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  1. The Autumn of Rovals continues out west in Fontana, home of the Auto Club Speedway. Car is the Street Stock which, based on the latest results from ChampCar, would now be fully legal as a 500 point car. Once again, CCiS is ahead of the curve! Session Details Practice Round: Wednesday, 23-September-2020 Championship Round: Wednesday, 30-September-2020 Practice Start: 7:00pm ET Qualifying Start: 9:00pm ET Race Start: 10:00pm ET Cars: Street Stock Track: Auto Club Speedway - Competition In-Sim Session Date: Saturday, 4-October-202
  2. Here's our full race recap! https://imgur.com/a/YG851iv
  3. I can also recommend Nic's work, we were very happy with his pictures from Indy and will look forward to utilising his services again at future races.
  4. Race report from Team Hugh Jass. First off, wanted to say a big thanks to CCES, Indy, and all the other teams that made this event happen. We acknowledge that these are challenging times for "budget" motorsport in this country, and we all had to jump through hoops to get to this event, but the atmosphere on pit lane and the considerate racing on track made this a really fun event to attend. We failed to make the 2019 event at the last minute after car issues, so were determined to make amends this year. Saturday Car was in good shape for the start, and I had the honour of taking
  5. If I read the questionnaire correctly, you need to complete it each day you enter the facility, so best for each person on a team to print it three times before departing for the weekend.
  6. Bit delayed, but please see the link below for a quick recap of our race. Very happy to get back on track after all that 2020 has thrown at us, and very excited to see everyone again at Indy this weekend. https://imgur.com/a/pLNJ4LO
  7. After the summer break, we're back on the (virtual) racetrack and visiting the iconic Brickyard. As is appropriate for a famed oval, we're running the wonderful Street Stock. Weather should be pretty warm, so expect some tire fall off. This is a surprisingly fun road course, and should produce a good race. It's also much cheaper than the CCES race at Indy, plus you don't need to walk for miles to get your pit box. And the fuel is free. And it's less hot. See you on track! Session Details Practice Round: Wednesday, 2-September-2020 Championship Round: Wednesday, 9
  8. In the UK, if you have under a certain number of races in your competition history you're required to run a yellow/black sticker on the back of your car signifying "novice" status. Gives cars around you the idea that the driver is still relatively new to competition and to give extra time and space if required. I'm sure something like this could be translated to CCES pretty easily, even if you have multiple drivers of varying ability/experience sharing a car.
  9. My standard plug for iRacing at this point - appreciate that not all CCES tracks are available (although other tracks might be available in other realistic sims), but for those that are it can be an invaluable tool for new drivers to become familiar with a track ahead of a race event. You will know where the line is, where the bumps are, can practice at day or night, and in cars of varying power and handling characteristics. We've put lots of new drivers in our car at WGI and VIR whose only previous experience of the track has been in sim, and they've all reported being impressed with how this
  10. We had to pull out last year due to car issues; few of us ended making the trip out anyway and drove for other teams. We're going back this year to make amends from the disappointment of 2019 and to cross it off the list for our team. We have already decided not to enter again. The restrictions (particularly fuel, karts, and parking) combined with the additional cost of running the event mean that we would prefer to concentrate on other events. Given the additional disruption to the racing calendar and the economy this year, I'm not surprised to see many other teams coming to the same conclusi
  11. Take metal out of the doors/hood/trunk, lightweight top if you have the $$$. Or go full PartsBadger.
  12. In order of priority as we have experienced: Weight loss Header ECU Wider wheels Aero
  13. We've run the AD08r almost exclusively on our Miata since 2017. Faster than an RS4, and we've done about 30 hours of racing on a given set (granted our car is lighter than most). Haven't run the RE71r yet but we've been happy with the Yokos from a pace/wear/price perspective.
  14. Thank you to all ChampCar staff and teams for putting on this event under challenging times. Despite the necessary restrictions, I thought that the event retained much of the atmosphere of previous 24s and it's still a special place to be at 3am (for better or for worse). This was our first event of the year after the disruption of the 2020 schedule, and our first since the 24 last year, and despite a reduced team size due to travel restrictions we were all keen to get back on track. Team Hugh Jass Race Recap Arrived on Friday to set up our spot in the paddock - alread
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