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  1. Sounds good. I also work in CNC manufacturing (orthopedic implants). Outside of FSAE, I don't really have much racing experience, but love fixing/building cars, except for when I hate it. If we found 1-2 other interested people, would you be open to renting garage space somewhere accessible from Ithaca (where I live), Elmira (where I work) or Binghamton? Someplace like this https://elmira.craigslist.org/off/6140948147.html? $650/mo divided by three or four people is a small price to pay for a place that has a lift.
  2. Anyone want to form a team in upstate NY Finger Lakes region? I'm 25, work as an engineer. I competed in FSAE in college, worked as a mechanic part-time in school, and I'm really anxious to get back into wrenching. I have some tools, but no garage space.
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