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  1. I knew you were just fooling around. Our first time out a few years ago we put race pads in the rear. Junk had to brake about 50 feet before we wanted to. That night we went to Autozone for the cheapies.
  2. We've made the car better but didn't run any in 2020 so we have a little catching up to do.
  3. That's always the way isn't it. Someone else is faster & their cheating or cheating more than we are. Some of our guys were volunteers at NCM & said the WTF Miata was on rails.
  4. Ya the braking is better than it was. Thinking about swapping the SVT rear rotors for a smaller diameter focus set up. The car has great front braking capabilities so a little more tweaking will made the car better overall.
  5. They are Avons. Available here... https://xtremetm.net/tires/road-legal-rs3-r/ We tried Cooper at Indy in 2018 & thought it was good tire. It's not the sole reason the Miada won tho.
  6. The rear of a Focus is very light. We've switched to the cheapo brake pads & bias adjuster. It helped but if your not careful they will still lock up. Going to try a couple other things when we get to testing.
  7. The R-S4 are not available in our size. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?message=noTires&tireMake=Hankook&tireModel=Ventus+R-S4&width=205%2F&ratio=50&diameter=15&cameFrom=selectSize
  8. The problem is most FWD cars don't get good tire life & must change or swap them in a 8 hour race. Adding two minutes to change tires just penalize those who have to change to make it to the end.
  9. I'm not saying do nothing I'm stating that I would now being penalized for a tire change on a FWD car because other teams have decided to run a sticky tire. Performance costs points. A tire that gives superior performance or uses a bogus tread wear rating should cost points & leave everything else alone..........
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