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  1. hey man, You inbox is full or something. I can't send you messages.
  2. Taking down this post as I think it's been up long enough to serve it's purpose. Thanks for all your responses, fun or otherwise. Once the matter is settled, if anyone still cares, I can update this. Or the mods can delete it if they choose to. If anyone still thinks they can help, message me.
  3. Yeah, it came in on the hook and I decided to call it. Our renter had gotten his time and it was raining. Probably could have gotten back on track if we wanted to. The LCA is bent and the door was ripped off the lower hinge. The wheel is the worst part though. I still to put it back together but the body looks straight. So, fender, door, LCA and a wheel.
  4. SLS Racing had a good first 11 hours. We were a mess between pit stops and a rental driver and being short handed but we were having fun. Then this happened and ended out day The car will race again just sucked being taken out early. We finished 59th overall but could have been in the mid 40s with those last three hours of race time.
  5. We're in Pit stall 2 this weekend. If you change your mind and want to race, come talk to us. If we like you, we can probably get you behind the wheel still. Bring money too....that's probably the more important part.
  6. Thanks Team Infinity. We're pitted right next to you so we'll be able to help you guys out if you need anything. Bumping again as I updated the the OP with pricing info.
  7. Bumping. Still have an open driver spot for Sebring. Or two individual stints if they'll sell better that way.
  8. SLS Racing needs to fill a driver spot for Sebring 14 hour on Sept. 22nd We're a newer team and this will be our third race. We ran the 10 hours of Sebring NYEish race at the end of 2017 with a 31st place finish and the Charlotte 14 hour in 2018 with a 16th place finish. The car is the Corvette Summer Miata from the 24 Hours of Lemons series, a 1995 Miata, and it's been really reliable for us. We're not expecting a podium finish, we just want to run all 14 hours and make sure everyone gets their track time. We'd like very much for you to be a level headed driver with the primary goal of running clean and bringing the car back in one piece. The car is properly prepared with up to date safety equipment, new tires, fresh brakes and a home made cool shirt cooler, however, as a new team not trying to podium and things like our radios sucking our price reflects these considerations. The car is currently located in Winter Garden Florida if you want to come by and check it out. If you're interested or just want more info contact me through the board message system, our Facebook page or email - SLSEnduranceRacing@gmail.com. Please include some kind of racing resume and if possible references would be awesome too! Giving it away at $400 for a 1:40 stint 2 for $750 Damage deposit equal to stint price Thanks SLS Racing
  9. Yes, we went through a brand new set on our Miata. Otherwise our car ran flawlessly for the full 14 hours. Finished in 16th place.
  10. This is what used for our streaming camera. It worked really well for us at Sebring. I ran into a few snags with the setup at the time but emailed the author and I believe he updated the info. If anyone runs into any issues I'd be happy to help but the author was quick to respond and knows the topic better then I do.
  11. Thanks for the info. I think we'll stick with the R8 compound for now. As we're newer drivers we're definitely not that hard on the brakes yet and they worked great at Sebring. As far as bedding them properly. I'm all ears for tips on that one. We can't drive the car on the street, well legally, so besides dragging them as I cruise up and down my street what are some other ideas?
  12. Thanks guys. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUpbnw3ZfrzxYoyVQsKwTow Subscribed to all.
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