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  1. Must have missed that somewhere. Thanks Bill.
  2. Did the BOD meeting not say they would go to a points based class system in 2021?
  3. Mostly interested in class breakdowns. It could decide which suspension components we do/don't run.
  4. I'll echo - building a new/first car for next year. Time is getting tight.
  5. Disclosure: I am not an official. As I understand it this is only referring to front facing (head) lights. They don't want people with 6 light bars blinding everyone and their brother on track. So if you add lights beyond the typical headlights, don't add more than two.
  6. Agreed, the volunteers probably didn't know. I've been a marshal at a few races and seen it happen as you described. We were told that as long as the speed limit isn't broken and the pass wasn't dangerous or because of an unsafe release it's okay. Made sense to me.
  7. I know Bill and the crew are busy, but builds are waiting....
  8. Saw this on the local CL. Looks fairly solid. https://desmoines.craigslist.org/cto/d/des-moines-1985-pontiac-fiero/7114538373.html
  9. Just bought an OMP RS-PT 2 I found it more comfortable (wider) in the waist than the HTE-R or the MOMO Daytona (standard), and I'm a pretty slender guy.
  10. I too was under the impression all tickets went public. Can we get some clarity on that as well?
  11. So I assume you in fact did open a ticket and the result should be posted to the tech desk soon
  12. I had the same problem - shoulder height to seat hole locations were bad. Moving the bar wouldn't help. I ended up ordering a different seat to fix my problem. However, my wife if 5'2" when she races next year I don't know what we will do.
  13. I have a brand new Momo Daytona XL that won't fit in my car. I'd be happy to sell it to you. Scott
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