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  1. See! Look at the pain and suffering that was avoided. I would've had some of your stout and told you how delicious it was. Then after declining a re-fill and cleansing my palate with a cheap light beer, you'd see through my thinly veiled attempt at being polite. ☺️ We're registered for NL, Tyler. We'll bring some local beer with us.
  2. I'm going to tap out of the beer exchange. With GMS and Tyler not coming, I'd be exchanging beers from the same breweries with Shut Up. Nonetheless, we'll be there with a full cooler. Stop by for a cold one! Black E36. WDR.
  3. Sorry to hear this, Tom. I was looking forward to thanking you in person for what you and the Hugh Jass guys have done with sim racing recently. I've really enjoyed it.
  4. I know it's late, but this looks like fun. Can you tell me more?
  5. If painting within iRacing, you should be able to save it within the paint tool and you're done. If using something like Photoshop or Gimp, then Trading Paints is the way to go.
  6. In light of the recent announcement. I'll be holding my own beer exchange. Empty for full.
  7. That's cute. Who's driving for you? I will gladly keep my point-by finger out the window if it means I'm turning laps at WGI!
  8. Excellent work! Thanks for putting this together.
  9. If only we were good enough for that to be an option. 😁
  10. WDR 15 Porsche Bradley Dailey Christopher Wilson3
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