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  1. What brake pads are you using? We've found that the wrong pad choices are extremely smelly and distracting, while pads that working well and at proper temp have no smell at all.
  2. I still can't put into words how saddened I am by this. The whole team is in shock really. Rest in Piece Doc.
  3. I learned a long time ago that building a racing engine to factory bearing tolerances generally leads to bearing failure. Same goes for piston to wall clearance. Subaru for example says minimum piston/wall clearance for EJ turbo engines is 0.000.... The clearances are too tight, and the sustained high loads/revs causes failure. High mileage (50K+) street engines work well for racing because they've self adjusted their clearances.
  4. Saw that this morning. Absolutely gutted for his family and the whole Champ family. The live broadcasts will never be the same, he left an awful large set of shoes to fill.
  5. I really hope this is an "Awesome and exciting news" good reason and not horrible circumstances good reason. Hope everyone is ok.
  6. Having spent a lot of time in a momentum car, but now piloting something with more power, I'm always conscious of giving a passed car space if I'm clearing them anywhere near a braking zone. I nearly shunted one of the Tuttle cars at RA when they jumped in front of me and dropped the anchor 50 feet early. I think I'll be actively blocking orange eclipses for the foreseeable future to minimize that happening.
  7. Maybe they saw the toss coming and had a backup entry under a false name that they'd just cancel if allowed to go legally. And yes I wore a double thick tinfoil hat while typing that hahahaha.
  8. Out of the 30 or so alignments I've had done on my race cars, I've only towed it to the shop once.
  9. Ed nailed it. Don't be stupid, and have a great attitude. I've been pulled over a few times street driving race cars. Never had a ticket, and most officers think it's neat once they see I have rego and insurance.
  10. Yah, that sucks, but that value was too good to be true. It was a sweetheart deal that never should have been made.
  11. Hose clamps is definitely the way. Will do.
  12. It's out of the BOD,TAC hands. They've made their recommendations from what I've been told. It's up to the CEO to decide on the value. The changing of the guard and the busy race schedule has likely had an impact on something far less time sensitive like my crazy ideas hahahaha.
  13. Throw the roll in a bucket of water and do the wrapping wet. Stops the dust, and seems to go on tighter and hold better.
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