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  1. This is not my "opinion" this is at the recommendation of SFI, FIA, Snell, and DOT, and probably others, not to mention the helmet manufacturer's themselves.
  2. I throw my car helmets away after 5 years, and my MC helmets after 3. My brain is important, and I've seen how brittle plastic and polycarbonate become as they age. Not to mention pad wear.
  3. Yes, The X2 must be registered to function. The old red brick transponders do Not require a subscription.
  4. Fuel system is "open" so you can do whatever floats your boat.
  5. For me motorsports is a pre-existing condition, so they have to cover it.
  6. Nothing is really about cost anymore except 2X stuff. I think you're mistaking swaps for replacements. If the carb and EFI long blocks are the same, then you need to retain the manifolds and accesories that came with the car from the factory. If the longblock is different, then you must claim a swap, and pay points for any manifold other than what came on the incoming engine.
  7. You're not alone in your displeasure, there's a reason we will be at Road America in 3 weeks instead of 1.
  8. Yep, its sort of a bunch of bologna. My 10 point air dam is doing the same thing a rare factory bumper with the gaps taped up would do. We only put it on after someone visited a tire wall and destroyed the stock cover. The splitter is where the benefit is.
  9. Wait. Porsches have the engine in the back, but steer from the front? How does that work. Also known as, I'm an idiot. For some reason, my brain decided that because the power steering pump originated at the engine, and thus the lines were there, moving the pump to the front would require pumping fluid all the way to the back to meet up with factory lines. Don't try to post while disassembling engines folks. It doesn't end well.
  10. It's unlikely that the Porsche system heats the fluid less, it just has a larger overall volume of fluid to actively absorb heat mass, and a long run of line to the front to disperse it. All things you "could" do with the factory system . As for the companies claimed 2-3 hp gain, I'd bet that many dollars that the 2-3 hp number is purely made up, and actual savings are neglidgable, but without a way to prove one way or another, the marketing department can keep making the claim and selling systems to those who are uniformed...
  11. I wouldn't worry about it. As someone who has watched 1,000s of tires spin up on a wheel balancer, I'll can you they're very rarely smooth. All tires have some level of "hop" when free spinning. Untill it gets really out of control from a bent wheel or failing tire, it's rarely anything to make a stink about. Thats why they make road force tire balancers, to try and account for radial runout. If you're worried it's the hub, mark the low or high spot on the tire, then rotate it one set of lug holes and retest. If the hub is bent the low/high spot will move in relation to your mark. Ive run into quite a few bent hubs before, and usually they'll cause odd brake noises and feelings before tire vibrations. Like worn out pad ears, or a "clacking" or rythimic "wering" sound when the pedal is lightly applied.
  12. Cost Try finding a good OEM PS pump for a 240SX. One that isn't a garbage A1 cardone reman. We ran no power steering for 2 years because finding a good pump would cost more than 2 races worth of tires. The Volvo electric over hydraulic system we installed over the winter uses all factory components except the pump, and the pumps are cheap, plentiful, and easy to install/wire. There really isn't a performance gain over the factory system since the pump runs any time The engine runs. The biggest benefit for us is we won't have to deal with rental drivers whining about the heavy steering in tight corners. We don't know for sure if it'll stand up to endurance duty yet, but I got 2 pumps for $35 each with pigtails, and I never gutted the spool valve out of our spare rack so we just swapped that in.
  13. Why would there be a HP increase going non hydro? The electric pump still requires energy to create fluid pressure. It just does it via an electric motor which is robbing it's energy from the alternator instead of directly from a belt. In theory, if you could recharge the battery "off peak", then in theory you could negate much of the power loss, but that's a bit outside the scope of what we're doing here.
  14. So what's the deal with the pictures of Life Flight at the track? Hope everyone is ok?
  15. Possibly to allow more angle to get deeper into the door area without using an "S bend" or cutting/notching the B pillar. That's all I can think of. I don't love the dead load path it creates, but it would probably take a monster hit to fracture it. Also, the color choice makes me think this is the inside of a big boat.
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