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  1. I want wisconsin beer, none of that ohioian crap
  2. thats looking at overall wins though.. not class wins. we won class but came in 16th overall, damn C class cars clogging the field.
  3. for sure. 2018 hasn't been kind to us only one class win and 2 DNFs, but 2017 we had a class win and a 2nd in class. It would have been nice to go and shoot for a B class championship.
  4. MoparBoyy

    Fuel Delivery

    We have 2 cars and have 3 - 55 gallon drums in the trailer. I somehow wedge the 48' trailer into a normal gas station and fill all 3 drums at once. Just don't pay at the pump. figure out about how much you'll need and say.. hey i need $500 prepaid on pump 2.
  5. really want to see class championships one day.. our little B class car can't go after the heavy hitters of the series.
  6. Is the tank modified? having oversized stock fuel tank is not legal in ChampCar, niether is the dry break. What other series was this raced in? what class does it fit into?
  7. double header. Better be, we have a lot of work scheduled between races
  8. There is no test day. I think it was marked on the schedule to be Friday-Sunday when it should have been Saturday-Sunday
  9. MoparBoyy

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    they already admitted this was wrong, they weren't even supposed to post that video.
  10. MoparBoyy

    OM 642 diesels

    burn it to the ground.. quickly. I've been a Chrysler tech for 20 years, does it even start?
  11. awesome videos.. what cars did you run?
  12. MoparBoyy

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    there isn't, thats whats messed up.
  13. Got all the fluids changed in the Cobra, fixed a few issues we found during testing. Spent some time fitting the new hood 😈
  14. MoparBoyy

    Driver's Championship

    Not even close. I'm the one who spent a year building the car, not just handing it over to someone just because they race in the same series as me. I would also not let anyone come over and f*ck my wife.. personal preference i guess. 🤷‍♂️