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  1. Alt+K is the shortcut to re-position on screen menus. Our VR users in HJ definitely have some tips to optimise VR settings, so I will ask them to create a thread to assist.
  2. Sounds like they were approaching things all wrong if this is indeed the case - please see my other thread here for an opposite view of the digital-real world transition.
  3. I think that says more about the Opel GT than any classing system.
  4. I agree - we all have hundreds of laps in the sim round the circuit, as well as some experience in the two previous 24s. That said, there can be some real value in looking at things close up and talking through them as a group. For example, I know there's something a little funky about the kerbs on the right through turns 5 and 5a but can't quite identify what they are in the middle of the race - it would be interesting to examine them at walking speed. Plus, a couple of beers (trash of course collected and taken back to the paddock) walking round VIR on a lovely summer evening sounds like a good way to prepare for a race the next day.
  5. Post-Indy, I wanted to share some experiences from members of the HJ team. It was apparent from most of our interactions in the paddock (“Hey, you guys do the iRacing thing, right?”) that forum users are aware of our history – we started in ChampCar in 2017 with a driver pool sourced entirely from our online iRacing team, and most of us with zero previous track experience (let alone W2W experience). Despite this lack of experience, we have been relatively quick and competitive in our own Miata – results that we attribute to experience in the sim equipping our drivers with the fundamentals of track driving and racing without actually doing so in the real world. Indy was a further extension of this theory; despite sadly having to withdraw our own team entry a lot of the team still attended the event and a couple of us found last minute drives with other teams. @David Haines had flown in from Australia to drive at Indy and found a ride with the Chattahoochee Miata, and I committed to a couple of stints in one of the RBank Saabs. Neither of us had seen the track before, Haines had zero track experience of any sort, and I had never raced a FWD or turbo vehicle before. However, we both have several laps around the Indy road course within iRacing, in vehicles close to what we would be driving. This experience undoubtedly lead to a safer, more competitive, and more enjoyable experience at the race. I was able to get up to speed fairly quickly in the Saab and posted lap times close to the other experienced drivers in the car. Haines was immediately on pace in the Miata and ended up with the fastest lap of the weekend within the team. Neither of us had any car contact or dodgy moments, and we were able to race in traffic cleanly and closely. This reinforces our team viewpoint that iRacing experience directly translates to real world on-track performance, and can be a very useful and comparatively inexpensive aid in introducing newcomers to our hobby. Whilst ChampCar is great in giving inexperienced drivers access to some great motorsport facilities, it can still be dangerous with a mix of abilities on track. I’m sure all of us have had relatives/friends/weird cousins express keen interest in getting involved with your racecar, but you may be slightly reticent about their abilities to be safe on track in a pack of 100 other ChampCars. Based on our experience, iRacing can help with that for a pretty low outright cost (a midrange home computer, internet connection, and a couple hundred bucks of initial hardware). With the support ChampCar is offering with the Sim Series then it’s a great time to get involved. We have a load of resources over in the Sim Series forum section, and are very happy to help out anyone interested in getting started. Plus, @pintodave will be joining the grid soon, so here’s your chance to take revenge for any recent Camaro-related incidents.
  6. Has anyone ever had success in negotiating with VIR security to be able to walk the track on the Friday night before the race weekend? I feel it would be useful for us as a team, especially after the test day this year, to go over specific points to note communally. Not sure this is something the track would be amenable to though, and obviously don't want to damage any relationships.
  7. What's up @pintodave - sorry I didn't come over and say hi at Indy, didn't realise you were there driving the Shark. Had a good tussle with whoever was in that car around 2pm-3pm on the Saturday, which may or may not have included a little nudge in the middle of the esses.... Price isn't bad for a pre-built box versus building your own - especially as it's liquid cooled (which adds a decent amount of complexity to any project). You're probably paying a slight premium but if you weigh that against the convenience I'd say it's pretty even. It'll certainly be fine for iRacing/VR hardware requirements. Let us know if you pull the trigger and we can assist on the VR setup, which can be more finicky.
