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  1. It took us 3 types of tape to get something that stuck on the inside too. Cold + RainX anti fog made the glue on the tape worthless.
  2. We rainxed both windows before loading the cars. Slapped both stickers on and mine pealed off before I made it through turn 1, and I watched the one fly off the rental car 100 yards past turn 3.
  3. What a race. Even with the delay Saturday, we still got our full 15 hours of racing. I feel a bit bad for the pace car driver though. Besides race start, they didn't get to have any fun all weekend.
  4. 7 weeks and counting. Glad we don't have too much re-prep after Road America.
  5. Have you attempted placing them next to each other in the shop for a few days so they can become acclimated? Also nice work on Saturday. What happened Sunday?
  6. Man thats rotten. What happened? I was really looking foreword to benchmarking the new build against you guys.
  7. I suppose with differing piston sizes and different rotor diameters you could make it work on just about anything. I didn't realize there was that much piston variety in the race calipers. Never taken the time to really price stuff out.
  8. Troy's car being mid engine requires significantly more rear brake that a traditional car. I'm not sure changes in compound would be enough on most, and would negate the ability to burn up old front pads on the rear. For most cars in this series the suspensions are too soft and the weight transfer too great to make the rear brakes share near as much of the load as the front brakes.
  9. Being from the north, I like to play a little game known as spot the southerner. If it's 55° and sunny you can always spot the people from the warm states because they're running around in giant puffy parkas and 3 pair of gloves hahahaha. For me that's barely sweatshirt weather.
  10. Most of us don't have enough junk in the trunk to run matching front/rear brake calipers.
  11. This applies directly to the GBU corvette. Factory starters on Ford/Mopar/GM in the 60s and 70s were giant and heavy direct drive units. GM varied the design into the 90s application dependant. Then for the last few years of the legacy Small Block (Pre LS) they switched to a modern gear reduction starter. A few different companies make conversion units that put a gear reduction starter where a direct drive belongs. There's no reliability benefit, but you shave 10+ pounds off the nose, and you gain clearance for larger exhaust. It is a performance benefit,
  12. You should show up to RA in a Dr Frankenstein costume. We can rename the Tech Desk Bill strong's monster. Seriously though. Many of us thought the tech desk would help resolve issues instead of creating new ones. No one blames you for them.
  13. They've always told us no passengers. But one year the person leading the class said something about approved driving instructors could do ride alongs with pre-approval.
  14. What's the story on an allowance for coolant? It's been below freezing the last couple of nights. I thought there was an allowance in the BCCR, but can't find it. I may be thinking of a different rulebook. I'm not looking forward to firing the cars up overnight at the track every couple hours to keep them from freezing over.
  15. Anyone have an idea when we might see pit assignments come out? Haven't raced with CCES in a bit and don't want to email MM. He's busy enough as it is.
  16. I thought it was Honda swapped now. When did it become a corvette?
  17. That was more of a taunt than anything. Nothing's official till it's on the entry list.
  18. Cool your jets. Weather forcasting in the upper midwest in October is laughable at best. It's only even remotely reliable in the 24 hour range. Anything more than 3 days out is useless.
  19. Our old car got into the 2:46s while running the kink, and the new car is 5+ seconds faster at BIR than the old car ever was, so my goal is match that 2:46 while running the bend. Don't know if we'll get there, but we're going to try, traffic dependant of course. We're carrying too many penalty laps to have realistic shot at a podium, but we're going to have fun.
  20. That northern snow comes with a bite y'all southerners might be surprised by, and yes Chicago is basically southern in my book. It barely gets cold there. We made room in the trailer for the rain tires and the snow tires. You know, just in case. 94 cars is going to be epic. I can't wait.
  21. You can always get new class decals at tech, so just order without them.
  22. The "SBC" as it were, is old. Not just the technology, but the physical age. The roundy round guys turn 6K on "stock" built 305s all day long, sometimes for many seasons. The issue with your typical lemons sbc is that its a wrecker engine that's 30+ years old, and has done 100K+ miles. They're worn out, or sludged up, or more often both. With a decent windage tray, pan, an uprated oil pump, and a properly spec'd out stock rebuild there's no reason the bottom end won't survive. This only leaves valvetrain issues. The cheap chinesium rockers are all tickin
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