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  1. I did tech with Jay at Road America. We hustled and did 48 cars many times we had no waiting and teams pulled right in. There a few fresh built cars that took a little time but most went smooth. For the most part cars were let through on their merit that they claimed parts were correct. Items clearly visible they didn't we asked then to add the points. If tech doesn't police as much as they can then they get beat up at inspection.
  2. The addition of free parts adds to the inception that there is no stability. One year teams are applying the points for an item then the next year some become free. Adding free flywheels & clutches and the changes in the radiators sends out a false signal because they are being reevaluated after a small amount of teams purchased these parts. If I counted right in 2020 there are 14 free or 2x items. Proposed for 2021 is 24 free items. I agree the meat of the rule book stays the same with pit road rules, safety & race procedures but some other rules stray. You may be corr
  3. No there can't be a rule freeze of any kind or any length of time till the rule book is sorted out. Which I understand it won't happen over night. Stability is something that we need to work at. Does the other series adjust the rules throughout the year? That's not something I'm in favor of. The rule book is never perfect and is often challenged by pushing the rules and the evolution of what teams do to their race cars. It's a tough deal to freeze rules but it does help teams to build a car that could be unaffected for some time. At minimum rules need to stop being announced then re
  4. What's the VPI on this car? I know several that have already left for the Holiday so Happy Thanksgiving week to all!
  5. If I can change two tires because they are flat spotted I'm flat spotting them on my in lap. I've been through tire restrictions. I could get a new tire or two after qualifying if they were damaged to start the race. That's were a ice pick comes in handy.......:)
  6. 1. Rules stability and having the rules enforced evenly. When outside teams see this it makes them want to look at running with ChampCar. I achieved this at our local short track by not playing favorites and enforcing the rule book as written. Something we have that no one else does is ChampCar Live. This is a great way to show off our series and allows us to advertise our sponsors. Bill is consistently updating equipment but what are the next things they need to improve the broadcast? 2. I think we should reevaluate letting in newer cars. ChampCar is unique in that the formula allows f
  7. When we were running Dunlops we could only get about 6 hours on our front tires. I forget how many we went through at Indy the track was much more abrasive than we thought it would be but it was a 20 hour race. Because of our Indy experience I think limiting tire quantity is difficult. Can't just stop a team from running mid race and some tire usage may be due to flat spotting. You bring up some good points and they should be given some time to come up with a resolution that is fair to everyone. Banning a tire for use is one way tho I'm not a big fan of banning something but there are so
  8. That is being done at least for the Corvette for next year. Nothing wrong with changing a VPI number as long as it is for the next year. I think the Mustang Cobra is also increasing?
  9. Troy, I do agree on a few of the free parts. When I counted the number of items that are included as being free I did count the 2x numbers in the 2020 rule book the same as free so 2021 will have a number of new ones. I think speed creep is generated slightly from free parts or parts that are very low in value. When you get a free part you are using that to either improve the reliability or performance of the car such as I said earlier about hubs. The VPI value of our Focus went down 50 points from when we built the car so we have extra points to spend on performance enha
  10. Troy, I know your not attacking. I just think that no part should be "Free" every non stock item has a value. The rule book states what points are charged per item. But why are some free? In the case of the alt & starter this wouldn't affect many new cars because the starters are mostly light weight and work well same with the alternator. But in the cars of the corvette because of the age of the engine they were able to save 15 pounds by switching to a mini starter and a few pounds by using a smaller alt. Also used aluminum brackets for the alt. How did this suddenly become free?
  11. red0, I wasn't at Indy but saw the car at Road America. That car should of been moved to EC right from the start no need to wait till the race started. I've heard that the shop was visited by a couple ChampCar officials for a look at the car for approval. Not sure how the car was allowed to run in a class and not looking to blame anyone just need to make sure the same thing never plays out again. If a car did not claim all the items that were on the car and not charged with the points then yes the car should be disqualified. Was the Vette protested at Indy? If not then we should loo
  12. 1. There will always be teams with more money. The thing that needs to stop is free parts. Initially in ChampCar if it wasn't a stock or stock replacement part you were charged points. Too many items over the past couple seasons have became free. If I can bolt on a lighter and better alternator & starter I'll do so. Then still spend on the other parts I need to improve the car. In 2017 we finished second at the Autobahn with a TCV value of 385 what's changed since then the addition of free parts. Not sure where in the chain of command these parts became free but it has to stop. As for
  13. Instability is poison. Many members are discouraged by rule changes and rule uncertainty over the last couple seasons. Not being on the inside I don't know at what level this has been happening but I hope it's getting changed by new blood on the BoD. Most of it seems to be communication or lack there of. If I get elected to the board I would make sure that all party's that are involved in decision making are well informed of a potential rule change prior to voting on it. Everyone has to understand what the intent of the rule is and how it affects the members. Too often a rule comes up then it
  14. Are members still deciding on whom to vote for? Are there any questions that are unanswered?
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