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  1. @Mark L not sure where you're based, but I would strongly recommend visiting an event to see what it's about and meeting/speaking with various teams who might be renting seat time at future events. Not all teams are active on the forums, and there is a huge variety of teams and rental contracts. Some teams may refund for drive time not used, some may refund a certain % (based on non-refundable costs), some may roll it over to a future event; entirely depends on the individuals involved. Volunteering to work in the pits would also give you a good idea of how CCES events work and to see how certain different teams approach a race. Just having that base experience and knowledge would make teams more likely to offer you a seat as you won't be completely new to the sport.
  2. Me too, a tricky car at a track for which I have no feel and very little experience.
  3. There's always a case of Team X.x, every team is different in how they run and budget for events and there are consequently many variables outside of just track/event/driver. Maybe the team owner is in trade and so their consumables cost is reduced. Maybe you bring in special race fuel in cunningly disguised drums of 93 RON. Maybe the team has an established build/car that has been running for a while and so they're putting less money into upgrades or development. And so on.... Most important thing is to identify what the renter is looking for, and to find a team that is aligned with their personality and goals.
  4. I think it can really vary based upon the type of team, the event (higher profile tracks will both have increased entry fees and desirability), and the driver (prior relationship to the team, experience in CCES). From my experience as a renter/rentee and market research since we started in 2017, a general rule of thumb, by type of team, is as below. This is based upon a full "stint", which will generally be 1hr45 (for something like a 7+7) or 2hr (for any even numbered race distance), at a popular event that's not IMS or COTA, and for a driver who has reasonable experience on track but not necessarily w2w or with endurance racing. Team Type 1 - Car that will not necessarily be reliable or front-running, but caters to renters looking for w2w experience - $500-$700/stint Team Type 2 - Car that will be safe and reliable, but not necessarily in contention for the overall win - $700-$900/stint Team Type 3 - Car that will be fast and potentially top-5 but not necessarily top-tier reliability, who still need renters to help out and hustle - $800-$1k/stint Team Type 4 - Car that is run by a team that offers "arrive-and-drive" packages that will be fast and reliable and have a full crew to take care of cars - $900-$1200/stint Ultimately, for any renter, it's a question of asking yourself what you want from your race experience; do you want to be in with a shot of a top-5 finish with the understanding that the car may break and you get no track time, do you want to be more sure of getting your fully allotted time on track with the understanding you will probably not be winning any trophies, or do you want to just rock up and drive your scheduled stint and then chill in the a/c in the motorhome. The great thing about CCES is that all of these options will probably be on offer at any given event.
  5. After such a great turnout for Round 1, we look forward to keeping the momentum going as we take the circus to the west coast and the home of the 2019 CCES Championship Decider, Sonoma Raceway. This round will see the league debut of the Pontiac Solstice. Often derided as the "Slowstice", and the source of countless complaints about a lack of power, handling, or balance, the Solstice is a perfect addition to a representative ChampCar field. Good luck! Session Details Practice Round: Wednesday, 5-February-2020 Championship Round: Wednesday, 12-February-2020 Practice Start: 7:00pm ET Qualifying Start: 9:00pm ET Race Start: 10:00pm ET Cars: Pontiac Solstice Track: Sonoma Raceway - Cup In-Sim Session Date: Wednesday, 12-February-2020 In-Sim Session Start Time: 8:00am In-Sim Time Multiplier: 2x Weather: Auto-Generated Setup: Fixed, iRacing Baseline with 3.2g Fuel Fast Repairs: 1 License Requirements: Practice Rounds (None), Championship Round (>D2.0) Useful Links ChampCar iRacing Series - League Application Discord Server 2020 ChampCar iRacing Series schedule Guide to iRacing and Hardware How to create your own iRacing paints iRacing Tips and Resources
