgeline Wheels, Alcon Rotors, LaminX, MSI Racing Products
  7. Nelson Ledges 24 Hours - The "birthplace" of all Production Based Endurance Racing This led to the Playboy Series, Escort Series, Firehawk Series, IMSA Endurance Cup, Motorola Cup, Grand-Am Cup, KONI Challenge, And now to the present day versions of Chumpcar World Series and additional production endurance series across the country So, can anyone guess what brand of car won the very 1st Nelson Ledges 24 Hours race in 1980?? (hint - think rbankracing) Plus why was it called the "Longest Day of Nelson" And yes, Team Sahlen is ready to sign up for the event the day it goes on the schedule Here are some flashback photos of when our family has had the pleasure of running this grueling event 1980 - VW Rabbit - 4th overall - 1st SSC 1981 - Datsun 280ZX Turbo Automatic - 5th overall 1982 - Datsun 280ZX Turbo - 4th overall 1996 - VW Golf - ran just 6 hours due to other race commitments 2011 - Mazda RX7 - 11th overall 2012 - Mazda RX7 - 4th place
  8. Team Sahlen is excited to be returning for our 7th season of racing with ChumpCar World Series. We are tentatively planning to enter 3 events in ChumpCar in 2017 with our 3 Mazda RX7s - Mustard, Ketchup and Charcoal. 1st will be the "Sahlen's Chumpyard DOG at the Glen" at Watkins Glen International, then we will be racing for the 1st time ever at the recently opened NCM Motorsports Park at the "Racing Radios Grand Course Enduro",,,and finally the "Pittsburgh Grand Prix" at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. ChumpCar: Great Series, Great Racing, Great Competitors, Lots of Fun!
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