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  1. I really hope this doesn't get misconstrued as a "rule change".
  2. RaceHero has a hard enough time handling 1 event. It didn't work at all on Sunday at WGI.
  3. If EC teams are receiving sponsorship and/or renters based on ChampCar results, then they are pulling the wool over people's eyes. Potential renters only need to see lap times. If they don't understand that adding 100 to the laps completed indicates total laps, then I don't know what to say. I run a car built to the rules. Is it awkward trying to explain the results to my sponsors, family, and friends? Yeah, a little. If nothing changes and I still have to explain after each race, will I lose any sleep? Not a wink. I will say that the -100 laps does fix the pace car issue though. I do like that.
  4. They (EC) probably shouldn't have been put at the top of the standings to begin with. I'm sure there are EC teams that have read the rules and then wondered why they were P1 in the results. 2.2.1. The Exception Class or “EC” car class is open to “ChampCar compatible” cars that wish to race with ChampCar but exceed the 1,000 point limit, or any team not wishing to compete for the overall win. Please explain to me how this is "a kick to the EC guys" who weren't competing for the win to begin with? Do these people also like to go to the local t-ball field and go all Mike Trout on the 6 year-olds? I doubt it. I imagine most of them are out having a fun weekend at the track. More opinions from EC people would be nice.
  5. We did the same thing @ WGI , only we just used the unlimited data from the phone that we streamed from. Worked great.
  6. There are EC cars that aren't that far beyond the rule set, that with a few adjustments could become legal. They don't bother me as much as the "other" EC cars that practically have a chuckle at the field while turning fast laps. All the while someone who built there car to the rules has to sit at home because the race was sold out. I'm not sure what to do about it, but it does grind my gears a little.
  7. Like a moth to a flame, if a car is idling through the paddock and I smell race fuel exhaust I'm immediately drawn to it. My services don't come cheap though. 😁
  8. Walmart and Smalley's are both in town. There are probably others in town. There's also Valley Auto Center ~10 minutes down Rt 414. Fairly certain they do inspections. I don't have any experience with these places, but I'd probably start with Valley. If you want to travel 20+ minutes each way, there are many options in the Horseheads/Big Flats/Corning area.
  9. This race is not parc ferme. You're free to work on your car.
  10. Dang! Nice haul! I have the same shifter. What's the item that looks like a strut? Upgrade for a pedal?
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