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  1. Hey, I needed a way to fill up space in the box, you got what I was able to find in the cabinets in my office
  2. I like to think that at night it's a downshift indicator for the cars behind you.
  3. Tyler and I both run the wide beam on the apex lights. Still throw a ton of light down range too but much wider pattern.
  4. Brisket egg and cheese bagels are a game changer. Ribs are in for day two as well.
  5. With it being the 'build' season for many of us I know we aren't the only team running a smoker outside the garage for a team dinner after a long work day. Let's see some of that hot meat action!
  6. The 3400 and T5 should drop right in based on the subframe swap, I do question the driveshaft length vs the S4 chassis though. We should pull yours and put it in my car and see how well a 3500 fits in it's place, you know, for the good of everyone considering this swap 😉
  7. Is there an option on the dash to dim the display for night or invert it so the text is lit and the background is not? It seems really bright to me.
  8. TWSS.... Also the 3M decal remover wheel takes care of them, but it's taking the flat white paint off my fenders too. I guess it's back to Tractor Supply for another rattle can
  9. They are available, but something insane like $15,000 for the pair. I just couldn't justify it for anything short of an SL-C or something equally insane to drive on the street that isn't already a factory built supercar.
  10. I love when people use absolutes like "All" when comparing such a wide spectrum of items like this. DD bars actually meet SAE/DOT standards for beam pattern, just like the OE headlights all our cars came with, and based on the rule book you can run a total of 8,000 lumens, which conveniently DD provides right on the specifications in case you have questions. You aren't going to get DOT approved beams or measured lumen output from a cheap Chinese bar from Tractor Supply. Again, you WILL get more output from a proper name brand DS2 capsule retrofitted with a QUALITY projector into an existing light, but DD are certainly NOT the bars you are thinking of when you talk about the light bars on the front of brodozer pickups that blind oncoming traffic from a mile away.
  11. I second this. While you are ordering them pick up a pair of the 6" wide beams for your tow rig. Diode Dynamics light bars Or, if you want to go through the expense and hassle and still have the factory buckets you can retrofit Lexus RX250 DS2 HID's into the existing housings and run 35W Xenon bulbs. There's still no comparison between these and current generation LED's but the work and expense is IMHO not worth it when you can run an 18" bar and two 6" lights angled for cornering.
  12. I never said it wasn't reasonable, we showed up with tires in one trailer and wheels in another coming from two different locations. We paid the convenience fee to have it done at the track. Wheel weights were taped over and everything was done in under an hour while we waitied in line for tech. All I was saying was that if your local guy charges $8 per tire and you tip a 6 pack of Bud Light you might want to rethink showing up with a weekend worth of tires that need mounted.
  13. You can get tires mounted at WGI, but I think it was $32 a tire.
  14. No experience with a trigger wheel and hall sensor here. I do have tons of experience cranking for days without anything improving however... My MS2 is built with the Zeal daughterboard and instructions from DIY. I'm struggling to get it all checked out with the JimStim but once I get V2.0 of the dash finished I'll be wiring it in and seeing what happens.
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