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  1. I will hold off buying a pair and come see you at Gingerman then!
  2. What was the logic here? The pumps all have metal nozzles, it's attached to a rubber fuel hose just like at the pump... I'm not seeing how this is different.
  3. I would argue that the foil was never acceptable but it got you through tech in previous years. I can confirm that is no longer the case.
  4. Huntsaker makes that slow tapered metal nozzle. I think they're a bit pricey but they won't have a step inside like stacking fittings would. I know @wvumtnbkr will go all fluid dynamics on me over this but we put ball valves in some of the hoses on a set of VP jugs and the step down cost probably 30 seconds at the nozzle.
  5. I think you meant to say fender flares.
  6. Last night I spent 3 hours on the phone with HP arguing to get the part number for a ribbon cable to plug in a second hard drive on my new laptop. After sorting that out I got Tuner Studio installed for the RX-7 as well as RomRaider and TIS Techstream for my street cars. It didn't make much sense to install software if I was just going to return the thing after work today. I finally got to pull codes on the Prius and found that my issue a couple weeks ago where it suddenly decided to go full electric leaving for work and wouldn't fire the gas engine was because of an immobilizer fault. Since then it's done almost 1k miles and dozens of drive cycles so I think it was just a low battery? Anyway, on to important racecar things. I also finally pulled the wiring harness out of my trunk that @wvumtnbkr pulled from a parts car to give the factory ECU(s) one more shot. Hopefully I can get that in tonight, and get the upper intake back on. Assuming it starts I'll rewire the chassis and call it a day, if not, I'm sitting on a MegaSquirt that I believe is wired correctly for the 13b, and at the cost of a wiring harness for it thinking I'm just going to install it and see what happens. I've not been able to simulate the crank angle sensor so I'm stuck on how to make sure the MegaSquirt ECU is actually wired right so that may just be wasted effort. Option C is to drop a GM 3400 in and call it a day. It would basically drop in since we already put one on the same subframe in #556, aside from building headers. As more and more things become free I'm hoping by the time I'm done building I will be able to afford to swap in E30 or 2nd Gen RX7 IRS by the time I finally get this thing on track again.
  7. You could always go with the template method.. http://www.metalgeek.com/static/cope.pcgi
  8. The last 10 laps or so reminded me of the last 10 minutes of old style qualifying where it was just record lap after record lap being put down. My take away from the weekend though was not Max and Lewis... We all know they are quick, but what happened to Bottas? I get that he would have been 40 seconds off the back after a wing change but he seemed to just be losing time the entire race. I don't see how you qualify 2nd and don't have race pace to battle back.
  9. I wonder if anybody is going to be at Gingerman from the great white north that at least could get it across the border and into your truck or Tyler's trailer?
  10. Novus works great for the soft windows on a Jeep as well just in case anyone is curious. Haven't tried it on Lexan personally but I might have to pick some up to give it a shot on my back window.
  11. I do actually... Built so all the weight goes to the floor, 8 feet wide, 19" deep and spaced so the tires aren't on the wall. There is another single stack rack above the parking space for the lawn tractor too.
  12. Today I cut the bolts to pull my seat out to loan to @E. Tyler Pedersen for Gingerman. Not a big deal but not having @wvumtnbkr to hold the bolts from the inside while I take the nuts off under the car was less fun than it used to be. Tonight is my weekly 'book club' meeting with the boys and then I'm off to the bourbon trail for the weekend with these two and some friends.... No more car work this week but plenty of shenanigans!
  13. This. Last year my car spent the entire practice day up on jackstands and every time we put it back down to take a lap we had to pull the stands back out of the asphalt. I hope it's hardened up a bit by now but I also ruined the shirt I had on that day because I too melted into the pavement. Nelson Ledges is not a fun place to spend two days trying to recover from catastrophic engine failure.
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