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  1. Yeah, cage was built for taller drivers and extends over the windshield of the car. Also with the floor drop it comfortably fits very tall drivers. We just took a piece of scrap metal and bent it down over the cage to make a little bit of a roof. It's not pretty, but it works to keep the sun off of the driver.
  2. I would say all new fluids, drivers side brake line and sway bar end link, alignment, and update the fire system if the event is after when it expires. That's it other than the body work. Enough pads and tires can be bought with the spares package to keep it going through a few weekends depending on race length. Belts and window net are good for another year or more.
  3. 1990 Miata A class (this is probably one of the oldest champcars still around, being built in 2010) Car still well under the 500pt limit. 1.6L JDM engine, Bilstien shocks, H&R race springs, Eibach swaybars, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Jackson Racing header, MBS exhaust, 1.8L brake calipers, 4.3 torsen diff, Blackbird Fabwerx rear wing, front plastic airdam, brake cooling ducts, Supermiata end links (one is bent), aluminum radiator, lights for night racing, floor drop for taller drivers, fire system (expires 2/2021), wired for cool suit system, defroster fan setup, battery box, and
  4. Overlanding forums/groups have a lot of options for outdoor showers, sinks, ect that are very compact, easy to break down/setup. There used to be a few guys in NASA with their trailers setup with bunk beds that folded down from the sides, sink in front with the cabinets and outdoor style showers. Most of it was standard overlanding stuff so it can be done easily. I've been 31 days without a shower before in Afghanistan, but I wouldn't recommend that in the civilian world. LODI metalworks makes great Etrak accessories you could easily use to setup folding beds, ect. We used their adjustable cro
  5. I watching the bird circle that area and start his final approach was"WTF this won't end well" to all our guys in the pits just before the hit. Another few cars right afterwards made good the feathers fly. First goose I have seen get hit on track.
  6. Rolling Roadblock Racing had a great time. Our poor bright green Miata has been through a long rebuild process and we expected issues, but the track shook some very odd things loose to include our TPS sensor screws and random vacuum lines. Had a great time and enjoyed the event very much even our new never raced before driver had a blast. Thanks to the Audi driver for not hitting me when I spun in T11 and couldn't find 1st fast enough to get out of the way.
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