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  1. Sort of true. I just put a 385 point Miata in into impound at PBIR with almost 8 minute pitstops. I am a little concerned it's about to become a 405 point Miata thanks to the unmarked and nameless radiator that came in the car when I bought it over three years ago though.
  2. Lol my car is tragically average according to those charts.
  3. Got it. I was misreading it. Thanks for putting these together.
  4. I know. I was just having some fun. I'm top center in that one. I'd like to see the EC cars filtered out to know where I stand with the cars I'm actually racing against.
  5. I'm not sure that 2:56 time I put down on Saturday really qualifies my team as "overperforming". It is nice to see our name up there though! We had a good time out there. Had a totally new to racing guy in the car who did great and a new to the team driver. Had to make some fuel management decisions on Sunday and managed to ran the car out of gas in turn 6 after the checkered flag. Other then that that I think we were incident free all weekend besides some wet off track trips. I'll get some video loaded soon.
  6. I don't have your number and your messages are full here.
  7. First, it's a Miata, man. After watching from the 935 video that looks like what happened. Thought it was mutual as they were going around but I can see they were out of track to left. Didn't intend for my comment to imply it was the other cars fault.
  8. That's my team. Thanks! I know I had a bunch of fun laps with your car. I'm sure the rest of the team did as well. <--- We had a little bit of character added by the 935 car heading into 7 that left some tires swirls on the door. And to car number 319, sorry about spinning out right in front of you in turn 10. Excellent work not hitting my car. Thanks for that! We finished 18th overall as well. Our best finish in the south east so far.
  9. Yeah, it came in on the hook and I decided to call it. Our renter had gotten his time and it was raining. Probably could have gotten back on track if we wanted to. The LCA is bent and the door was ripped off the lower hinge. The wheel is the worst part though. I still to put it back together but the body looks straight. So, fender, door, LCA and a wheel.
  10. SLS Racing had a good first 11 hours. We were a mess between pit stops and a rental driver and being short handed but we were having fun. Then this happened and ended out day The car will race again just sucked being taken out early. We finished 59th overall but could have been in the mid 40s with those last three hours of race time.
  11. We're in Pit stall 2 this weekend. If you change your mind and want to race, come talk to us. If we like you, we can probably get you behind the wheel still. Bring money too....that's probably the more important part.
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