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  1. I am going to run again this year. My membership number is 014806. I think I'm over the five necessary but the more the better. I believe in rules stability. I believe in limitation or no more free parts. I believe in a balanced VPI table. I believe in limiting larger fuel tanks. I believe in transparency. I believe in a rule book big enough to allow for complete understanding of the rules. I believe in direct communication with members. I believe in across the board tech regulations are adhered to everyone. I believe in supporting all classes throu
  2. Woot Woot! Glad that our home track the Autobahn is back! Get to sleep at home. As Engineered said last time we did the south course, the full course & the north course. Made for an interesting weekend. The north course isn't that challenging so doing the south course for two days will be good.
  3. From what I can find this was not in this years petitions. In the broadcast they went through the list then brought up the class changes. Apparently it was brought up last year. Troy mentioned it last year. So it was not something voted on by the members this year. Does it need to be changed and should there be a vote by the members? ***** Looking back at last years petitions I don't see that it was brought up last year. Maybe I'm missing it.......
  4. I'm putting in an aluminum tanked radiator in our car now so............I'm getting some points back that I thought I was going to have to take........Giving away free parts has been one of the biggest gripes here for some time......
  5. But 14 doesn't fit my narrative............were as 19 & 91 do.....:)
  6. I just found it weird that the same two numbers were used to show the time it took to sell out.
  7. For 2019 Indy took 19 minutes to sell out...........For 2020 91 days.............
  8. Well the results are in & I didn't make it on the BoD this year. No doubt the Russians & Ukraine were involved again! On a serious note I learned much this go round & will try again next year. Above all I think that the conversations that Chris Huggins and I have brought up have made an impact on the other Board Members and have moved them to make some much needed changes. Thanks to everyone that voted for me! Congrats to both Doc & Tyler for getting reelected. See you at the track & remember Bernie 2021!......
  9. We say that every year about the Cubs, Soxs, Bears, Bulls & Blackhawks...........
  10. LOL.....That means Lots Of Laughs..........Voting is over but What's Your Take On The BOD Election Contenders..........?
  11. Not sure what you are arguing about. I said if a car comes with a 2 1/2' spring then it's zero points. It doesn't matter what spring rate it is if your Honda has a 2 1/2" spring & you go through tech with a 2 1/2" spring it's zero points. If a car has a beehive type spring stock & it shows up with a 2 1/2" spring it's points. If a car comes stock with 2 1/2" spring then shows up with beehive type springs it's points!.............The loophole was that a 2 1/2" spring was legal because it fit into the top of a strut plate while the bottom plate was 5" in diameter............What kind of
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