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  1. Good to Know - I'm already thinking about how to leave the factory bar and incorporate a proper cage bar.
  2. Thanks Bill, I'll be sure to get photos over to Tech with any specific questions. Glad to see us continually improving safety.
  3. Love us requiring a dash bar, Buuuut: Killing. Me. Just finished my very perfectly fit A-Bars the flow the whole body line and ride up right against the factory full length dash bar (took two days). I was going to tie them in via brackets to the A-Bars. Installing a stand-alone dash bar isn't really do-able without building custom brackets for the steering column, Cluster (required for factory ECU), harness (main fuse box mounts to it), etc. Are there more specific definitions on where it fits, how it's tied in, etc?
  4. Curious what the points values were associated with those components? Is it just a material cost?
  5. As the title states...how do I cancel a registration? Sadly we won't make RA in April. It actually tears my heart. I want to race this track SO bad. We will have to head to KY or MI this summer instead. Scott
  6. Recently ordered some new undergarments. I noticed that they had 2015 dates! I realize that ChampCar doesn't date out driver wear, but is this something I should raise an eyebrow about? Also, this wasn't something I bought on clearance or clear out that might explain the old dates. Thanks, Scott
  7. Curious if anyone else will be at PRI. I'd certainly be game for getting a drink somewhere nearby. Friday night would work well. Scott
  8. Registered for races today. Registration site mentioned contacting my regional director to request a permanent car number. Couldn't seem to find reg directors listed anywhere. Is this still the proper process? Scott
  9. Tell me more about Stella! What was she, what will she be?
  10. BEST ADVICE: Go volunteer at a race. Seriously. My wife and I did last year, and just again this last weekend. Not only can you earn race credits, but you can work pit lane and learn a PILE of information about the series, get an idea of the race flow, and talk to teams. I can't tell you how many things became clear after working as a pit marshal. Scott
  11. Makes good sense. I too have seen some of the criticism and find it unwarranted. I've only been able to volunteer so far. (Car build was very slow this year - par for the course) Even from the volunteer side it I was very impressed. Excited you get to add an amazing track to the line up. I would also hate to see all the spots go to teams that otherwise have no ChampCar interest. Thanks again for all of the leg work to make Indy happen! Scott
  12. Are there other races reserved for the upper class of Champ Car <read with a slight bit of sarcasm> ?
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