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  1. The OP says 'Images - Coming Soon', was there a Champcar photographer at the event? Thanks again to the Champcar Team for another awesome event, Level One is always looking forward to the next adventure with the series.
  2. Thanks Hillar! It was a very tight battle with Valyrian Steel, both teams drove great all day. If it wasn't for their unscheduled stop it would have been their day. We'll take the win though.
  3. Bummer man, I was really looking forward to working with you. Till next time!
  4. Yes. It appears that guys like you and me will be bringing buckets to the track (for various purposes).
  5. Does anyone know if there were any photographers present? There had to be some great photo taking opportunities with all the rain.
  6. It seemed to have a taste for BMW’s too.
  7. I know a few things from last weekend: 1. I wish Champcar would mandate rain lights. It was terrifying to drive on Saturday afternoon when you couldn't see a car 5 ft in front of you on the front or back straights. 2. I would love a stint in one of those Porsche Boxster's. Wow, they looked good in the rain. 3. Fire isn't good for 94 Miata's. Thankfully, the Level One Team is amazing and got our car running again. Fire related issues caused us two long green flag stops (one on each day) that put us to dead last each day, but we fought back both days to 3rd in
  8. I agree, it's the Wild West during a local yellow between 6 and 7, there is little to no regard for the caution flag. We're in a Miata so any momentum we lose is huge and it's painful to be stuck behind the cars that do decide to obey the yellow, especially when they are a novice and slow to a crawl due to confusion; then inevitably someone flies by you at 100 mph faster because they ignored the caution all together. Unfortunately, I don't see where they could place another flag marshall in that area, so I doubt much will change.
  9. No sir, our Miata is black with orange cage bars in the back. It's very subtle looking and easy to miss. Our engine didn't give any sign of giving up until it was dead and we only got a pencil eraser hole in the block by the starter, so it's still a mystery to us.
  10. I'm still gutted the Level 1 Miata's bottom end gave up just 6 hours into the race. We had everything going our way for an overall podium (non EC cars counted), but it wasn't meant to be. I saw some bonehead driving out there, but it was more related to scared novices than anyone being too aggressive. I mostly remember having a great stint with the 2nd driver in the Visceral Racing 944 ( @hardwolf - not sure who 2nd driver was, but he was fun to be around) and two E36 C class cars that I used for drafting to increase our mileage. I feel like I was around the VR 944 and one of thos
  11. Meguiar's Cleaner Wax takes them off very easy, and makes your car faster by reducing drag. Zing!
  12. Thanks for the post Chris, that was a lot of fun to watch the different characteristics of the cars, especially when we hit that traffic around 14-15 minutes in. I got a black flag warning for the 'grass pass' on the Neon just after the 15 minute mark, which was non-intentional, I simply ran out of track and assumed we would still have pavement on that trajectory as we crested the hill, I was wrong. LOL! I'm glad we were able to talk our way out of the Black Flag it since it was truly a mistake due to lack of track knowledge. Thanks again for the post and the fun racing, your car
  13. Great driving, you were flying on that last stint for sure! I had a really fun battle with the driver that was in the car just before you for 5-7 laps. Any chance you can pull some video from that stint of our battle so I can take a look and enjoy the racing? I was in the black Level 1 Miata. Your driver was quick, very respectful, hard to get around, and really hard to stay in front of. Congrats to you all on a very strong finish!
  14. Thanks for the photos Bill, by chance, are there any more photos from other areas of the course other than the front straight by other photographers at the event? It didn't seem like the back portion of the track was very accessible, so I'm guessing not, but never hurts to ask. The Level 1 Miata team is elated with our result and excited about the future as we continue to develop our little Miata to optimistically compete for overall podium finishes. Thank you Champcar for the event and hospitality, the ice cream and popsicles were a very welcome surprise! Hopefully someone from
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