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  1. We fit a new horn on our car for this round, ostensibly as a joke. Until I got too riled up and it was the perfect outlet for some frustration.....
  2. 10pm almost on the nose, I went off on it and pitted immediately as we were due a stop and it was clearly going to be a FCY:
  3. @Racer28173 speaking for the non-swapped Miata guys (1.6l Spec), we were still braking and downshifting into South Bend. It's flat from T4b until there though: Advantage of our light car is that we can go round the outside of cars whilst flat in the final part of the esses, this was very useful for getting around cars that were more powerful in a straight line but slower over a full lap:
  4. Team Hugh Jass had a great time at this race. We retired from our first ever 24h in 2017 after 23 hours, so were determined to finish the race this time. We're a relatively new team made up of friends who met online competing in iRacing, and translated our efforts to a real car last year. We don't have the fastest car (1.6 Miata) or the most experienced drivers/crew, so our focus is putting out a clean and reliable car with consistent lap times and strategy. Everyone arrived throughout the day on Friday, a lot of the team were meeting in person for the first time so we quickly bonded over some karting, some beer (thanks Racebar), and motorsport trivia. Set up the pits on Saturday morning and made friends with @pintodave and the rest of the Cage Gage crew - top guys and gals. Got off to a decent start in the race itself, some close racing in the first hour. Had our first major incident about 90 minutes in when the JSK Maxima locked up in the middle of Oak Tree and pushed us into the tires - no structural damage so we finished the stint. Team and driver were really apologetic about the contact which we appreciated. Tried to find a rhythm for the rest of the afternoon, with only a quick spin in the lower esses. Second major incident occurred around 7pm when the K&H Mustang side-swiped us with a pretty decent hit. Hit the right-front corner the worst, knocked the steering out of alignment and dented the bodywork all down the passenger side. Driver of the Mustang was very dismissive but we chatted with the team owner later and he apologised for the contact. Kept going with this damage until another incident at 10pm when I hit some oil in Roller Coaster, damaged the splitter on the bouncy trip through the grass, and decided to pit to the paddock as it would be a caution to clear up the spill - we fixed the alignment and bodywork with a big hammer, and sent the car back out for the night. Rest of the night passed smoothly-ish, with the only major moment happening when I misjudged the closing speed of the Bronze Cobalt in the middle of the Esses and, as he drifted over into my line, had to take to the grass on the outside to avoid a big accident. Partially my fault for sure, but the crazy closing speed coupled with the lack of visibility at night meant that this sort of incident was inevitable. Luckily no more damage than we had already and we made it through the night unscathed. Put our faster drivers back in for the last three stints and made it home with 3rd place in Class A and 12th overall. We're really proud of this result for a team of novices in one of the slower cars out there, and will hopefully be back next year with a bit more pace and experience. I'll put together a full post-race recap gallery this week with all our highlights (and lowlights), but tremendous thanks to all the ChampCar crew and VIR for hosting an awesome event, there's really nothing else like it!
  5. No race tonight, 17 members of the league were at VIR doing some real life racing.
  6. I'll wait for the official recap thread for the full race report, but Team Hugh Jass had a blast at this race. Numerous issues but finished up 3rd in Class A and 11th (I think) overall, which we feel isn't too bad for a team of sim racers in a little 1.6 Miata!
  7. @pintodave sorry to hear that mate, I came back and you were all packed up. Thanks for being awesome pit stall companions.
  8. I was out there for the same stint @gr1vlet, some really "interesting" moments. Also came upon the Cobalt in the esses, ended up taking a trip across the grass at 95mph after I got squeezed and the closing speed was far greater than I could judge in the darkness. Partially my fault. All clips to be put together soon into an exciting montage. And yes on the beer.
  9. Traffic is crazy out there, huge speed differential between some cars and it's really tough for the underpowered but grippy smaller cars to find space with the "fast in a straight line but parked on the apex" bigger cars. Really have to have your wits about you.
  10. Rapido

    Team Hugh Jass at VIR

    Hugh Jass trivia will start at 9:15pm over by the HJ trailer (west of the Sunoco, by the lake).
  11. Hugh Jass trivia will start at 9:15pm over by the HJ trailer (west of the Sunoco, by the lake).
  12. We'll aim to start trivia at 9pm - after we've had a chance to sample the Racebar party. Should be done by 10pm, only 30 questions but hopefully fun!
  13. Rapido

    Team Hugh Jass at VIR

    We're sharing a pit stall with Cage Gage so hopefully your good vibes will help us as well!
  14. @pintodave sounds good, looking forward to meeting up! We're bringing a large team and will be arriving throughout Friday afternoon - grab anyone in an HJ shirt and we'll work out the details.