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  1. @DEE DEE - were you driving the car around 9pm on Saturday night? Whoever it was, we had a good battle over a few laps: https://www.twitch.tv/hjmotorsport/clip/LightReliableClamShazBotstix?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time https://www.twitch.tv/hjmotorsport/clip/BoldRoughElkCoolStoryBro?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time
  2. We've only run Champ for 3 years, but out of those 6 events (108 hours of track time) we've only had on-track contact twice (both in the same race) and neither serious enough to cause a retirement or significant delay. In one case the other driver was very apologetic and gave us some cash towards any damage (which was a classy move). In the other case, the other driver was clearly in over his head and said contact was our fault for "racing him in the corners". We explained that, with a 1.6 Miata, the corners were the only place we could conceivably race anyone. I'll leave you to judge that particular event for yourselves: https://i.imgur.com/EkrK7jG.gifv I don't know if it's kept track of from event-to-event or year-to-year, and I don't think absolute data would make much sense if trying to compare against other series given differences in field numbers, machinery etc., so all you can rely upon is anecdotal evidence regardless. I will say that, from our experience as a slower/smaller car, driving standards have improved even in the last 3 years and we don't witness as much contact or dodgy driving as we did in 2017. From spectating during events, contact is called in promptly by the corner workers or by viewers of in-car cameras, and black flags are swift to be deployed.
  3. @Doc my adventure with your car at pit-in was at 7am on the Sunday morning - there was no indication that the driver was pitting and they swung way out through Hog Pen so I assumed they were taking a normal line and I could get past on the inside (caught them very rapidly that lap), then they dived into the pits and I had to brake pretty sharply to avoid contact. Might be worth advising on pit-in etiquette (hand in the air or at least keeping all the way track right through the final corner). Incident that Evan witnessed with the Red Miata was at 9:20am on the Sunday morning. I believe the car in question is the #470 Silver Star entry as I had a good battle with them overnight (and therefore got a good look at the car). No idea if there was any communication afterwards as we hadn't spoken to either entry, but figured you should be aware of what we saw going on.
  4. If only we had a title sponsor who could facilitate this for us - maybe offer a discount on the approved tire list for CCES competitors and ensure availability in the common sizes.
  5. I know that a couple of the fast Miatas at VIR last weekend were doing the race on two sets of RE-71s. The lap time advantage over a set of RS4s or AD08s can be significant - for that reason we're thinking about doing the same next year. You know what they say; if you can't beat them, outspend them!
  6. @Doc I know those guys too! https://www.twitch.tv/hjmotorsport/clip/ConcernedSourTriangleTheTarFu
  7. This was our third VIR 24hr, and from my own perspective I found the driving standards to have improved each year. May have something to do with the slightly reduced field number this year, but we experienced generally respectful driving, both in traffic (passing and being passed), and when racing hard with similar cars. I think the fact that driving standards are generally improving is what makes these bigger incidents more isolated and stand out more.
  8. As promised, below is the full race gallery/recap from Team Hugh Jass. https://imgur.com/a/MlvtSP2 It's no secret that we've had a difficult year in 2019; got to WGI and failed to complete a lap all weekend, then had to withdraw from Indy a week before the event. The VIR 24hr is our home race, and we refer to it as the HJ Family Reunion weekend. This year we had team members fly in from Australia, Germany, Texas, Illinois, and all along the Eastern Seaboard - we try and do as much as possible and hosted karting, trivia, and meals with the team. The race itself was, as always, a massive challenge. An accident from our new driver in the Friday practice session cracked the diff casing and caused further issues in the drivetrain that we uncovered on Saturday - fixing those meant we took to the track 90 minutes after the green flag. Further issues overnight took the form of a broken clutch slave cylinder, a sheared axle nut, and a loose throttle cable. Despite these setbacks, we persevered and took the chequered flag in 33rd overall - not our best performance objectively but a result of which we are very proud. We don't have the fastest car but were still able to turn good laps, stay out of trouble when on track, and have some really fun battles where possible. Thank you to everyone at ChampCar and VIR for once again hosting such a memorable event, and thanks to everyone who supported us in the paddock with tools, parts, or kind words. We hope we were able to reciprocate in kind and help out any team that was similarly in need. Special shoutouts to @Ray Franck and @FlorahDorah for their support in tech and in the pitlane, to @Bill Strong and @Doc for keeping us involved in the live stream (and for allowing one of our members to commentate for a while), to @Jim and the rest of the Racebar crew for the party and paddock shenanigans on Friday, and to @Huggy and the rest of the Pinkies Out crew for a great drive and win - your car was always beautifully driven and considerate when lapping us, and we hope we stayed out of your way. I don't think we'll make any more CCES events this year but will head back to the tech center and start repairing and preparing our car for a more successful 2020 season.
  9. Exhibit A of classic Miata ChampCar racing; catch up to the E30 through the corner and then get a point-by from a driver who is keeping his foot down hard on the long straight: https://www.twitch.tv/hjmotorsport/clip/GracefulDependableSowKAPOW?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time
  10. Congratulations on the win @Huggy, and all the team at Pinkies Out - that car was fast and driven nicely all weekend. Not sure who was in the car at 7:45am, but I left them just enough room to go 3 wide into the Esses. Love that early morning stint! https://imgur.com/e1LWCZX For less heads-up driving, here's a fellow Miata brother having already passed three flag stands at yellow (keep an eye on the mirror):
  11. I will post a full recap for our team when I gather all the pictures from our members, but thank you once again to ChampCar and VIR for hosting another memorable weekend. This is the third time we've run the race, and our most arduous yet. An accident in the Friday test session caused us to miss the start due to substantial repairs, and ongoing effects from that saw us in the paddock for various repairs - we replaced a diff casing, a rear main seal (engine out), clutch slave, and a rear axle throughout the weekend. Despite this we soldiered on, setting good lap times and took the flag in 33rd overall. Given that we were in the paddock for maybe 2.5 hours of the 24, we feel this is a respectable performance. As ever, the camaraderie and support in the paddock among teams was what makes ChampCar so special - we were able to source parts and equipment from teams who were happy to help, and we were able to reciprocate in kind. The action on track was always exciting and there was a lot of good and respectful driving out there. We're proud to be part of this series, and look forward to coming back next year to improve our performance again. I believe we got a shout-out at the prizegiving for our troubles, and we're grateful for the acknowledgement. Unfortunately we didn't have many members left in the paddock for the ceremony - I'd already left with a flight to catch and the rest of the team we're packing up to hit the road. Looking forward to hearing all the stories from other teams!
  12. HJ Trivia starting in 15 minutes for anyone interested, at the HJ trailer in the Paddock; 3 lanes back, in line with the end of the pit garages.
  13. Happy to announce that, after a very difficult 2019 season, Hugh Jass will be back on track this weekend at VIR. We're all looking forward to racing with our ChampCar colleagues once again, and will be sure to enjoy a great weekend. https://imgur.com/a/rp75Jpy
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