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  1. Any information we didn't see, which there was plenty of, we went out of our way to get questions answered. Our team Capitan is on the east coast and has us registered with two cars.
  2. No test day at Indy? Hope the speedway doesn't charge ChampCar for the fuel the safety trucks use. Just say'n!
  3. hotrod

    Indy 2019

    Sure....Camping area outside gate 6.....
  4. What time is registration open? Midnight Nov 1 Eastern time? 8:00 AM Nov 1 Eastern time? Midnight Nov 1Central time? 8:00 AM Nov 1 Central time? Midnight Nov 1 Mountain time? 8:00 AM Nov 1 Mountain time? Pacific time?
  5. Right now Premium at Shell is $3.89 so the Track will be $4.89 plus.
  6. Yikes! The rules sound just like the month of May! Only a little bit cheaper.
  7. You Sir need to be commended for exerted forward thinking!
  8. Last time at Indy full time was 1995. These are the two cars we had entered. I've got enough stories to fill the next ten months!
  9. If you have to ask you'll never understand! https://indysoup.wordpress.com/2011/11/17/what-indy-means-new-documentary-trailer/
  10. hotrod

    Indy 2019

    How do you know zis?
  11. There should be residual valves in the stock metering block....What about adding a pair....They are different pressures for discs & drums...
  12. The Blue Shells had a great time despite our problems. First we lost an alternator on the dually on the way out of town. This was my first time at NCM so it took some time to learn the many corners on Friday, our other drivers Dennis Neel, Bob Humphrey & Phil Miller have been there several times. Saturday morning we broke a header, we worked our way up to as high as 8th but a long stop to tie up the exhaust but us back to 19th. We stayed in the 10-18 position area most of the day till the Focus shut off going into turn 3 during my stint which was the third. Took a long time to sort out what the problem might be so we called it a day. It was a hot day but I think the Autobahn last year was worse. Thanks to the Champcar staff for putting on a great event........and the BBQ hit the spot!! Thanks to Mike Mcoppola for some prerace prep. We'll next be a Gingerman with the debut of our second car. Thanks to all the team for the hard work they put in and to Randy for taking care of our fueling chores.
  13. Nice job by Doc & Bill.........or is it Bill & Doc........We are praying for rain........... all our guys have a lot of miles at NCM cept for me..........We got out of Watkins Glen OK but there was still much to do to get ready for NCM............ We are on the long shot list but you can't win if you don't try.......looking forward to racing with this great group of teams.
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