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  1. But 14 doesn't fit my narrative............were as 19 & 91 do.....:)
  2. I just found it weird that the same two numbers were used to show the time it took to sell out.
  3. For 2019 Indy took 19 minutes to sell out...........For 2020 91 days.............
  4. Well the results are in & I didn't make it on the BoD this year. No doubt the Russians & Ukraine were involved again! On a serious note I learned much this go round & will try again next year. Above all I think that the conversations that Chris Huggins and I have brought up have made an impact on the other Board Members and have moved them to make some much needed changes. Thanks to everyone that voted for me! Congrats to both Doc & Tyler for getting reelected. See you at the track & remember Bernie 2021!........................
  5. We say that every year about the Cubs, Soxs, Bears, Bulls & Blackhawks...........
  6. LOL.....That means Lots Of Laughs..........Voting is over but What's Your Take On The BOD Election Contenders..........?
  7. Not sure what you are arguing about. I said if a car comes with a 2 1/2' spring then it's zero points. It doesn't matter what spring rate it is if your Honda has a 2 1/2" spring & you go through tech with a 2 1/2" spring it's zero points. If a car has a beehive type spring stock & it shows up with a 2 1/2" spring it's points. If a car comes stock with 2 1/2" spring then shows up with beehive type springs it's points!.............The loophole was that a 2 1/2" spring was legal because it fit into the top of a strut plate while the bottom plate was 5" in diameter............What kind of Honda are you building? Are there other factory upgrades besides 16 HP? Sway Bars? Shocks? Brakes? etc........
  8. Yes but if it's not on the list it has to be approved by ChampCar & go through tech like everyone else. And the topic of springs has taken up the internet so I believe that moving forward a team with a suspect spring will get called out
  9. A Maserati Biturbo is not on the VPI list & would need to be approved. Anyone that from here on out that has a 2 1/2" spring will be scrutinized and will probably need to prove they are stock dimension springs. We also always have Google. https://thmotorsports.com/8829881-hr-28801-1-springs-sport-springs?gclid=CjwKCAiAlajvBRB_EiwA4vAqiBu_XaABxRr_h5o-gwS6szs0UtSRvxF_hWinww93G0I4VMfv-Y4LFxoCuMoQAvD_BwE
  10. How do we police anything? I wouldn't know what a stock Honda spring looks like but there are plenty of people out that do. So if car is in impound and it doesn't have what is claimed for points someone that know's a Honda should step up. I could tell you what a stock spring looks like in a Focus. The series is Self Policing if people don't step up & speak out then we are just kidding ourselves.
  11. If your 2 1/2' spring is OEM then you are at Zero points. It can stock, you didn't change the diameter.
  12. 1. Pre race. First the rule book should be more concise. It should be worded so it's black & white on what you can and cannot do. Exactly what spring is points & what is not. A chassis shouldn't get a concession, if you have a 2 1/2" spring it's points. Tech should look at all the safety aspects then it's up to the team captain to disclose all the updates and the points that go with them. If you add points after the yearly inspection you go to tech with your updated log book & they sign off on it. Obviously if tech sees something that should be points then they need to bring it up. 2. Post Race. In impound tech sheets should be taped to the windshield. The log book should be available to everyone. Protest sheets should be available from ChampCar. Being we are self policing anyone should be able to look under any car, ask to open a panel or door that may be closed. This is no different than if ChampCar did post race tech everything should be accessible. Tech can't possibly know about what came on all the cars but BMW guys know BMW's, Civic guys know Civic's & so on. The rule book says you can't be over 500 points or you get laps penalized if you claimed 450 & someone finds a hiem joint now you are at 455. And you also have a urethane mount now you have 465 I say you get a lap penalty for each item found. If the additional point put a car over 500 points you get a DQ & you must fix the car for the next race or go to EC. I believe that for the most part everyone follows the rule. There are the cheaters that think they are helping themselves when a simple performance driving class would help. Then there are the ones that get a special dispensation from ChampCar & then are called out by others because the info is not shared to everyone. A better rule book & better communication will go a long way. IMO.
  13. The rule book is unclear. If I put the stuffing in the Turkey it’s 0 points. But if I make stuffing outside the Turkey it’s 10 points? Its worth the 20 points.....:) Happy Thanksgiving All. !
  14. No you are not wrong. It is not listed as a rule. Maybe I'm over thinking it.
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