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  1. Many racing bodies require that the fuel pump automatically disables when the engine is stopped. For the exact reason you listed. If you crash your primary focus may be escape. If a line is compromised, and there is 255 LPH of fuel spraying on a hot engine, bad things can and will result. Most ECU cars will do this from the factory.
  2. That's not a dash bar, it's a leg shattering bar. The only way I could see that being ok is if the seating position is so far back you're hanging the pedals from there.
  3. Which is part of the issue. I think all proposed petitions should be posted the moment they're submitted.
  4. Let's see the same O-scope date from a modern engine, with a modern gear reduced starter. It looks a lot different.
  5. 100% Dealer pricing allowed as a blanket ruling has absolutely No place in this series.
  6. I didn't size the breaker based on gut feelings and guesses. I used math, and should be able to survive any worst case scenario besides a shorted main cable. The factory battery cables were 4 gauge, which has an average safe load capacity of give or take 100 amps. The thermal breaker I selected is rated for 150 amps. The 2 gauge cable I selected is rated for 190 amps. Until I find myself in a situation that would have melted the factory cable, the breaker should not trip.
  7. Correct. I'm not a fan of a giant unfused power cable running the length of the car. 35. 37s are too much money weren't on the VPI list last I checked.
  8. Got main breaker mounted and started running positive battery cable. Realized I was out of properly sized P clips. All I have are huge ones.
  9. If there's one thing C19 is good for, it's race car productivity. Got the wiring harness in. Firebottle mounted. Harnesses test fitted for length. Seat installed. Temp installed the dash and the cluster so I can build a switch/secondary gauge panel. It's actually starting to look like a race car
  10. Such an increase in link length will just end up twisting the end of the bar or breaking things. Not to mention it adds unsprung weight.
  11. I work for a parts supplier. $28 worth of materials to make my own cables exactly how I want them is better than digging in the scrap yard for stuff. I actually planned to re-use the long piece off the old car, since I saved it, but it's been in service well over a decade now. When I pulled it off the shelf the casing was harder than a grooms pecker on his wedding night, so I decided it was time for new.
  12. Picked up 10' chunk of battery cable, a bunch of lugs, and a 150 amp Marine type circuit breaker. Time to build a positive lead so I can maybe test start this pop can.
  13. Probably don't go saying that too loudly in public. But you do you.
  14. Repurposed flip up headlight motors and linkages incoming.
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