  8. Despite the disappointment of having to withdraw our own team entry a week before the race, Team Hugh Jass were still able to enjoy a weekend at Indianapolis. 14 of us made the trip to the Speedway in order to support each other and ChampCar as a whole. Thanks to @rbankracing.com for the opportunity to drive one of the Turbo Saabs - was definitely a new experience coming from the 1.6 Miata world but was able to enjoy a decent hour of racing on Saturday, particularly with the @Team Infiniti shark - we were two-wide through quite a few corners. An electrical failure (and subsequent tow) put paid to that stint, and then a persistent overheating issue on Sunday lead to limited running. However, it was an honour to drive with this experienced team, and to compete at such a legendary venue. Driving out onto pit road and over the famous bricks for the first time was an exciting moment. Despite exiting into the extended FCY period on Sunday, I thought driving standards were generally good given the huge number of cars on track at any one time. There was generally good awareness - one moment that will stick in my mind is coming into T13 on the inside of a Miata, both braking at the 300 board, and making eye contact with the other driver as both our inside fronts locked slightly - racing room was given and we all went on our merry way. I will echo others here and say I found the flagging a little inconsistent and sub-standard. I don't know if this feedback will accomplish anything or not, but the white flag seemed to be used somewhat indiscriminately, and the gaps between marshal posts made some sections a little difficult to parse. One particular experience of note from Sunday - after running wide on entry to T1 due to a late braking move by some sort of E36, I dutifully followed the procedure that @chisek told us in the Sunday driver meeting and followed the arrows through the escape road. Trying to rejoin the track, the marshal at the T3 post failed to see me entirely, after waving at her she seemed to make eye contact, looked down the track, and then went back to her radio/phone and seemed entirely uninterested in helping to facilitate a safe rejoin - I had to rely upon my own limited visibility to judge when it was safe. I find it ridiculous to be explicitly told how to approach a certain racing situation in the briefing (based on feedback from marshals), and then have the corner workers completely fail to adhere to this procedure when the time comes.
  9. Thank you to all who reached out with details - happy to confirm I have a drive for this weekend and am looking forward to getting on track.
  10. Hi All, As communicated in the main race thread, our team has pulled out of Indy as of today. I am still thinking of making the trip out there (have air tickets and an airbnb already sorted) - if there is any team entered who is looking for an extra driver or needs a stint covering then please let me know. I have a current CC membership and all gear tech'd for 2019. I've worked and driven multiple CC events so know what is required of any race weekend. Decent driving and W2W experience. If anyone has a stint potentially available then please shoot me a message and let's discuss; happy to pay my way and also help out the team with whatever they need. Tom (347) 348-6054
  11. @wvumtnbkr we discussed it but it's been with a good tuner for two days now and even he's stumped with full access to a rolling road and all associated resources. At this point we're unwilling to risk a $2500 entry fee and a $1400 towing adventure (rental plus diesel) on the offchance a miracle cure can be found at the track. We're certainly thankful for all the advice the CC forums have lent us and are determined to get this right eventually.
  12. I'm sorry to announce that Team Hugh Jass have, as of today, pulled out of the Indy race. We have been up against the clock ever since WGI to try and fix a myriad of issues with our 2019 engine swap, but ran out of time with a still undiagnosed issue of fuel delivery under heavy load. The car is not in a position to race safely on track and so we have to make the painful decision to withdraw our entry. I hope another team on the waiting list can at least benefit from our misfortune and get a last-minute chance to race at this hallowed ground. We have benefited from a lot of good luck so far in our racing careers but 2019 is proving to be the year of karmic balancing so far. Thanks to all the CC members who have been kind enough to reach out and offer advice and assistance, we appreciate your time and effort, it just wasn't to be this weekend. We hope to be back at the VIR 24. A few team members will still make the trip to Indy this weekend to support the series, and if anyone needs an extra set of hands then please let us know.
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