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  1. it was said months ago there will be no MOV at this race.
  2. i think running it in a warm climate would have also been simpler.. but here we are. LOL *goes searching thru my closet for a coat*
  3. its all moot because this isn't a discussion to have 2 weeks before the race.
  4. total laps is a bad idea, because as we saw in the fall. a red flag for a couple hours made one day much shorter. and both days are currently unequal in length... plus FCYs.. a team can't control those things.
  5. you aren't stupid like us and going to try and run both races in the same car?
  6. the GBU vette was a huge issue for a lot people the second it got unloaded out of the trailer at Daytona, it broke and sadly people just ignored it. Mostly because log books are closed until a car is in impound. If anyone could have looked at the log book online the day the car came thru tech there would have been an uproar that day. the camaro was also making huge waves but it was retired from a crash before anything could be done.
  7. Except.. thats not the same series. Champcar needs to stop with the 'well this series does this' but then want to ignore all the other things another series does. We are our own series, run by the members.
  8. While i can agree that maybe lifetime ban is too much... 11 months is also too little.. plus the fact they should be waitlisted for the returning race not taking away 2 spots from teams that don't have the same history.
  9. great if you run the ACR version on a viper, for short periods of time, the compounds are not the same on the other sizes. A focus team ran them who was pitted next to us, they just complained the whole race how bad the tires were.
  10. then why are you commenting? there have been countless posts on this forum about there bad behavior. they even posted video from inside the car where you can see the driver deliberately drove down into the Contour in retaliation for some earlier pass.
  11. just watched this amazing IMSA race for spec miata... hopefully the tech staff can make a phone call to IMSA and let them them know all of those MX-5 cup window nets are unsafe
  12. This is another reason of point then.. this team, who consistently damaging other teams is now taking two spots in a sell out race. So that means 2 other teams, most like 2 other teams of clean racers are denied a spot because of this jack-hole team.
  13. I saw they are being required at VIR so i figured i'd get more info. Serious question; We asked to try one at RA a couple years ago and it was a complete nightmare. It stopped working and was just locked on yellow flag for 95% of the race. But the larger issue is that i wired into a 12 volt supply wire as directed. the unit back fed current to our electrical system when we flipped the battery switch to the off position. Its been a while but I think i told them. I would not want to tie anything that i can't test into my electrical system the day of the race. These should be run on their own power while still in a test phase. has this issue been resolved?
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