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  1. @JDChristianson I was just about to say that skid plates just sound like another thing to fall off the bottom of people's cars and cause yellow flags and/or damage to other cars.
  2. Is this right? I don't see them in the flyer or on the RVA site.
  3. Hey Mario. We've been talking about the need for a shakedown but it depends when we get the car back together and which event we choose to kick off the season. You can put us on the "interested" list for sure.
  4. So sad to see that oxblood sport interior rotting away
  5. Would be sweet but headroom is already limited. If you have tall drivers this is not really an option. We looked at doing this on our car since my head was hitting the cage where it runs along the top of the door but there were some significant hurdles. Biggest one was the bit of box/frame which runs from the trans tunnel to the rocker panel. That is a structural member which connects the back end of the front frames to the uni-body. It's visible from underneath the car but from inside it is hidden by the top layer of sheet metal which ramps up over it.
  6. Tired/abused m20s make 135-145whp. Healthy ones make around 150whp. Modified m20s (i.e. stroker crank, cam, oversized valves, porting, etc.) have made upwards of 180whp but most are probably closer to 170. Some claim that they can reach 200 but I have never seen proof of that. I've seen dyno data for all of the others that I listed.
  7. So you agree that a significant portion of the field is made up of novice drivers? I agree that we should all strive to improve our knowledge and skill level as it will help avoid these types of wrecks. And yes, half of the field that has been doing this for a while and therefore should be much, much less likely to get confused by an out of control car and hit it. But that is only half of the field. The other half NEEDS predictability. They are generally overwhelmed and are not going to be capable of identifying whether or not you are locking the wheels, see your trajectory, ev
  8. No, it definitely hasn't. We don't have any prerequisites for driving in our series. You pretty much have to assume that the guy next to you is out there for the first time unless you know them personally or have been turning laps next to them long enough to get a feel for their comfort level.
  9. Would be interesting to see pole results on this one. As a person who has been on both sides of the issue, I am a firm believer in "if you spin, put two feet in". If you don't then you are not doing what people expect and that can spell trouble. Doesn't matter if you know what you are doing. What matters is whether or not the person who is about to t-bone you does...
  10. I admit that it was a clapped out e28 M5 which was obviously not showing its peak potential. I only made the point because I worry that people who think that an e30 should have a higher point value than an MR-2 will see "M6" and bring out the anti-BMW pitchforks again. Anyway, carry on...
  11. Like I said, I agree that it's undervalued. But have you ever driven a car with a stock S38? I have and I was underwhelmed. That's all I was getting at.
  12. FWIW those S38 cars aren't very fast out of the box. They also don't have the nice steering setup that the e30 does. Still undervalued, though. How on earth could it be valued at less than the e30?
  13. Seems like that thing keeps leaning the wrong direction in turns...
  14. Saw a dog on track in the boot at Watkins Glen. Thankfully nobody hit him.
  15. Agreed that it seems we can't see the forest through the trees here. The real frustration, I believe, is from the fact that many e30 teams have been under the understanding that swapping in the 4.10 cost 25pts. This isn't a new issue either. Nor is it something that isn't talked about. Many e30 teams discuss it regularly and still come away with different understandings of the rule. According to some recent posts, even Phil has seen it two different ways. All we need is clarity and these arguments would be much less common. Achieving that level of clarity in the ru
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