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  1. Got around to mounting up the new wheels. With a little more camber, and some fender pulling, they should be Champcar approved. Also new seat and Harness showed up, I am a bit sad I can't re-use the old seat, but with the hit it took I'm not willing to risk it.
  2. Odd. This week's purchase falls in line with your numbers, but my previous buys I obviously got the shaft.
  3. I disregarded the rule about max size, and I've yet to be told it was an issue, and in fact I've been complimented on its functionality by officials. The only reasoning I see behind limiting size is to prevent teams from using pan size as a license to fuel aggressively, but It's a weak argument. The big pan works amazing, and the couple absorbent sheets we have in the bottom prevent splashback and we've had the same sheets in there for years because the small amount of fuel we do sometimes spill flashes off within minutes.
  4. I bought a $3 concrete mixing pan from Home Depot. Its like 2' x 3'. Even Ray Charles shouldn't have an issue avoiding spills. It doesn't quite slide under the new car, so I plan to trim down one side so it'll slide half way under the car.
  5. How is that relevant to Lemons? A nearly identical wreck happend at Daytona last year during the CC race. Sometimes freak accidents happen. Race long enough, and it'll happen to you just like it happened to me.
  6. I use to switch between blue and type 200, bleed till the color changed before every race. Never had a fluid boil issue.
  7. Makes sense. I was about to proposition you to do my windows if those are lexan lol.
  8. Are those glass quarter windows? Or are they the best fitting lexan replacements in all of known history?
  9. Tried to stock up on roll cage tubing today, only to find out they're out of stock of my desired size. Guess I'll wait till Wednesday. Also tubing costs are up like 30+% since the last time I bought. Trade wars are awesome.
  10. The ones I've been using do a reasonable job. They're aimed at construction workers, so they're meant to be an ear plug. But, quieter exhaust does wonders also. We just ordered like $150 worth of vibrant resonators/mufflers for the new car. It's too loud at road speed lol. Legend has it VQs can sound good, but I'll believe it when I hear it.
  11. Check out the Zamp or Z Sports line. I loved mine, and when it got trashed in my wreck, they were super helpful about getting me a new one at a heavily discounted price. Has drink tube, but no built in speakers, I've used them before, and you have to crank the volume to hear through earplugs, and if the radio crackles, it can be really loud, and if someone gets in with in the ear radio right after you, the radio check may deafen them. I've been using soft in the ear, ear plug style ear buds for a while now, and I really like them.
  12. If we can get the weight low enough, and keep the engine cool, it should be a really fast and fun to drive car, hopefully with a moderate balance out outright speed, and handling ability. Unlike our old car which was slow as could be, and handled well, but not enough to overcome the lack of horsetorques. We as a group can't keep racing the same old cars, as they're drying up, so I figured we'd throw somethings a little different at the wall and see if it sticks. I'd hate to see endurance racing go the way of pure stock roundy round cars.
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