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  1. Buy a Bell...They should offer a discount when they become a ChampCar sponsor 1/1/2020. I bought a Zamp which is Bell European. Zamp is a nice helmet the interior is not as nice as a Bell but it does fit well & the price is better.
  2. We use one from Allstar https://allstarperformance.com/water-pressure-warning-kit-all80250/ Comes with sensor (4psi), harness & warning light. They also have a 20 psi sensor we use for low oil pressure https://allstarperformance.com/pressure-switch-20-psi-all99059/
  3. Of course. Isn't blue font meant to be sarcastic? http://www.artofroadracing.com/posts/the-dive-bomb/
  4. I've already fallen on the sword & apologized for the damage caused. Defending against the bomb If the trailing car is on the passing line, but not within striking range, beware. The bomber is signaling his intention to carry through with the bomb. Or he might be a wily experienced racer trying to psych you out. Make sure you know which is which. You can try to discourage the bomber by taking a protecting line. If the bomber stays in the passing lane, double beware. The disadvantage here is that protecting is slower, so it will help the bomber catch up, and possibly egg him on. If the bomber is faster than you, maybe better to let him by easily so he will bomb your competition ahead. Two problems solved at once. Generally the best approach with a threatening bomber is to brake at your normal marker. This gives you the ability to turn under the bomber when he overshoots. Or to give him room if he gets a nose under your bumper. Check your mirrors before turning to know if the bomb is on. Consider giving the bomber enough room to avoid contact if there is any overlap. Being in the right will be little consolation once you get turned around and lose your position.
  5. I was in the Focus at that time. I passed a lot of cars on the inside of turn 1 during my 3 stints. Also let a lot of cars go by there. You and I were committed to the inside & I thought I would get the room. At the end of the day I hit the 50 car in the RR so my fault. Sorry for the damage caused to both cars. Thanks for posting this our camera timed out. This was my first contact in 3 years. Bernie
  6. Great. Maybe post the turn 1 & 12 camera footage like you did the in car cuz there were people going off all day!!
  7. Hey Bill, Do your stationary cameras record the whole day or just when the camera is being used inn the telecast? Looking to see if you have a recording of Sundays turn 12 camera about 50 minute sin. Thanks, Bernie
  8. Indianapolis is different things to different people. Indy to me is a special place. I raced there with Dale Coyne Racing from 1988 to 1995. I met my wife there in 1990. I have the Honor to have my name on two different awards inside the Indianapolis Hall of Fame Museum. Back in those days we were at the Speedway six to seven weeks for the 500. So I have spent a total of one year there. I’ve experienced the highs of qualifying & having a good race and also the pain from not being able to qualify. Indy can be very rewarding and very cruel. And it’s always hard work you get out of it what you put in. To be able to race at Indianapolis was something I never thought possible. A big Thank You goes out to ChampCar and all the great people that put it together. I know it wasn’t easy. Saturday we had two cars entered the #38 Blue Shells Silver Ford Focus and the #111 Blue Shells Black Ford Focus. About two hour in #38 had a brake line fail or should I say the wheel wore a hole in it. Got the parts got it fixed & back out. Later that day we punctured a tire & had to make another unscheduled stop. But the car finished & we ended up 10th in class. The Black #111 however went on to P1 in class B. Congrats to Bob Humphrey, Phil Miller, Jeff Vanbendagom and Dennis Neel great job. This is our second car that I finished not long ago & it won it’s first race entered. Sunday the #111 developed a cracked header. The fumes got bad & some performance was lost so the guys were forced to park it for the day. #38 was hit hard in the right door quarter panel & rocker, not quite sure by who, about an hour in. Luckily only a hiem joint was damaged in the rear. We fixed that & went back out and the car seemed to be fine just looked bad. As the day went on the car started running hotter & hotter. With an hour remaining we popped a head gasket & our day was done. But we still were able to get a 4th in class. Want to thank all the drivers in the 38 car Dennis Neel, Logan Weigle, Tim Wise and Loni Unser. Over the two days I was treated to 3 stints & loved it. It was special having an Unser at Indy. Thanks to Johnny Unser for making it happen. Just like the rest of the family Loni is a true professional and does her craft very well. She had fast time of the team both days. Also want to give a big thanks to Cooper Tire. This was their first go at ChampCar and we hope to do many more Once again Indy has left me with memories that will be with me forever. Indy is a special place. Bernie Myers
  9. We had Blue Shirts.....But we're not a big team.....
  10. I posted this in Indy results & was asked to post it here We got clobbered one hour in on Sunday. We built the car with safety in mind. It doesn't seem like much but I built a foot box around the drivers legs & feet. One of our veteran drivers Dennis Neel was in the car. He has some soreness on his right shoulder from the shoulder belt & Hans device and remembers hitting the inside of the foot box with his feet & legs but suffered no injury's. All our guys have to go to work on Monday. IndyCar, NASCAR, NHRA, Super V8's & others have this in the rule book & its easy to do.
  11. I thought that would of been a brake problem. It looked like a hard hit from where I was sitting. I got into the 40 car on Saturday at that same corner. Waiting to get the camera downloaded to see if we can determine what happened. I passed many cars there & also let a lot get by me there both days. Before Indy we had over 5000 race miles on the car with only a scratch on the bumper. We got hit twice and have a lot of repair work to do. Out Black Focus #111 also got beat up.
  12. Glad to always help out another Ford team. Especially a Focus!
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