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  1. thanks for the info. I wonder if returning to the top of the surge tank is upsetting the float switch. I plan to return to the bottom of the swirl pot.
  2. Installing a surge tank in our '86 Mustang. Thinking of a float switch to warn driver (via red light) of low level. Maybe a second float switch to energize in-tank boost pump. Any ideas out there? Grumpus
  3. Back to what Bill Neace said about us Rhinos with the '86 Mustang. thanks for the compliments and the offer to become an honorary Hillbilly. I'm sorry, but my New England Yankee twang will never pass for southern Virginia hillbilly. We enjoyed talking with you, but we are still smarting from squandering that 5 lap head start on Sunday. We'll meet again. Pm me if you can spare time from fishing. Mike French
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