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  1. Turn 1 on Sunday around 11:00? Not sure what happened but id like to see it from in your car if you have the video. Congrats on your weekend. You guys made it a fun race to watch on Sunday.
  2. https://squareup.com/store/racetech-motorsports/item/zero-fia-ltr-fire-marshal-steel-fire-suppression-system?t=modal-em This is what we used in our last car. The link was from another member. Good price, good system. I think I used 4 nozzles, two in the engine bay, one at the waist and one at the feet.
  3. Probably going to stick with the OE spec water pumps. Still on the fence about the high efficiency power steering pump. we try and play by the rules. Except that one time...
  4. Time to put a water pump in and i see they sell some cheap ones, some plastic ones, aluminum ones and some compost ones. Does anyone have experience or recommendations for us? Engine is a 2.8 M52b28
  5. 1984 volkswagen scirocco GTI with a swap. Roll cage and teched for champcar 2018. Car is street legal with clean Minnesota title. Engine is from a 1995 Golf built with cam and head. Car is reliable, ready to race and comes with spares. Just finished 11th at BIR with rental drivers. Comes with 7 matching wheels and good Dunlop star spec ii race tires, spare complete engine, transmission, axles, clutch, waterpump, radiator, suspensions bits, spindles, fuel injections parts. the list goes on. Everything is up to date and ready to race. Car has low chumpcar vpi points with room to grow. Has a fuel surge tank, and can go over two hours on a tank. Seat is adjustable, fire suppression system and belts are current. exhaust system is nice and well built. last time on the scale the car weighed 1700lbs. Also comes with a tow bar to flat tow if needed. I flat towed it from Florida to Minnesota once with a Lexus. Car is located in Minneapolis, MN. May deliver for the cost of diesel + lunch. $4400 - PM or email joe at Randombilly2@aol.com
  6. It is very good to us on points. I believe it was 400 with the swap before the other go fast parts. Only problem is the fuel tank is so small we have trouble getting more than 90 minutes out of it right now. A lot of fun fro 90 minutes though. See you at gingerman.
  7. Driver needed in BMW for Gingerman August 25th 26th. Must have wheel to wheel racing experience and references. Looking for someone who is polite, can keep pace and not be reckless. The car is a newer build BMW 318ti with a 2.8 that runs well and is fast. Just finished Brainerd both days with no problems at all. The car is safe, easy to drive and is set up for drivers of most sizes. You will be responsible for driving as well as helping during pit/fueling stops. If interested PM me or eMail me at Info@gorillasticker.com info@GorillaSticker.com -Joe
  8. We try our best to stay out of the way and will always point the leaders by. They are usually racing a different race than us. That being said. I did run into something new this last weekend. We were driving a car much faster than we're used to. It was definitely a learning experience for us with the new car. Hope we stayed out of most of your ways. Its always fun watching the leaders. Thanks again for a great time!
  9. i didn't know you could get Jazz to put a SFI sticker on them. I would definitly go that route for the price. Thanks!
  10. I too was dinged 10 points for a "rear strut bar" at Brainerd. I was looking at yours in impound and thinking id just redo mine like that.
  11. We used most of it. Sputtered hard around corners and we brought it in and it took about 13 gallons. Planning a surge tank to get the rest and a little extra but i still dont see it being enough. maybe with more yellows we could make it close to two hours?
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