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  1. Any tips to prevent overheating? I'm pretty sure I had this happen on Saturday to our Mifi.
  2. Miata here, -3 deg front camber, 0 toe, -2.4 rear camber 0 toe. Might have been a toe issue, but I can't imagine we would need to run -4 camber front. The 71r we put on for Indy were heat cycled at the NCM test day.
  3. First race with the 71rs, and I don’t have a baseline with RS4 at Indy. We weren’t rolling over the sidewall to where I would expect it to be a pressure issue. Overall the shoulder lost quite a bit more rubber than the insides. Even if the wear was even I don’t think we would have gotten more than 12hrs out of a set. The RS4 have lasted forever. Did a 24hr with a new set that still had 3-4/32 left across all tires at the end. I might try another set of 71r later in the year when temps are a little cooler.
  4. We were garaged just down from you (B29), black Miata with white stripes. We noticed your tires after the race Were basically slicks! We were running 205/50/15 Re71rs as well. Went through a full set on Sat, basically the outside shoulders were done on the car. Same alignment settings we have run in the past with 225 RS4s which wore well. Doubt we will try 71rs again due to this.
  5. Link of the contact we received less than 2 laps in after the mandatory driver cooldown yellow on Saturday: https://youtu.be/Pt1tFyUlyoA Reviewed it with MikeC, he agreed nothing my guy could do, nor his fault.
  6. The car that hit us was also an all white Miata. I'll try to get the video downloaded tonight and get a quick clip of it.
  7. Thanks for the responses! We found the longacre stuff while at the race, just was looking for some feedback prior to purchasing!
  8. Curious to know how the tires wore at Indy? I've been running 225 RS4s up until Indy, for this race I tried RE71R (got at a discount), ended up using a full set each day. I had a lot of outside wear on the tire, running basically 0 toe F/R and -3/-2.4 camber.
  9. My team has been messing with swapping camelbacks in and out of the car held in with bungy cords. I'm looking for something easier to swap/use. I noticed the team pitted next to us at Indy had what looked to be a small thermos style cooler that they swapped out that went into a basket mounted on the cross bar, looked like a pretty slick setup. None of my team has helmets with drink holes, so we need something "easy" to reach on a straight and sip from. What does everyone use?
  10. First and most important, thank you to the Champcar staff for putting this event on at Indy! Over the past 30 years I've probably been to 50 events at IMS as a spectator, I never thought I would have a chance to race over the yard of bricks myself! Thank you for putting in all of the work to get the event organized ran! Coming into it, I didn't think I would really enjoy the layout, but as my team was calling me in for the drivers change on Sunday, I was begging for just a few more laps! PUY - My team (#341 OST Racing Miata, Black with White stripes/hardtop) was served a PUY penalty on Saturday at around 2pm for an incident that happened sometime around 11 (as reported by the pit out marshal). I haven't had a chance to review the video from around that time to see if the driver did PUY. I will say I had some close calls (or might have PUY) due to lack of visibility of the corner workers. I felt like the stations were not setup in easy to see locations while trying to pass. A couple of examples of what I mean... coming out of turn 7 onto the back straight. You are generally pointed straight at the flagger location at 8 entry, if you''re behind a car(s) or on the left of some cars, you aren't going to see the flag until your on top of it or nearly on top of it. Going through 8-10, you can't see the yellow flagger that would come out from behind the barrier where the trucks were parked until you were basically in the short shoot from 9-10. If you're going to the inside on 10, and there are cars in front, you won't see him. Exiting 10 the flagger for 11 seemed to be too far down the track, you' could be passing someone on the inside of 11 and not see the flag until you're almost on top of it, whereas the guy on the outside will see it a little sooner. Consistency of waving the yellow also didn't seem to be there also, some full course yellow laps, not all of the stations had yellow shown. IMS doesn't do a lot of events like this, so I'm doubting their corner workers have a ton of experience at it, so I'm sure they got some calls wrong also... Contact - Less than 2 laps after the end of the afternoon "drivers get your s*** together yellow" we got hit going into 13. Can't say exactly what the car behind us was trying to do as there didn't seem to be any way they would be able to slow down enough to make the corner. But they lightly side swiped the LF corner of the car, very little body damage, but hard enough hit to break our front wheel immediately, and to spin them out. Fortunately it happened right at pit in, so the driver was able to bring it in without a tow or something worse happening. I reviewed the in-car video with Mike C after the incident, as we got black flagged for initiating avoidable contact, he reversed the call and also mentioned that the same car (driver?) had been in ~20 min before for a similar issue. Ultimately we didn't finish as well as we hoped for the weekend due to many random issues, but we finished both days... so that's still a good weekend in my book!
  11. I’m headed to Indy next weekend for the race. I’ve got some spare/extra Miata parts I’m not going to use, if someone is interested, I can throw them in the truck. - NA6 rotor set, new - $25 - stock 1.6 caliper/bracket set (f and r) - $40 - Raybestos ST43 front pads for NA6 calipers new - $100 - 1.6 VLSD rear with housing, needs pinion gearing - $75 - 1.6 axles - $50 - 1.6 driveshaft - $40 - 1.6 gas tank with sending unit - $50 - 3.9 Torsen diff and housing - $600 - disassembled 1.6 engine, needs head resurfaced, block will need a heavy hone at least. Will include block, head, intake, valve cover - $100 - 1.6 oil pan - $50 - NB passenger side door (complete with glass/motors/door card) - $100 - NB hood - $100 - NB rear bumper - $100 - 99 alternator - $40 - 99 full dash (minus gauges) - $125 - 99 fuel tank sending unit w pump - $50 I’ve got a bunch of other street use parts from a 99 that I parted out as well, pm me for requests. No power train stuff available.
  12. I have NB fender liners, but nothing for an NA. Don’t have spare ignitor or spindles.
  13. Got mine off eBay from them for the same price
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