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  1. Thank you very much! Once in a while, someone will get it and it makes our day. Our cremaster muscles get quite a work-out up here in Minnesota.
  2. We (Miguel and I) will be in Minneapolis at the "Modest 100" car show this Saturday with our Miata and Colt talking to anyone foolish enough to listen. If anyone in the area is bored, they should come by and plug into our cool-shirt system for a little more comfort. Daily driving the "race"cars should help spark some local interest as well! Link to the car show information
  3. We do still have the 280 and plan on having it return for a couple of races for this season once the engine is fully sorted out. Until then, however, we plan on running the Miata for the beginning of the season and the 24-hour in Ohio.
  4. Cremaster Racing ...Google it. First off, the car! 1979 Datsun 280ZX ($700 on craigslist) It has been through 5 races so far in 2 seasons, with one 4th place finish (lucky). The car has been through a lot, it had all the typical Japanese steel rust issues and we have spent a lot of time getting it rigid enough to keep the seat from falling through the floor (again). We are in the process of swapping in a more modern RB20DET after we realized that we can't compete on the straights. Members: Scott: Sh**box Owner / Team Captain / Driver / Mechanic 5 races with Cremaster Racing Works on the car nearly every day (mostly stupid stuff like carbon fiber stickers) Lives in New Richmond, WI Sophisticated Gentleman Supermoto-ist Todd: Sh**box Owner / Driver / Mechanic 3 Races with Cremaster Racing BMW, engineer-type nerd (in a good way) Severe fear of electrical fires Lives in Fresno, CA Miguel: Driver / Fashionista / Mechanic 5 Races with Cremaster Racing Ethnic team member BMX Lord SNAX Auto Club Founder Dodge Colt daily driver (Daredevil) Lives in Savage, MN Darren: Driver / Technician / Drug dealer New to our team Electrical Guru Ginger Ale enthusiast Lives in Minneapolis, MN
  5. Is this the same Chris Berg with a Ducati 848? If so, we have ridden together and we might have a spot in our 280ZX sometime this season.
  6. I am moving to Austin in May! I am the Team Captain of Cremaster Racing. We have a 1979 Datsun 280ZX and enjoy helping other teams around us. We are somewhat capable mechanically and have tools and time if you need a hand.
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