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  1. I think I would prefer solo qualifying. But since it's open, I wouldn't complain if I caught some draft on the long straight. 😀
  2. No draft here. You could always check the replay to be sure.
  3. I had a fueling mishap as well. I could've sworn I took 2.1gal last week and finished without issue. This week I had to make another stop for 1gal just to finish. It's probably just my memory failing me again. The good news is that I didn't blow an engine this week from over-revving on downshifts. 😁
  4. With registration opening at 7am and the main gate opening at 8am, this creates quite the logjam that tends to spill out onto the main road. Last year, the track agreed to open the gate a little early. Any chance this could be agreed on up front and the supps updated accordingly?
  5. B-Rad

    2019 ChampCar.Sim Schedule

    Is there an invitation/request that needs to happen? I ran a few races last season, but I don't see my name on the current member list. Also, 2015 MX-5 Cup or Roadster?
  6. B-Rad

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Doesn't turbo horsepower get a little fuzzy with free ECU tuning?
  7. Making the cam a separate line item from the rest of valve train should clear this up.
  8. 150pts for an '82 or older Corvette must be a typo. That's the same as a Citation or Chevette.
  9. Hopefully post count isn't the only indication of forum activity. I'm on here almost daily trying to keep up on things.
  10. Also interested in this. I'm about to send out a mass email to friends and family who might be interested in watching this madness.