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  1. I think the low percentage of member responses has to do with how the response system worked this year. Most members don't have have an opinion on all petitions, and none are an expert on all. By forcing full completion to allow form submittal, you require people to vote on things they may not want to. You also increase the time it takes to get through the process. If I don't have a firm understanding of an issue, I don't want to vote on it. This year, I scanned the petitions and would have preferred only to vote on a dozen or so. The rest I'd have left blank. Instead I had to waste time slowly scrolling and clicking. We need to streamline this process, make it fast and easy, and more people will take the time to vote. Especially if we institute a rule that forces the BOD to vote with the members if we vote above a certain percentage. And yes, all voting and minutes should be public.
  2. Cost. If you can build your brake system around an off the shelf race designed rotor ring, they last longer, and are generally cheaper to replace vs good rotors. If your car works well with cheap rotors, there's no major benefit. Our old car had excellent braking power and almost never warped rotors. They were $13 each and we just replaced every race weekend. Our new car has gotten a terrible pulsation within a few hours every time we try cheaper rotors. Now we only use true Brembo blanks at like $75 each which has me exploring 2 piece options for the off season, just need to find someone to cut me hats at a reasonable cost.
  3. You're not wrong. But neither is what I'd consider a high dollar build.
  4. And yet, well seasoned E30s and a CRX have been pretty dominant this season......
  5. I used to trust my car at RA.....
  6. Can it accept different radius dies? Or is it limited to the wide radius that would be ideal for larger tubing? I prefer to use a tighter radius on 1.5" tubing vs 1.75.
  7. How so? Sure, you can't make at the track adjustment to an offset bushing, but you could have a selection of arms with bushings at different angles on hand to make changes. If those are free, why not something like this? Vs the factory arm for my car. How does that provide any benefit over an offset bushing? These would have been the easy button for fixing our rear toe/camber but we have no points to play with so I got "creative". It's a pain to align, but I got the settings I want at the cost of time. An offset bushing, an adjustable arm, or the modified subframe all perform the exact same job, and lap time wise would be identical. It's a very slippery slope. First it's offset bushings, then it's single adjustable arms, then it's double adjustable arms, then its hiems. I'm extremely hesitant to hand out any more free stuff.
  8. Well, if we allow off the shelf offset bushings for those cars that they're available for at 0 points, you're giving a freebie to some but not others. Why should an offset bushing be free, when an adjustable control arm isn't? At some point someone decided that slotting holes is okay, and eccentric bolts are okay because "fastener" but that's where the line is. Not saying I agree with the whole thing, but that's the way it is.
  9. Hmm, that's a hard argument to make. Maybe boxters are under valued, but e30s are more under valued. Or maybe it's just Huggy that's undervalued. New rule, any car @Chris Huggins builds or pilots carries an extra 25 points lol. Stackable up to 2 times. //green font//
  10. Wait, y'all have points to shuffle?
  11. They tend to heat cycle out before they wear out. We try to get at least 2 races and some testing out of each set before they spend some time as spares.
  12. Because not all pickup points are slotable. On our old car I re-drilled the front lower control arm mounting points to gain camber and caster, as well as fix the odd roll center caused by lowering the car. On the new car, the pickup point I need to move is a stud attached to the body that would be difficult to relocate. So I had to get creative in other ways. Hence offset bushings are points. This is a BMW rule as I understand it, because it's a common way they adjust things.
  13. Times have changed. WRL is aiming upmarket and a lot of world class level endurance cars are showing up and the gentlemen drivers that follow them.
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