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  1. Finally done with the two rear body harnesses. Time to get on with the dash harness. Seems like a lot of work for 15-20 lbs off the car, but the reduced clutter inside the car sure will make me a feel better, and every ounce counts.
  2. That is a funny spot right there due to the elevation change. Doesn't take much of a loft to really upset even a well planted car. I can imagine it would be worse in a boxster. I've had a few good pucker moments there myself.
  3. I was asked by tech to install a seat back brace on my FIA, OMP HTE last year because the FIA rating expired at the end of 2017.
  4. 3.3.5. All non-SFI or non-FIA rated seats must be within 3" of the shoulder harness bar or the diagonal main-hoop bar in its furthest forward position. For seats which do not meet this requirement, a seatback support MUST be used. If your seat has expired, then it is no longer considered "FIA rated" The rating is the thing that expires. Just like SFI window nets. After the date, its still a window net, just not an SFI window net.
  5. If the seat is FIA expired, it needs a back brace if it's more than 3" from the cage.
  6. Not only alive, but with nearly full use of all my appendages.... One of them doesn't work quite right, but it was that way before the crash too....
  7. I'll cut corners and Ill cheap out in plenty of places, but the roll cage isn't one of them. I fully expect to take points for parts of my cage, and there will be no questions as to whether or not its "safe enough". For those of you who have never tested your cage, it can happen when you least expect it.
  8. The ones that are willing to lose a 1/2 second if they can run a full season on 1 set of tires.
  9. I don't think so. Saying you don't get the cams with a OHC head swap is like saying the pistons don't come with an engine swap, even if going from rotory to piston engines.
  10. You can't have 4 people with air guns, and 4 more people with replacement wheels standing by. You have to do 1 at a time. When coupled with the only 2 wheels off the ground at any time rule, it adds a lot more than 15 seconds to a 4 tire change without penalizing teams needing to do single tire replacements in the event of a puncture, or single tire wear out.
  11. WRL doesn't have 5 minute stops, and you're still limited to No air jacks, and only 1 extra tire over the wall.
  12. For now. A certain team proved they could do it at NL this year, and it's a matter of time before that sort of strategy becomes more common. Should we really wait until there are 5 teams at every big race with air jacks, and 10 person crew teams wielding air guns?
  13. 1: Ban air jacks in the hot pit. Maximum of 2 tires off the ground at any given time. 2: Limit tires over the wall to 5 total. The 4 on the car, and the one you're changing. Just like we do with fuel jugs. Limiting the number of tires a team can use is a logistical nightmare. Marking them, policing the marks, keeping track. Not to mention if I have to show up with 2 new sets instead of 3 worn out sets, then it might actually cost me money instead of saving it.
  14. So an ITB setup for my VQ is the same points as the plenum spacer that was on it when we bought it. Interesting....
  15. Old method: Drive till it starts shutting off in RH corners. New method: Watch for stock fuel light.
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