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  1. Looks like there are several petitions that were heavily voted in favor of from the membership yet voted down by the BoD.
  2. Glad your on the mend....Hoping you have a speedy recovery!
  3. They have to stop because of the two hour driver time limit. I'm not saying change the 5 minute pit stop I'm just suggesting that all stops on the driver limited 2 hour mark have to do a 5 minute stop regardless of adding fuel or not.
  4. Yes that's why I mentioned that the 5 minute stop be at every two hour mark. Any other stop would, for a early driver change for the reasons you mentioned, would not have to be 5 minutes. Five minute stops regardless of fueling might be at the 1:55 or so mark.
  5. Honestly Troy I thought there was more than just one. There's a lot of talk in this post about small tank vs big tank. I thought this idea would take away a pretty big advantage that one could gain. That's why I was just throwing out the thought.
  6. Let me throw this out there for a conversation to start......... Driver stints are a max of two hours. How about changing every driver change to a 5 minute pit stop regardless if you take fuel or not. If you come in before a driver change to put up a window net, oil leak, loose wheel, hood pin etc you can do your repair & go to pit exit. Pretty easy to police everyone knows the two hour stint time and teams pitted close by can police it as we do now for a driver change and no fuel. This shouldn't affect the small tank cars because they still will have to pit early. It won't change anything for the cars that can go two hours which generally are a bit slower in lap times. But it will pull back the big tank cars and take away the absurd advantage they get. Should make for more cars to be closer together at the end of a race.
  7. Can't lump all the big tank cars together. And there are more than 3. A big tank car that is as fast as a car with a smaller tank will have big advantage. Restricting fuel capacity would have to be based on performance. The 944's are fast & can have a 23 gallon tank.
  8. I understand why the LTC do what they do. The rules states that all fuel lines must take a short direct path, perhaps this wasn't enforced. I don't disagree with the change just just as you do but the way it was handled........."BTW- I do not disagree with the 2+ gallon rule and it might hurt me a bit, but I could stomach it much better if it was done differently." The 2022 Rules have been available for all to see for some time. Why was this not included in that preview? This sort of rule making needs to stop and we've discussed it here on the forums yet it continues every year.
  9. I hope your perception that the Little Tank Cars (LTC) get picked on more that the Big Tank Cars (BTC) is wrong because if you are correct there needs to be a wholesale change in the way rules are written. Speaking solely on this fuel capacity rule the LTC are the ones that have been "Creative" with their fuel systems to gain capacity. Fillers & vents. The Board of Directors felt this to be unsafe and decided to make a change. I don't agree with that reason but they made the choice. Therefore your saying the LTC are being singled out again. Forever the vent line maximum size was 3/4 of an inch, seams reasonable. This year it went to no limit in size. How did that get pushed through? This helped to get more capacity. There needs to be a sort of Balance of Performance with the BTC that are fast. I agree it's an advantage. Do I think a STC should be allowed to have more that 2 extra gallon of fuel....No. Do I think a BTC should have it's fuel capacity reduced.....Yes. It's much more effective than changing a VPI (these cars are already fast) and adding displacement balls is easy & cheap. I agree with your 10 talking points. The fuel capacity rule is not the only one that's been implemented surprisingly over the last couple years. Troy I'm going to run for the Board again & would appreciate a nomination & vote from you. My ID number is 014806.
  10. These cars that can go through a two hour stint & come in to change drivers but add no fuel have a crazy advantage.
  11. Big tank cars have an advantage no matter the race length 7-8-10-12-14-24 because of the same reason yellows. Should there be points added to big tank cars? 18-20-22-24 gallons? A car that can go two hours usually has slower lap times while the faster cars are just that and can make up the track time because of their speed even tho making an extra stop. Which gives both cars a chance at the end of the race.
  12. The advantage for a car that can go two hours on fuel loses that advantage during a seven hour race. The faster cars with 1:45 in fuel gets the advantage. This year there are 25 scheduled seven hour races & 19 eight hour races. So who has the better odds. I don't mind the new fuel rule but it should of come through a petition or at least discussed with the Membership and the Technical Advisory Committee.
  13. As long as you are looking around.............https://www.carproperty.com/houses-with-big-garages-for-sale-category6.htm
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