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  1. There's a sill bar there, which can count as one of the door bars. I can't see why that wouldn't pass tech as is.
  2. Our old car became tiring to drive. Peak lap time didn't change really,, but consistency went up. I am in reasonably good shape, and would notice arm fatigue beyond the 1 hour mark. Granted, it was a non issue until we put aero and big tires on the car.
  3. On our old car we used the pump off a Volvo S40. I bought two from a junk yard for $35 each. No module needed, just a big power and ground, and a switched power to turn it on. Worked excellent.
  4. I understand your thought process, but not all of use are happy to just do "well". It's a race and we're out to win. Or at least try.
  5. Hmm our old car had 5 rear controls arms per side. Arms 100 points Subframe 10 Knucks 20 Sway bar 20 Looks like 150 points to me.... And that's not counting a diff, since many rear IRS swaps will incorporate a different diff.
  6. Yah, it's tough for sure. I don't even really care about the state level rules. If I still have to go to work five days a week, and can do so safely, then I can find a way to go racing. But I just came off a two week quarantine, one team member is likely about to start one. I've also got two kids in elementary school. It's only going to be worse come race day, and I don't want to be the one to bring a disease to a race and give it to a bunch of people. We all discussed it as a team, we could get there, but the smart decision is to not as of now. None of us wanted to be the on
  7. I really thought Covid was done canceling races for us this year, but alas, we had to withdraw. The whole team is essentially on lockdown, and the state numbers here are terrible. We decided to bow out early to hopefully give a wait listed team adequate time to prep and make reservations. See y'all at Road America.
  8. Try trail braking/sliding it a bit into the turns. Be a little ham fisted. I was never a huge fan of the RT61&s on track. They last yes, but they never seem to match the grip of even an RS4.
  9. At least you can rest a bit knowing it's not just the rules issues that are all screwy. The whole world is pretty wonky right now. Not sure if the CEO stepping down effected rules issues, or if all the rules issues caused the resignation, or if there's 10 more things in the grey area that played a hand. At the end of the day, every one of us has a ton going on right now. I feel the BOD is doing the best they can with everything that's been going on. I know it may not seem that way, but we appreciate all your hard work.
  10. We stacked a pair of Vibrant mufflers on the new car because it was too loud and no one wants to listen to a loud VQ. Now it's less noisy at idle than my street car hahaha.
  11. You definitely fit in with the style of the show, and your personal knowledge of the teams being discussed. On a side note, near the end of the show on Sunday I think it was @Doc who wondered allowed if our car was Automatic. Its not.
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