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  1. I think they're implying that for the low low price of $6800 you too could start building a GBU clone hahaha.
  2. Well if Nate and Huggy both make it in, we'd be at 4, which might be too many, not sure. Or would it be 4.5 since Huggy has 2, and one of the others is half honda now hahaha.
  3. I'd consider nominating you if I hadn't already nominated someone. That being said, there may already be "enough" E30 owners on the board. @Bill Strong could we get a rolling tally of nominations somewhere? So we know who's in the running to be running.
  4. I agree. Just a VPI increase glosses over some of the things that happened. I think collectively we have made enough noise, and pointed out many of the things that contributed to GBU blowing everyone away that hopefully the BOD isn't just going to do a knee jerk reaction on this one. I love to speculate as must as the next guy, but I trust at least a few of them to do the job right. And I don't know the rest.
  5. I reversed it on purpose. It really shouldn't make a difference whether it's one way or the other.
  6. Yah, I don't think they're talking about the race broadcasts. You do a fantastic job with ChampCarLive, and I believe we're a better series because of it. None of the other ameture series have anything close. If the racing seems boring, (like Indy Saturday) it's because it wasn't much of a race. It was just a really fast pace car running down the clock. Y'all made the best of it, and there are many of us who would sorely miss it if it were gone. Thanks for putting it together.
  7. I'm guessing if you put an RX7 gearbox in a Camaro, you're allowed to weld the right yoke onto whichever shaft fits for free. If you show up with a DSS carbon driveshaft, I'd hope you pay points.
  8. I used the term re-write liberally. Either way after reading all of last few years of petitions, I trust "the book" is in safe hands. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  9. That's all well and good, and obviously some people enjoy it. But as a team, we're constantly evolving. Maybe when we reach the point where the entire team can consistently put down 9/10ths laps for a whole race a bracket "could" become more enticing, but we're a group of friends. We enjoy pushing each other to drive faster stint to stint, and weekend to weekend as much as anything else. Depending on where the car lands between breaking out of a bracket vs being slow is hanging over our heads, it could ruin that. I'd hate to choose between losing or losing, or sandbagging.
  10. I'll be honest. Bracket endurance racing sounds like The most boring thing in the world. Who wants to drive around with a bunch of rich guys who are either sand bagging, or sucky drivers. Hard pass.
  11. Wait, @Huggy actually got approval to do a re-write? I was a little impatient to see the new rules, but if Chris is doing a proper evaluation of the wording, then it's likely worth the wait. That's a big undertaking, but an important one.
  12. But what about plenum spacers made from repurposed materials?
  13. More like the stroke may not have even been checked.
  14. It only works that way for some. Just ask the team that got booted off the podium and ECd for the following day at Gingerman. It's not always about what you know, it's who you know that matters.
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