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  1. I am sure it has been discussed and dismissed, but would simply disallowing any tire changes during refueling pit stops be enough of an equalizer?
  2. When the responder's username answers your question for you.
  3. Bill may correct me, but the person at the other end of the phone at PittRace told me that the grounds will be open for arrival and camping Thursday evening. This is our first time at PittRace. Friday practice looks like it could be a little frantic with 4 30ish minute sessions for a 60-70 car rungroup sharing the track with a second non-champcar run group of a handful of road cars. Has this gone smoothly in the past?
  4. Haywood Racing had a great experience. Last winter we tried to make some significant aero improvements to my blue/yellow miata, we purchased a very well sorted red miata, and we badgered encouraged four friends to try champcar racing with us. Then Watkins Glen was cancelled twice, Mosport was cancelled/border closed, and Ohio was added to our list of quarantine states 2 days before our scheduled departure. Like it has been for most people, things were not going to plan... so I really hoped Thompson would pan out for us, especially the newcomers. Even though they don't k
  5. Per the last email I received, pit assignments are here. I was hoping to see that quick yellow miata again this year!
  6. Edited... I said something stupid and unnecessary,
  7. Crushed to learn this morning that Ohio has been added to the list of states requiring 14 day quarantine for us folks in CT, NY, and NJ. That impacts 6 of our 8 members, 4 of whom are new to Champcar. Forces Haywood Racing to withdraw. First Watkins... then Watkins... now Nelson. Now somebody else is going to have to bring up the rear of the field. Not gonna lie... I could use a hug. But that's what got us into this mess.
  8. We look forward to hearing those instructions. If there was anyway they would permit entry on the Thursday for tech and registration it could go a long way to spread out and lower the risk from the annual Friday morning logjam of people. Whatever the requirements, we will do our best to make it work.
  9. Good idea. We are renting an RV at Watkins so we can be as self contained as possible, but the aformentioned "tub of wipes" should be parked right next to the door handle to the Media Center and the bathroom entrance #keepthegloveson
  10. We are holding out hope that the Watkins Glen event takes place, but even if it doesn't, somewhere there is going to be the "first" race after the Covid shutdown. What steps are you considering taking in managing your race weekend to minimize infection risk and allaying possible anxiety of both teammates and those loved one's staying at home? How best can we mitigate risk in tech, registration, drivers meetings, et cetera... not just for ourselves, but also for the Champcar staff? Trolling for suggestions that I can pass off as my own to my much better half.
  11. About 98% of the examples of bad driving stopped after I parked the car. First time with that car, first time driving that track, and I was embarrassingly poor. I was losing 2 seconds a lap in turn 1 alone, and forcing all sorts of evasive action around my slow tail. Apologies for the display.
  12. That's just so much better than the best I could come up with. Nice work. Man do I suck at this.
  13. Here is an example of an avionics flow system you are discussing integrated with the RaceCapture platform. https://www.autosportlabs.com/conquering-range-anxiety-and-achieving-faster-pit-stops-through-racecapture_telemetry/ I came across it while researching data logging, and since I'm the kind of jerk that runs out of gas 15 minutes from the finish on Saturday at the Glen, am following this thread closely.
  14. Thank you for responding so quickly. Keeping fingers crossed that it works out.
  15. In another thread Bill mentioned that the 2020 schedule is largely complete as posted, save for some events out west. Just to clarify, does that mean Calabogie is likely to be the only Champcar event in Canada in 2020? (Not ashamed to say I was really hoping to visit Mosport)
  16. Thanks for all the input. I mean that. I’m reading everyone’s comments very closely. Spark plug looks fine. Totally consistent with the others. Compression was 195ish before I removed the head, again surprisingly consistent with the other cylinders. It might be cheaper to get another motor, but I’m going to continue further down this rabbit hole also as a learning process.
  17. No. That's clear. My previous comment needed the green font. Going to learn to remove valves. And lapping all of them while I am in here seems like something someone smarter than me would do.
  18. I really do appreciate the quick responses from everyone, although I am still waiting for the "it's fine, run with it" response that I will jump to agree with. Yes, I'm signed up with Mazdamotorsports (their head gasket arrives Friday). No holes in the air filter and the TB has all its parts... I wonder how long ago this happened, and suspect (kind of hope) it was in the motor's previous life. Attached is a picture of the piston. Matching pit marks, but I suppose it could be much worse.
  19. Prepare to unload upon me as the single least knowledgable engine mechanic in this series. I need someone to explain (small words will probably help) what I am looking at. I'm learning, but operate at a relative toddler level. Miata with an NA 1.8 engine. Leaking some oil from an undisclosed place during Thompson. Engine compression is surprisingly good for a swapped engine of unknown mileage. And it had just finished its third race weekend for me, a 12 hour race, running as well at the end as it did at the beginning. I put some UV die into the oil and ran it to try loc
  20. This was Haywood Racing's first time to Thompson and I want to thank all the Champcar Staff, the corner workers, and all our fellow competitors for a terrifically enjoyable race experience. We still feel like newbies (our 3rd race weekend), but are getting a little bit of experience and feel like we are generally moving in the right direction. Congratulations to all those cars in impound that show us how far we have to go. Our miata blew ignition coils again at practice on Friday, our 3rd blown set of coils of the season (which we are leaning towards being an overheated/overworked
  21. Santa brought a Yi camera, and I was hoping to put it to good use at Watkins Glen. Any experiences or suggestions regarding in-car AP's at the Glen? I thought I read a post from years ago that indicated Verizon coverage was strong there, but if any of those who have streamed successfully at WGI are willing to share what worked for them, I would love to learn from it.
  22. I appreciate the kind sentiments from everyone. They are reflective of the culture we encountered at WGI. @thewheelerZ That's a great story about your parents. My mom ran a Cooper S in the old days, and Dad actually brought out her Novice Driving Log Book to give to me this trip. Smooth is fast, and I bet your mom would have no problem keeping the Haywood Miata in her rear view mirrors. Best of luck to you and your family. Looking ahead, if Mosport 2019 is possibly on your radar, perhaps some dads can share stories and encouragement...
  23. That's Dad starting in his MG back in 1969. (Spokane I think) The sense I get from him is that the spirit of sportscar racing back then and through the 70's is very closely replicated by the Champcar experience. Grassroots. Shared camaraderie. It is a period of his life that he fondly remembers. I wanted to give him, my brother, and my son, who live on opposite sides of the continent, the opportunity to create some shared memories. Selfishly I love it, and have as long as I can remember.
  24. It was an exhausting and memorable first wheel-to-wheel racing event for the Haywood (You Hurry Up) Racing Team. As team captain and the person responsible for our first build, I started the weekend totally overwhelmed by the knowledge and ability gap between ourselves and... everyone else. Ended the weekend overwhelmed by the friendliness of everyone we ran into, and the satisfaction in having our Miata see both checkered flags. I targeted this race when I picked up a well travelled Miata off these classifieds last June. With no inherent skills and countless hours on youtube and t
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