  6. On that note, I'd like to introduce you to the story of my very own team. We all met online, in an iRacing league, and started doing iRacing endurance events, the organisation of which is not dissimilar to a ChampCar event. From there we realised a shared hobby, finally started to meet in person, built a race car, and did our first ChampCar event in March 2017. Since then we've done quite a few events, placing well in most, and running reliably and cleanly. It is because of this history and experience than the CCES BoD reached out to me to start running the CCiS. You can read more about our history on our website. Your fast repair can be used concurrently with fuel or tires, the only stipulation is that the checkbox on the F4 box must be checked prior to arriving in your pit box. As explained above, tires can be selected/deselected using the F5 box. I agree that the sim does lack some of the tactile feedback you experience on track, however we have seen some correlation between relative pace in the sim being reflected on the track. Max Verstappen and Lando Norris are very highly rated and fast iRacers, and they seem to do ok in real life. Same for William Byron and Ty Majeski in the NASCAR world. The majority of our HJ drivers had zero track experience before racing in a CCES event, but were at a decent baseline pace right from the start and able to race competitively purely down to iRacing experience. I'd be happy to do a stint in your MR2 at WGI and see how I compare. Finally on that point, I am glad that there is not a CCES membership requirement to compete in the CCiS. The goal of the series is to introduce simracers, who may not have the exposure or opportunity to race in the real world, to the ChampCar community. It spreads awareness of the race series, and offers the chance for talented drivers to win a very exciting opportunity to bring their skills to our series. Hopefully they are sufficiently bitten by the racing bug that this inspires them to come back to future events, either with their own car or as a renting driver to help boost the entry of another team. Through maintaining this welcoming sense of community in the sim, we can continue to build support and attract members to the series. To that point, John D Allen, who just missed out on the prize last season, is still intending to rent a seat from us at an event this year (and therefore push us to pay a full entry fee for a race that we may not have done otherwise), just because he got to know the series and the community from competing in iRacing last year. This is an entry fee that CC may not have received were it not for offering a prize in the series the prior year, already breaking even on the prize that it did pay out. In this way we can continue to build the series in both virtual and real worlds.
  7. Our first season (2018), the races were on the Thursday evenings before the real races. Last year we moved to Wednesday as it was clear that a lot of racers were packing up/starting to tow on Thursdays. Wednesday we see as a good compromise between relevancy and convenience. Unfortunately the sheer volume of CCES events (on tracks in the iRacing world and not) means that there may be some overlap. You do not have to be a CC member to run in the iRacing Series; the hope is that the prizes will offer the chance for new drivers/teams to get involved in CC, as well as building a community to get the wider iRacing community interested in learning more about our particular form of budget endurance racing. To that end, we had an interesting mix of drivers in Round 1. Taking a few examples; the winner DJ has never raced CCES but does race in GLTC. JD Allen has also never raced CCES, but is a very competitive Spec Miata racer. Alex Albert, and Alex Koffard are both members of HughJass, along with myself. Kevin Binkley campaigns a blue and white E46 in CCES. Other honorable mentions to CCES racers @Gordo, @Jab31169, @flytime, @NigelStu, and @Jamie, all of whom were on the grid last Wednesday. I'm sure I missed a few as well, but this should give you an idea of the cross-section of membership and drivers we hope to attract to the series.
  8. Below is what is planned at the moment, it will only be changed if the real world CCES round uses a different config, or if a more accurate choice becomes available via an iRacing update.
  9. It's possible that the weather could have affected the test consumption vs race session consumption. As our race was at dusk, a cooler/grippier track can translate to being on the throttle for longer and therefore greater fuel consumption. I recommend a 3rd party program like Crew Chief or Joel Real Timing that can provide real-time fuel consumption and predict the amount to be added to make the end of the race. Even with those though, I like to build in 1 lap of buffer. @cowboys647 - I don't have plans to introduce an incident limit at this point, however, if a competitor can be seen to be gaining a persistent advantage by abusing the track limits then this can be brought up to me for review/penalty in particularly egregious cases.
