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  1. Mark, I believe there is a typo in the Friday Schedule on the supplementals. Times and descriptions are not aligned. I believe this is how it is meant to read, based on previous years, with the Drivers Meeting and Novice School to be done virtually per Dana's note above. 7:00am - 6:00pm Registration Opens ALL TEAMS MUST sign waiver and get wristband at Gate 4A Registration Building 8:00am - Gate 2 Opens 9:00am - Tech & Registration begin 12:00pm - Test session drivers meeting* 1:00pm-3:00pm - Point-by passing test session 3:00pm-5:00pm - Open passing te
  2. I think DeeDee might be referencing the schedule of events on the first page of the supplementals being one carriage return off the intended times. Before the event was ultimately cancelled last year, WGI was not allowing onsite camping. Has that been specifically discussed yet for this year? Will overnights be allowed again in the paddock?
  3. I picked up the Proxicast antenna suggested above and am seeing a significant increase in connection rate (avg 1.5 - 2X upload rate) in poor connection areas (two "bars" and below) per Speedtest app. Disclaimer that my current tests are in a fixed position, not moving, but also that I am just placing the antenna down, not adjusting the orientation to find the strongest signal. Thank you!
  4. Thank you for noticing the post and appreciative of your suggestion!
  5. Has anyone had noticeable improvement to their hotspot performance using an external antenna? We use Verizon hotspots (8800L) in both our cars for live streaming purposes. Yi4k streaming at 480. Had solid performance at Thompson but very spotty performance at PittRace at certain parts of the track. Is there a recognized "oh, you need to use __________" antenna, or is there really no performance difference? Hoping to add Nelson this year as well, which I seem to remember hearing had limited cell coverage. Any helpful suggestions?
  6. I am sure it has been discussed and dismissed, but would simply disallowing any tire changes during refueling pit stops be enough of an equalizer?
  7. When the responder's username answers your question for you.
  8. Bill may correct me, but the person at the other end of the phone at PittRace told me that the grounds will be open for arrival and camping Thursday evening. This is our first time at PittRace. Friday practice looks like it could be a little frantic with 4 30ish minute sessions for a 60-70 car rungroup sharing the track with a second non-champcar run group of a handful of road cars. Has this gone smoothly in the past?
  9. Haywood Racing had a great experience. Last winter we tried to make some significant aero improvements to my blue/yellow miata, we purchased a very well sorted red miata, and we badgered encouraged four friends to try champcar racing with us. Then Watkins Glen was cancelled twice, Mosport was cancelled/border closed, and Ohio was added to our list of quarantine states 2 days before our scheduled departure. Like it has been for most people, things were not going to plan... so I really hoped Thompson would pan out for us, especially the newcomers. Even though they don't k
  10. Per the last email I received, pit assignments are here. I was hoping to see that quick yellow miata again this year!
  11. Crushed to learn this morning that Ohio has been added to the list of states requiring 14 day quarantine for us folks in CT, NY, and NJ. That impacts 6 of our 8 members, 4 of whom are new to Champcar. Forces Haywood Racing to withdraw. First Watkins... then Watkins... now Nelson. Now somebody else is going to have to bring up the rear of the field. Not gonna lie... I could use a hug. But that's what got us into this mess.
  12. We look forward to hearing those instructions. If there was anyway they would permit entry on the Thursday for tech and registration it could go a long way to spread out and lower the risk from the annual Friday morning logjam of people. Whatever the requirements, we will do our best to make it work.
  13. Good idea. We are renting an RV at Watkins so we can be as self contained as possible, but the aformentioned "tub of wipes" should be parked right next to the door handle to the Media Center and the bathroom entrance #keepthegloveson
  14. We are holding out hope that the Watkins Glen event takes place, but even if it doesn't, somewhere there is going to be the "first" race after the Covid shutdown. What steps are you considering taking in managing your race weekend to minimize infection risk and allaying possible anxiety of both teammates and those loved one's staying at home? How best can we mitigate risk in tech, registration, drivers meetings, et cetera... not just for ourselves, but also for the Champcar staff? Trolling for suggestions that I can pass off as my own to my much better half.
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