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  1. Not sure if anyone noticed or not, but based on the latest email it looks like Luck Dog organizers have added an hour to each race at Shannonville. Sat - 40min qualifying, followed by an 8hr race Sun - 9hr race
  2. Yeah, I understand 3 smaller classes isn’t what anyone wants, it just seemed that there were 3 classes of cars out there. We just confirmed for Shannonville, see you guys there.
  3. We were placed in A class, although we weren’t at all competitive with the top cars in the class. looking at the times through the weekend it seemed like there should have been three classes, with us slotted into the middle one. But I guess given the number of entries they didn’t want the classes to be too small. Our car and one other in the A class were running similar times to the top cars in B class. It was a shame cause we ran well with them all weekend and would have won the B class on Saturday. Having said that that it was a great experience and everything was well organized. We finished 6th and 8th overall, which exceeded our expectations going into to the weekend. We’re really looking forward to Shannonville in July.
  4. Yes, there were 24 cars on Saturday, and 26 took the grid on Sunday. It was our first ever race. We had a great time, but was wondering what some of the former Chumpcar teams thought. Mostly curious so hear whether the teams that showed up will be coming back and if some of the teams that skipped the event are more or less likely to attend in the future.
  5. Just wondering if there are any canucks on here who were at Calabogie this past weekend for the LDRC race who want to share there thoughts?
  6. Shannonville has been dropped. It was posted on their Facebook page a couple of hours ago. Race #1 will be held at Calabogie instead. Same date as before
  7. This is the position we find ourselves in. We are approx. 85% done our build. We ran a few track days at Shannonville in the summer so have an ok sense of where we stood with the car, and were planning some more upgrades before our first race (Shannonville). With the announcement of the bracket format we've decided to shelve the upgrades and run the car as is for now, which we see as a good thing. Our main concerns with the new format have been highlighted earlier in the thread. Qualifying takes away from time spent racing and provides no real incentive to go fast Ambiguous driver eligibility requirements (we are primarily all novices, outside of some competetive karting experience) Some of the technical rules seemed to have changed a bit from how we built our car ie) cage x-braces are now discouraged Overall though we just want to get out there and race and are excited to join the new series, and if it doesn't work for us we can always give Champcar a try.
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