  10. A reminder that tonight is the first round of the CCiS, and the start of a year long journey that will see two lucky virtual competitors win fantastic real-life track prizes with ChampCar. The race will be broadcast live on YouTube, starting at 9:50pm ET. If you are interested in the series then please come and join us in the dedicated area of the forum. With 4 drop weeks it is in no way too late to get involved in the championship and stand a chance of winning a free CCES race entry.
  11. Hi Troy, please see responses below, and hope this helps yourself and other interested parties. Paul covered most of it nicely, but adding a few additional points and pictures. As long as you have already applied to the league using the link in the schedule post, you can access league sessions via the main website: https://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/Home.do Navigate to League Sessions: And you should see the pending league session scheduled on this page: The blue box on the right (highlighted) will change to a green steering wheel icon after the page refreshes after 7pm ET tonight, click that and you will be able to register for the session. For the race specific questions: A pit stop will be required for fuel as the car setup is fixed and everyone will start with a short fill on which it will not be able to finish the full race distance. You do not have to take tires when taking fuel, these options can be set separately. New tires do give a bit of a pace boost, but the benefit should be weighed against any additional time it may take to change tires in addition to the fuel fill. Fuel and tire service occur simultaneously in the pits. You should use practice time to work out how much additional fuel will be needed in the race (work out an average race lap pace and fuel consumption/lap, and then work out how much will need to be added to the baseline amount in the setup). For reference, in this car tires take about the same amount of time as 3g of fuel takes to be added to the car. If you work out you will need less than 3g in the race, then taking tires might cost a bit of additional time. However, this can be worth the offset in pace advantage. Again, practice is the time to work out these variables. Pressing F4 whilst in the car will bring up the fuel and repair options. Use this to set the amount of fuel to be added to the car the next time the car enters the pits (this must be done whilst on track and before you stop in the box). Also use this to set your fast repair option (an instant repair of all damage on the car) - you only get one so use it wisely. Pressing F5 whilst in the car will bring up the tire change options - uncheck or check the respective boxes to select the tires to change the next time the car enters the pits. The amount of fuel you will need to add during the race will vary due to car, track, starting fill, and your own driving style. It is best to use practice to work out a strategy. For a baseline reference, the Mazda NC normally requires between 2 and 4 gallons additional fuel for an average ChampCar race. To pit, set the options using the F4 and F5 on your in-lap, enter the pitlane (being aware of the speed limit), and you should see your guy waiting with a lollipop. Pull in to the box and service will begin automatically in reference to the options you have defined. I think that covers most things - only other thing of which to be aware is that the NC is on the latest tire model from iRacing, which models tire temperature more extremely and so they need to be looked after to warm up properly on an out lap and kept from overheating. This maybe different from previous memories of this car if you haven't driven it for a while.
  12. To that point, will the subsections of 9.9.2 regarding max Lumens per light source/type also be being more rigorously enforced? I remember turning up to our first race with lights in compliance to the rule book and quickly discovering they were a) inadequate and b) vastly outshone by every other car.
  13. A reminder that there is an iRacing license/safety rating requirement of D/2.0 for the race on Wednesday. Seen some recent league entries from keen newcomers who don't meet this requirement yet, and wanted to reiterate this in case of any disappointment on the day. Acquiring the D license requires 10 races in the Rookie MX-5 series, in order to acquaint new drivers with the order of operations in iRacing races, and to iron out any issues with hardware or setup. Any questions, please let me know, and good luck!
  14. @Gordo - it's not confirmed yet, but I imagine it will be a slightly modified form of the current road baseline setup so that it's softer and more forgiving. It's a blast on road courses with bias-ply tires and V8 power. @MR2 Biohazard - I use a HyperX headset with a Push-to-talk button on the steering wheel. You could also get a desk USB mic (like an AT2020) and map that to a PTT button as well.
  15. Car choices are free content and more varied than last season, and true to a ChampCar-esque experience. I recommend the McLaren GT3 car if you want to practice in a sketchy mid-engined sports car though. Beta UI is launched from the homepage, but you shouldn't necessarily need to use it - league sessions will show up on the regular user page under "League Sessions". Discord link is in the post at the top, and in all pre-round posts.
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