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  1. Just home from work, so I'll join when I've eaten dinner. Also, I might have misjudged the fuel load in the fixed setup, so possibly no forced pit stop tonight!
  2. Race tonight, no license requirements, a fast repair, and the first step towards a coveted HJ t-shirt. What's not to enjoy?
  3. Sure will! As long as the computer is good enough to support VR then that's definitely a great route. I've never tried it myself but those in our team who do say that it's definitely the way to go. Until you pull the trigger, make sure you use the iRacing FOV calculator when setting up your monitor, and you should be good to go.
  4. First round will be at the historic Brands Hatch GP circuit, scene of many great F1 and BTCC battles over the years. It's a very fun track, perfectly suited to the MX-5. Session will start at 8pm ET, with the race start at 9:20pm. There will be a pit-stop required, same as the championship races. Any questions, let me know! Session Details Date: Thursday, 21-June-2018 Practice Start: 8:00pm EDT Qualifying Start: 9:10pm EDT (single qualifier, 4 flying laps) Race Start: 9:20pm EDT Cars: 2016 Global Mazda Cup Track: Brands Hatch GP Weather: iRacing Baseline (Late Afternoon, Partly Cloudy, 78°F, 46% humidity) Setup: Fixed, Baseline with reduced fuel Useful Links 2018 ChampCar Sim Series schedule Guide to iRacing and Hardware How to create your own iRacing paints iRacing Tips and Resources Discord Server
  5. Nice, single monitor desk racers unite! I would recommend trying to get that monitor as close to your wheel as possible, some sort of little stand or tray over your keyboard might help, otherwise your FOV will be quite a way off.
  6. Given the summer lull in the Sim Series calendar, we at HJ Motorsport (or Team Hugh Jass, as you may know us) decided it was time for a sojourn across the pond for a mini-series open to everyone. Although we're a North American series, it's nice to pack the kids into a rental Austin Maxi and tour the continent, soaking in the historic motorsport venues encountered along the way. For the next 4 Thursdays, we will host a race at 4 historic European venues. These will be similar format to the regular championship rounds, although sessions will be shorter (2 hours, starting 8pm ET) and only one class (the lovely 2016 MX-5). I will post the session details in this thread each week, and hope to see a lot of new and old faces out there for some racing fun! Schedule 6/21: Brands Hatch GP 6/28: Spa Francorchamps 7/5: Nordschleife 7/12: Monza GP Prize Although this is not associated with the "official" ChampCar Sim Series, and points are separate, there will be a small prize on offer to encourage participation. The highest scoring, non-HJ, driver across all 4 rounds will win a very exclusive Team Hugh Jass T-shirt. This will be available for collection at the ChampCar 24h of VIR, and is sure to prove the envy of your friends, co-workers, and family. Wunderbar!
  7. Welcome to the dark side @Jab31169! VIR 24 was my second ever endurance race - we really tried hard not to use that runoff. Tried..... Were you running that white E36 that Jack Joyner was driving? He was one of the instructors when I did the Porsche Driving School at Barber, was funny bumping into him on pit lane at a Chumpcar event. The remaining events in the iRacing season are VIR, Sebring (twice), Road America, Auto Club, Barber, and Laguna Seca - I imagine these will all feature next season as well so it's at your discretion whether you purchase them now or not. RA and Sebring get used a bunch in various series, but I might hold off on Auto Club. First practice round for VIR will be on July 19th so plenty of opportunity to prepare before the big race on August 2nd. For the 4 weeks before then, I'm going to host 4 smaller events for fun, each at a different European track, to have some racing at the tracks that we would not normally cover in a regular season. For another rookie-friendly league, I also run the Reddit iRacing League - we run 4 seasons per year, with sessions every Sunday night at 8pm ET, using predominantly base (free) content, a few oval rounds but mainly road. Membership has a wide skill range but we're all friendly and lots of us are also involved in the ChampCar team, so we want to encourage members from this community to join us as well as running the Thursday championship. Coming to the end of our 2nd season this year, but I'll post the details in this forum when we plan to start the next.
  8. Rapido

    What to race

    Radical has to be driven like an SRF with a touch more downforce (but with the same weight transfer characteristics). It's a car that rewards being driven smoothly and a little below the limit versus overdriving. We'll be running the iRacing championship in the Wednesday 9pm ET timeslot, probably attracting decently big fields now that it's a free car. We'll also be running the iRacing 911 Cup championship in the Tuesday 9:45pm ET timeslot, another car that is very challenging to get the hang of but very rewarding when you do.
  9. Rapido

    What to race

    Sounds like you're ready for the Radical! It's a free car since the last update, and we (HJ) will be running it weekly in the official iRacing split at 9pm ET on Wednesdays, starting next week. It's a tricky car to get to grips with initially, but very rewarding once you get there, teaching momentum and downforce equally. It's fixed setup, so there will be no inequality there, and there will always be a good size of grid at that time as at least 10 of us will be joining up. Everyone is welcome!
  10. Rapido

    Benefits of Sim Racing

    Good read @Doc, agree with a lot of those points. As I'm sure everyone is aware, most of our team came exclusively from a simracing background and their first experience of track driving (or any sort) came from exiting the pits in the middle of a ChampCar race. We credit iRacing for developing within our drivers a base level of competence and ability to manage traffic, learn a racing line before hitting the track, and know what to do when the car gets loose. If anyone is interested in getting involved in iRacing, and the ChampCar Sim Series, please feel free to message us at any time if you have any questions.
  11. Welcome @cbhaywood, we were in your exact situation just over a year ago - newly purchased NA Miata, lots of enthusiasm, and a driving team with very little (non-virtual) experience. Any questions you have then please feel free to reach out to me or any member of the HJ crew. We were out there with you at the Glen - glad you got through relatively unscathed and good luck for the next race!
  12. Our final post-race recap, we are very lucky to have such a dedicated team of enthusiastic racers, all of whom have come together in the virtual racing world before making this leap to real-world competition. Thank you to all at ChampCar for making it possible for a group of amateurs to go racing at such great tracks! https://imgur.com/a/MombnX5
  13. @Racer28173 - he had just spun off at the top of the hill there (which was why the local yellow was out), rejoined at full speed dropping what looked like a bit of fluid and then promptly spun again. Interesting tactic.
  14. My bad https://gfycat.com/DependableNimbleDogwoodtwigborer
  15. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, we will take a look and hopefully fix the issue at root (because it's going to be hotter at VIR in August....). Sorry for hijacking the thread with our car issues, here's another .gif highlight to get us back on track (so to speak):