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  1. Quick disconnect oil line or fuel? I saw the picture of the front of the car covered in ABC powder, was wondering what happened. Hopefully a full report is in the works.
  2. Nice crisp 30° F this morning. Hope all y'all southerners have your long johns and parkas packed.
  3. Didn't @enginerd recently repaint his car? Remind me to stay out of their way.
  4. No freaking way. I watched the end of the race but my tablet battery died as the interviews started. What happened? Did RENNtech get caught with unclaimed parts or were they assessed a penalty for something else? Huge congrats to @Team Infiniti y'all put in the work and earned your spot on the podium.
  5. I have to drive twice as far south to get to the track as I would North to get to the canadian border. 50s it barely sweatshirt weather hahaha.
  6. Looks good, but I'm guessing this means they won't be available for testing at Road America next weekend.
  7. For sure. I'm quite pleased with my purchase. The new suit is so much softer, lighter, and better fitting.
  8. I ended up with a Euro 56, and it's absolutely perfect. I tried a 2 piece suit once and absolutely hated it. Like I hated the entire weekend because of that stupid thing. Not only was it uncomfortable, but I felt there was a significant drop in fire protection caused by the gap, even with required under layers. Not to mention the jacket catching on things and riding up while getting in and out of the car. I wouldn't recommend a 2 piece suit to anyone I didn't already severely dislike.
  9. Finally got a new suit. I had planned to try on a few options at Barber with the help of the fine people at Discovery Parts, but due to the high Covid numbers at the time, we decided it was unwise to attempt such a long distance adventure. So I spent way too much time comparing options. I finally settled on either the Sparco Victory, or the AlpineStars GP Race V2. I went back and forth, back and forth. Finally I settled on the AlpineStars since it meets the most recent FIA 8856-2018 regulations. I don't expect CCES to disallow the use of the 8856-2000 sui
  10. We had the exact same experience. Tried them once, they had worse pulsation sooner than the $18 auto value rotors which we went back to after throwing away that $120 junk.
  11. Reading this thread makes me want to weld a V-band to the tip of our car, and weld another to short bend that can be quickly installed and pointed in a direction to satisfy sound meters.
  12. Nope we (I) wrote that car off in 2019. The new car is a G35.
  13. Thanks got my start in a rally car. You should swing by and check it out at RA in a couple weeks. And good eye, I referenced the FIA ruleset quite a bit while building the cage. It did feel weird to focus only on the driver's side, the little bit of OCD in me really wanted matching door bars on the passenger side, but in reality, there's no benefit in a car thats only got 1 seat. Quite the evolution.
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