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  1. I'm actually curious about the Z. Kevin is an incredible fabricator from what I've seen, and KSR have raced a ton, I wonder if it's sealed and ducted, and therefore it got a waiver? Really though, it's an EC car, so any potential performance benefit is moot. As for the truck, because the fuel cell is not in a sealed area, the "firewall" rules are a bit different. I remember seeing a tech desk or tech tip regarding open air cells.
  2. Waiting on parts, I decided it was time to do the really important job of undoing 16 years worth of paint damage. Very basic paint correction done. Should help make the car easier to clean post race, and stickers might actually stick to it now. Door is before, quarter is after.
  3. Report back, I've been looking at lift pumps for our car as well.
  4. What kind of pressure are you asking from the pumps? If you're just filling a surge, the lower you can get the pressure, the less stress the pump.will see.
  5. While I agree, it's not just pure speed that makes a platform great, this is endurance racing. All three have proven they can run 8, 12, 14 hour races like a sprint. That reliability, paired with the speed they've shown may be a bellwether for where the series is headed if speed isn't kept in check. I'm no expert, but I was a bit unsettled by the pace some cars had vs the vast majority of the field.
  6. Huge thanks to the broadcast team, and everyone who made this event possible, I had it on in the background most of the day. What a great race. Congrats to the winners. Devil's advocate when do we talk about bumping the points on the SC300, Cobra, and V6 Altima, since they finished nearly 10 laps ahead of the rest of the field, and some or all were in fuel save mode.......
  7. The number is tied to the driver account. When you get a new sticker, they just update the number on your account. I found that out when I got a new sticker, for my new helmet last year mid season.
  8. WRL uses a QR code on the gear tech sticker on the helmet. The QR code it ties to each driver, and they do track driver contact. They just scan the code with a cell phone the same way they do at check in. The system isn't fullproof, since drivers "could" still swap helmets, but it's better than no system.
  9. Just imagine, if forum users only make up 10%, how many people have actually been hit by those toolbags? They need a 1 year ban to start with, no question.
  10. Ban them for a year+. No question. I have no interest in sharing a track with "that".
  11. The argument is not whether or not one is better than the other. The problem is how the point increase was brought about, and the timing of such. Nope, no more secrets. Dyno numbers must be public. Weights must be public. Tech sheets must be public. This is a member policed series, which means members Must be provided all the information.
  12. Just goes to show, the rules are different if you flash money around. Look at the R3R debacle.
  13. I'm not sure anyone is arguing against the SE-R getting a bump. It proved it probably deserved a point increase, but the quantity is another matter. The issue at hand is how such a penalty has been delivered, and the timing of such. The "You're going to be protested, and the protest will be upheld" is a thinly veiled threat when it's communicated the week of a race. Its like Don Veto Corleone is running the series.
  14. Sorta like the SC300....... Not all cars need, or benefit from, being turned into hacked up frankenstein's held together with duct tape and bailing wire. I was sad to see our old car hauled away to scrap, but I'm happy our new car will be faster without the neverending threat of ending up in the ER getting tetanus shots just from trying to work on it.
  15. This is the issue at hand. It doesn't matter if the Se-R is undervalued, overvalued, or perfectly in line. The fact a change was made with no warning not only mid season, but less than a week prior to a race is absolutely unbelievable. I agree that the SE-R is likely under valued, even the base V6 altima may be under valued. But an increase in VPI MUST be communicated properly to membership, and all steps should be followed regarding publication of changes. Making changes quarterly, and releasing the next cycles changes would be a good strategy so everyone gets fair notice. When you implement Q2 changes, you publish Q3 changes, when you implement Q3 changes, you publish Q4 changes. That way nobody is given 5 days notice that their car just went up in value by 100 points. I want to come back to this series, but I keep getting red flags that tell me my money may be better spent elsewhere. When the CEO continues to act unilaterally without respect for the BOD or the TAC it puts a really bad taste in my mouth.
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