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  1. When all the EC cars stop showing up, have fun with the 20% entry fee increase that comes with that wonderful idea.
  2. Some sponsorships require Speedhive results because they are unbiased, and have a uniform output format, and basically every type of racing uses them except stage rally. If I'm someone who's running EC I'm more concerned with my actual performance during the race, so I can communicate with drivers and know how the car is doing vs seeing the results on SH. Unless we start attaching real limits on EC instead of it just being an outlaw class, nobody should really be taking their EC results to sponsors, so SHs default window should show ABCD cars.
  3. Build to the rules, don't build to the rules, it's not so cut and dry. We built our previous car to CC spec. But due to team scheduling conflicts, as well as other unavoidable consequences of life, we ended up running some WRL races with the car, even though we were outgunned class wise. Racing more at local tracks is more important than being brand loyal, With the new build, the waters are murkier. There are the same scheduling conflicts as always, it makes sense to again build a car capable of competiting in both series. With BIR less than 2 hours from my doorstep, the series that supports my "home track" deserves to get more of my entry fee dollars, so it only makes sense to build to their rules. Our chosen platform should do well near the top of GP2, but some of the reliability items we plan, may make the car a better fit in EC vs taking laps with CC. We spend enough time/money re-prepping as it is, and I don't plan to de-tune just to achieve ABCD classing. Just because we likely won't fit the rules to the letter doesn't mean we won't want to know how the car is doing.
  4. Does race monitor/hero display negative laps as actual negative? Or do they display 0 until you overcome the deficit? If it only ever shows 0, then I could see that as being a big turn off to EC teams.
  5. Thats half the problem. The other half is explaining why my "top ten finish", actually shows up on speedhive as a 12th place finish.
  6. No matter the class, everyone is limited to 500 points. Which means everyone has a shot at the overall win. This doesn't focus on the pointy end, it theoretically puts everyone on a level playing field, it focuses on everyone. It means you can't write a check, show up with an Elan NP01, and go home with your "purchased" trophy. Beating the 7 cars in your class, sure it feels good. Beating 70 cars, from every class, now that's the trophy I want, and Champcar is really the only place that someone not willing or able to spend metric tons of cash can even dream of doing it. ChampCar's rule set fills a niche, which is exactly why it shouldn't change. Not to mention, besides out west, enough people are voting with their entry fees that it's pretty clear they don't want it to. How many races does WRL or AER sell out the entire field within minutes of registration opening?
  7. Yuck. If it's a double 8 at Road America a 550 point car looses 20 minutes of track time per day. No thanks. Not to mention you need a bunch of staff to babysit all the cars at the end of pit road, and release them on their respective laps, while also not blocking pit out. Nope, no thanks.
  8. Brad Penn 20w50 in the engine, Valvoline whatever in the trans/diff. We tried a few weights, synthetic/dino, and it never seemed to matter.
  9. I think we can all agree that every racing series would be better with more double Ds.....
  10. Then don't allow E30 with M20. Only 318 E30s allowed. Those should be competitive with stock Miata.
  11. @hotchkis23 nailed it. The Donnybrook course is much less fun than the Comp Course. BIR Competition Course is Easily the better track, even if it's the shorter track.
  12. That's the kind of attitude that allows sponsors to get away with things that drive members away. It's pretty clear that their performance on track is not what caught them flack, but the attitude of someone after. Where I'm from, if you show up in an exhibition car, they pitch your time card in the trash at the end of the race. No timing, no scoring, the only thing you're allowed to win at is having fun. The fact that EC has always been timed is surprising, and when I got to my first race I was amazed they were being timed, or placed at all. I never thought I'd be caught defending the race fuel powered convertibles from Tuttle, but they won, as far as I can tell they did so fair and square by today's rules. To get s**t on by an EC car owner, and such an outlier no less is embarrassing to the series, and the group as a whole. If anyone needs to be apologizing, it sure as hell isn't @Jer.
  13. What part of "the car could be 510 points, or 1000 points" is a "level playing field"? Either calculate your points and be classed ABCD, AND take laps according, or be EC, and take 100 laps. It only makes sense. If you don't want to follow the rules, why should you get to be on the leaderboard?
  14. Ours was metal. The strap is still intact on the floor.
  15. Factory strap and tray. On ours it appears to have broken all the mounting tabs of the cooler, and the cooler itself is shattered, so it's hard to tell what failed first.
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