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  1. I submitted a ticket on 1/29 that falls in line with your 2nd ticket (except it was specific to the E36 Getrag vs ZF). I had a response within 24hrs. But no ruling. I believe there are some ongoing discussions between Tech, TAC, and the BOD about this rule. Hopefully something comes out of it soon. I need to pick a direction with my car.
  2. We use this one. So far so good after 2 race weekends. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Shoreline-Marine-Portable-Automatic-Bilge-Pump-800-GPH-12V/16641439
  3. What's a reasonable amount of time to wait for a ruling on a ticket?
  4. Just to clarify. No 3rd gen came with a 4spd. It was the 700R4 auto or T5 5spd. The 350 was only offered with the auto. I don't envy the people trying to write and enforce rules around so many different makes, models, and generations. It's a thankless job.
  5. If from the same generation, I would say yes based on the answer that tech gave me. Whether it's right or wrong, I don't know.
  6. The BMW Getrag vs ZF thing is different from the Camaro example. With the BMW, all engine sizes had an optional 5spd manual. That's not the case with the 3rd gen Camaro. Prior to the help desk implementation, I emailed Jay about swapping our Getrag to a ZF. 0 Pts was the answer. When the E36 VPI was lowered to 475, we picked up a parts car with the ZF assuming that it would cost 25pts for the swap (prior to emailing tech for confirmation). Our issue was that our 2nd Getrag was on it's way out and we couldn't find rebuild parts for it.
  7. Would it be possible to update the schedule to include track configuration?
  8. What I found odd, was that taking 4.2g of fuel was enough to get through a 1hr solo test session. During the race I ran out of fuel on the last lap. I figured that with the help of some drafting, 4.2g would've been plenty. Fortunately, it only cost me 2 spots.
  9. The Castrol Prefect stream was good.
  10. If comfort is King, then I'd recommend a full size SUV. 2nd row captains chairs are nice. Get one with the towing package and it should have an integrated trailer brake controller along with a ~9000lb towing capacity. We purchased a Tahoe for this reason. It's been all over the Northeast for gymnastics and cross country meets. It tows our boat and we can throw the dogs in the back. I sometimes wish I still had a truck. But when it comes to road trips, big SUVs are hard to beat.
  11. Ever met someone who's had their prostrate checked? I know of at least 2.
  12. Ashphalt Too many oars in the fire Six of one, one of the other Debalacle (a blend of diabolical and debacle) Gravy on the cake
  13. I contacted Lifeline about replacing our bottle with a certified one, and was told that we would have to replace the entire system. 😐 We're running the 2.25 Club Mechanical system, FWIW.
  14. These are great, Jeff. Thanks for sharing!
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