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  1. We've had a great start to the 2021 CCiS season, with two entertaining and busy races featuring two brand new winners in the series. We look to keep the momentum rolling for the next round at the legendary Daytona road course. This round features the first appearance of the Street Stock in 2021, and it's sure to produce a good race. One tip - brake earlier than you think for T1. Session Details Practice Round: Wednesday, 10-March-2021 Championship Round: Wednesday, 17-March-2021 Practice Start: 6:30pm ET Qualifying Start: 8:30pm ET Race Start:
  2. For the practice rounds, there is no license requirement. For the championship rounds, minimum is a Road D license with >2.0 safety rating.
  3. Exciting times in the CCiS, as we head to Virginia International Raceway to experience the debut of a new vehicle in the league. It's FWD, it's disconcertingly quiet, and it understeers like a greased penguin. That's right, it's the Volkswagen Jetta TDI. This event promises to be tight and competitive, as passing is difficult but offtrack adventures are frequent. Our first round of the season featured some great clean racing, so looking forward to this different challenge. Please remember to fill out the broadcast information form (linked at the bottom of this post) so that the commentators ca
  4. The first round of the 2021 ChampCar iRacing Series is tonight. True to the real-world calendar, it is at a (non-snowy) Road Atlanta, and will be broadcast live on YouTube at 9:30pm Eastern. If you're curious about the series, or just want to watch some good racing, please tune in!
  5. Hope everyone is looking forward to the first CCiS championship round this evening. Wanted to take the opportunity to introduce two new forms for this season that are being introduced on the back of the feedback received in the 2020 end-of-year community survey. Broadcast Information: Our partners at HJBC do a fantastic job at the live broadcasts of the championship rounds, covering battles and drivers throughout the field. To help them out further, please consider providing additional information about yourself and your racing adventures. This will help engage viewers
  6. The 2021 ChampCar season is underway, and some of you tuning into the ChampCar.Live broadcast may have caught the live draw of the second winner of the 2020 CCiS season grand prize. We were very lucky this year to have the legendary Bob Varsha perform the random draw live on camera, and I have clipped the moment below: https://streamable.com/s905mk Congratulations to Andy Cossick for winning the prize of CCES race entry credit of up to $1500! Also a reminder to the 2nd and 3rd placed championship drivers (Justin Hall and Max Lupfer) that they win physical ChampCar troph
  7. Time multiplier for the race will be the same as the practice round, so a little bit of aesthetic low sun but no darkness I think. I promise we'll have some night-time running in other rounds though. I might even show up for the race next week...
  8. Welcome to Round 1 of the 2021 CCiS! We're very excited to continue to bring the opportunity of tight and respectful sim racing to the ChampCar community. Sessions have been scheduled and all the details are below. Please note the 30 minutes earlier start time for all sessions, and the fact that starting fuel is now 6.4g (this is more than last season, which should grant more flexibility with pit stop strategy). Weather is likely to be on the cooler side, and we will be racing close to sunset. A couple of housekeeping details of which to be aware for newcomers: If you r
  9. Bill Riley has been operating on that principle in 2020, let's see how the comparative lap times stack up at Road America!
  10. Welcome to 2021, and kicking off the season with a fun "get-to-know-you" event where we're trying something a bit different. The race will feature two cars, but grouped together in the same class. Based upon some testing and some Excel problem solving (workings below), by restricting the Mustang to 3 pit stops with a limited starting fill and tank capacity, they are projected to finish the race 22s ahead of a non-stopping Mazda ND. With a bit of tire degradation, traffic, and pit-entry, this difference may well be a lot closer. Only one way to find out! Ses
  11. The current plan is for Dana to do the draw during the ChampCar.Live broadcast from Road Atlanta. @Doc is co-ordinating, he'll let us know the details once they're confirmed.
  12. The schedule for the 2021 ChampCar iRacing Series has been announced. Please head over to the thread linked below for all details. There are still two grand prizes on offer (a race entry credit of up to $1500 that can be applied to a real-world CCES round in 2022); one will be awarded to the overall championship winner, and the other to a competitor who has competed in the series throughout the year. This means that even if you're not running at the front every week, a consistent participation effort can still lead to a big prize! There are smaller prizes to be won throughout the
  13. Happy New Year to everyone, and welcome to the 2021 ChampCar iRacing Series. We experienced strong growth in 2020, and entering our fourth year we are excited to continue serving the ChampCar community and attracting new membership to real life endurance racing. Following strongly positive feedback from the community in 2020, there will be only minor adjustments in format for the 2021 season, and these are all detailed below. The first championship round of the season will take place at Road Atlanta on February 10th, with the first practice round on February 3rd. There will be a "just for fun"
  14. Official schedule is with Doc and Dana pending their review and approval for ChampCar to continue to support the iRacing Series. First championship round is currently planned for Feb-10. Everything is ready to go, once I receive sign-off I will post the schedule and all details for the 2021 season.
  15. Season Review This has been the third season of the CCiS, and our most successful yet. Average field sizes increased to 35 per round, and we saw a total of 169 unique drivers join the grid over the course of the season. The quality of driving was of a very high standard throughout the field, and we saw multiple drivers running up-front. Thank you to everyone who participated in the season and contributed to building this community - I believe that the CCiS is proving a valuable partner to the CCES and providing another avenue of exposure to ChampCar members and prospective members
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