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  1. But…..Everyone knows your high moral character would prevent you from such dastardly behavior. Now if it was an individual or team driving and undesirable platform like, I don’t know, anything from Deutschland with Reagan era pig iron might be inclined to alter information to level out the playing field.
  2. Less than: SC300 944 Altima Gen 2 Camaro Thunderbird Besides fuel dose not mater. Or…..does it?
  3. Good question I cannot answer at this time. As crippled as the car is with points Harris hill is a phone booth of a track. I cannot put camber in it without acquiring points. Is a heavy car. Although to just see what breaks on the car may be a good call. The rules just do not make the Vette competitive. Especially at HH. For the Vette to have ANY chance it must be a Big Track at 8 hours. Daytona is out. Maybe COTA a top 20 could be possible. There is no way to make up 5 laps, let alone 9 laps with a Pan and Ignition system. But…..I am not doing this, to start, to be competitive. If I can get 4 paid drivers and have some cash to donate to the Fallen Officers Fund I would be Happy. If enough of the series brethren could pitch in I would be a very happy person. And so would the widows and children.
  4. I was informed fuel capacity does not matter to that make. Or a few others. It is “ perception “. Not the human element. Not experience, wisdom, etc. Either I do this or I don’t. Right now it is moving well. A dealership likes my idea and has agreed to a very nice sponsorship. I have had a good reception here so far. I will give it a go here. The forum is just flat out ignorant at times. The real racers are outstanding people. THAT is why I will give it a go. ‘’Thank you everyone for the advice, technical ideas and enthusiasm. PJB
  5. I have not had much luck with this series as far as petitions. ( Thunderbird and Mustang owner. Points reduction has not been favorable) Hopefully there will be light shed on the Vette. The Vette is not that much better than the LT1 Camaro. The 944 is less points than the Vette.
  6. Trust me it needs A LOT of work. The C4 is not generating the interest as Fox platform or Gen 4 Camaro and Firebird. It is a good platform for this series. It is just clobbered with points. It was Garage kept. With 94k miles restoring it just does not make economic sense unless it has sentimental value. The aftermarket is significantly less than Ford or Camaro. The C4 is still easy to work on compared to the C5 or newer.
  7. Ah…..yes. Thank you Good man. Please excuse my mild case of pugilism. I have COVID-19 AND streptococcus. Yes I have gotten the flu shots. Yes I wore a mask. The shots are a joke. Chose wisely good Sir. At 62 this flu kicked my tail.
  8. I am getting close to retirement. I wanted to do something for our Police Brethren who put there lives on the line for us everyday. I, for one, am disturbed by the growing contempt towards these gentlemen for political gains and retribution towards those deemed as the “enemy “. This corvette was owned by police officer killed in the line of duty that lived in my development. He left behind a wife and 3 children. I did not know this man personally, except for the wave and cold drink offered as he patrolled our area. My wife is the HOA President and worked with the Officers wife through the association. She is now faced with raising 3 teenaged children by herself. A handful of us have helped however we can. Obviously selling the Vette was not an easy decision. The cost of upkeep and maintenance of this car just is not possible for her with limited income. I would like to build a tribute car for fallen Officers. I have interest in my area. A local shop has offered to work on the car for free as long as I pay for the parts. I have a cage already donated. Working on other safety items. A local tire shop has offered tires at just above cost. I have an appointment with a local Chevrolet dealership for some sponsorship. There is some issues with the Fallen Officers Fund that needs to be worked out. Hope to hear from them soon on how to move forward. I have no Guarantee on if all will come together. It does seem to be gaining strength. I will need some help with this build. I am not very knowledgeable on the C4 Vette. So…..a few questions for the Forum Jockeys. ANY help will be appreciated. The car is 1996 LT4 ZF 6 speed with the Z51 package. The motor leaks oil from everywhere except the Optispark. The wheel bearings need replaced. All the Bushings need replaced. The electrical system is……..well not as horrid as European models but it’s bad. At idle the Speedometer will go from 0 mph to 4, 5, 3, 6 mph at a stand still. The interior lighting is possessed by demons. Nothing that cannot be overcome. At 540 points it will not be competitive. If someone has a game plan to get this C4 under 500 points let me know how to accomplish this. It will need a road race oil pan at 25 points to live for an entire race. Do I claim the car as an 88? Does anyone make a wiring harness for the C4? I cannot find a stand alone harness for the motor. The serpentine belt system is not very conducive to removing AC or modifications for no points. Suggestions?
  9. My truth meter is bending towards the B.S. side. You would not lower yourself and wheel a domestic piece!! A man of you stature, education and reputation would have a lot of explaining to do to your leader hoser colleagues for such a gauche act in public. The scarlet letter!!!! The Shame!!!!! Heck I may have a month long bender if I see you driving domestic.
  10. Indeed. San Antonio. I had a tour through the plant in 16. GM builds it Tahoe, Suburban and Escalade in Arlington. ‘The Tundra is the most American made truck along with being the most reliable half ton. Yet Ford and GM wonder why their trucks do not have the reliability of the Tundra?! Quite making sh-t in Rumania, Mexico and Europe. Unfortunately it is all about the Benjamin’s.
  11. The six speed usually is quite good. I believe Ford engineers were betting the 10 speeds would not be used for serious towing. Hopefully this is not the case and they get the issues worked out. Offer a stout manual and no more problems. To many posers buying F150’s. They would not lower themselves and shift their own gears. 150 owners are almost as bad as BMW owners. They would rather drive a heep with an impressive badge than drive a boring reliable car. The 150 I drove was seriously impressive other than the rattle from the transmission. The only thing it did not have was a direct line to the White House.
  12. 327 long block (Mabbco motors Long block 327 large journal 1800.00 dollars) You can do as you please from there. This motor would fit well it one of those shells. I will be your first rental. And I can get you very good shoes at your pleasure.
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