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  1. I'm confused by your last statement. The issue isn't with teams not wanting to build something "slightly more modest". The issue is someone building a car that wasn't modest and wasn't in the spirit of CCES nor legal, but was ruled legal and assigned ridiculous point values by tech and then allowed to slide with unclaimed parts. Because of this, many teams who have built and/or are building modest cars within the rules and spirit of CCES are thinking about going elsewhere.
  2. Oh there was plenty of ass in your post, don’t worry. You entirely missed the point. You claimed that the TUBE FRAME CHASSIS on GBU which had been classified as a “strut tower brace” should actually just be assessed as materials, despite being entirely illegal. If that’s how you’re going to interpret the “rules” then I should be able to do anything I want and just claim material points.
  3. You are entirely incorrect. If it were assessed (not accessed as you incorrectly wrote) appropriately it would be a tube chassis and illegal. You honestly think 4 bars in the engine bay bolted to the roll cage should be assessed only material points? Based on that, I could build an entire tube chassis and just pay the material points? Could I also put in a turbo and just claim the materials of the turbo as points? Or what about a welding a section in to make a fuel tank larger, still just material points? Do you see the issue yet?
  4. Bill, Thank you for saying this. I would strongly encourage the BOD/Tech, etc.. to take this same approach, particularly in person at events. Some members of CCES were wholly unprofessional in person at IMS. I find it ridiculous that the team being protested carried themselves with more decorum and class than the CCES staff. Also, while I understand the BOD not wanting to put dirty laundry out on the internet, they certainly could put out a positive message of support and commitment to sort this out on behalf of all 4,000 members. Of course, the bigger issue is how the
  5. Why are you so worried about what the rules are? They aren't enforced. Just build a car however you want and win. If you're protested, you'll get a pass for the day and keep your win. Worst case scenario is you get laps added for the 2nd day, but keep your "win" from Saturday. Since there is no penalty for flouting the rules, might as well just make your own.
  6. The “tech” guy was 100% unprofessional. Attitudes like his will ruin this series faster than the GBU can burn through tires.
  7. Is there a way to download a .csv of all laps for all cars? That would be incredibly useful.
  8. This rule needs to be emphasized in the supps and the driver meetings. On the morning of Indy, I couldn't remember if the rule was "yellow until you pass the incident" or "yellow until you get to a clear corner worker station". I asked a CC official in the pits and he had no idea, so I went with the latter to be safe. Most cars out there went with the former.
  9. Looking for a seat @ Road America. SCCA and ChampCar experience. 2 Class A wins (BSI Racing #327) and many Class A podiums. 5+ years of SCCA Spec Miata experience. Road America race experience in SM and Middleweight SuperSport.
  10. We ran PFC97's and started with fresh pads each day. The fronts were metal at the end of the day...
  11. Our times got worse through the day as well, but the RS4s didn't seem like the culprit. I was actually impressed with how well they held up all day. They were very predictable and had a very controllable slide. I agree that it was likely temperature and track condition related. We were also running out of front brake pads and finished both days on metal so I think that was a significant contributor. Even with metal brake pads, cycled tires and the heat, our best afternoon time was only 1-2 seconds off our best morning time.
  12. You can quickly see how you're doing against all the other EC cars, which are the only cars that you're racing against. When I see an EC car on track, I don't view it as part of the race. However, my view might be skewed by my first ever ChampCar race at Sebring where someone showed up with a fully prepped $100k+ 370Z. It was at least 10 seconds per lap faster than any other car out there...
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