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  1. Bourbon, cigars, finished putting shelving in my basement (although I'm still sorting things to put back in totes), built/rebuilt a new PC, and spending WAY too much time playing Modern Warfare. This was my first time doing any sort of PC water cooling and I have a new GPU coming whenever EVGA gets around to shipping the 3080 FTW3 cards again, so I will be redoing the loop when that comes in and a waterblock is available. Disregard the extra 8 pin PCIE connector, when I put everything in the new case I decided to run the wiring for the 3080 instead of just doing 2x8. I plan on picking up a
  2. 10 new teams is 40 drivers, plus probably a few more individuals who drove for existing teams with little wheel to wheel experience. I know when I went to novice school at my first event this was covered. I wonder how many of the, let's call them 50, new drivers at Pitt this weekend attended the online novice school? CCES made an effort during the event to correct the actions of these teams over the PA and visiting pit stalls. With the small percentage of people on the forum and Facebook I don't think anything we do here will help, and if they aren't here they likely aren't watching the dr
  3. This last race at Pitt seemed to be worse than any other event I've been to for this. Chelsea was on the PA system several times asking people to get their drivers moving but it didn't seem to help. Watching the first 10 cars roll down the front straight behind the pace car and the rest of the field coming down the hill to the back straight at 20mph was mind boggling. I also watched quite a few cars come down pit lane at well over the speed limit and then fumble around for a 7 or 8 minute fuel stop. Is it possible we just had a higher than normal volume of new teams/drivers who skipped the
  4. I think there has been some level of decreased participation from members of TAC and the BOD here because we seem to beat the same dead horses over and over and there are some that take that as an opening to slam either of these groups for decisions they disagree with. I highly doubt there is a single decision that they have made where EVERYONE agrees with them so it probably feels a lot like they have put a lot of time and effort into doing what is best for folks racing in the series but we, the forum members, are never satisfied. Also there is a BCCR for 2021 to review and these are the fo
  5. More than once I have watched someone go over the wall to dive under a car and call for a wrench and the two pit boxes on either side of them are digging through toolboxes to help out. I don't think any of us want to win or lose because of off track action. I've ended up volunteering at a few events because none of my regular teams were showing up and you still end up finding people always willing to share information and/or a beer.
  6. I concur, that is news to me, and my steering rack was powered, so is it therefore a power steering component? Would it be zero points? Would it need to be powered to be zero points? Where do the free parts stop?
  7. Cleaned that up a bit because I think we are almost all on the same page here.
  8. I went from OE parts that came on the car to non OE parts that came on a different car, and took the points for it. It shouldn't matter if there is a performance or reliability gain, non stock components should cost points. It isn't like this is an engine swap and there just isn't room for the OE box where someone could claim they were forced to change it because of the engine they wanted to run, this was a decision to run a different steering box than came on the car. That should be points.
  9. I take points for the steering in my conversion, if this is free now I may end up with fewer points claiming the components than waiting for Tech to reply to the tech desk question I asked about it back in July.
  10. I suspect the cash they brought into the series helped CCES survive the cancellation of several events, lower turnout at races, and other things Covid has brought to the table in 2020. What does Tire Rack have to do with this discussion?
  11. I feel a bit like we are trying to solve a lack of adherance to the existing rule book by adding more rules. We can't properly enforce what we already have, what indicates that we will not make special exceptions for certain cars based on some factor that impacts one vehicle and becomes a slippery slope for everyone else to follow?
  12. The quickest line in this case may be to go around, not through, the great blue watery road.
  13. I never considered the need for an off road trailer.... until now. I assume all trucks in the great white north are 4wd already.
  14. It would be nice if you are going to cut a hole in the roof that you also have the ability to close it in rain (or snow). I always wanted to put a Spec-C roof scoop on my WRX since I don't have AC. Too expensive for the JDM parts to justify it, but I found this on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/i/202889888893
  15. Wow, that headlight bucket area took a beating, was that all from loading on the trailer?
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