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  1. Omni with SRT4 engine swap 1800lbs, 300hp, 22 gallon cell...... yes
  2. SE-R also has a 6 speed not available in another model, bigger brakes (which mattered when we had a 2x rule) and a little bump in power.
  3. Honestly instead of MOV.. the winner from the previous day should just start at the back of the field.
  4. I shouldn't say they were asked to leave, they were told to change the cheaty cars. Round 3? they had Porche Boxters with GT3 suspension parts in them.
  5. Best way to grow the series is smaller rule changes and look at what we can do to get our rules more inline with other series so we can get those racers. There are plenty of SCCA and NASA racers that have looked into making the jump to champcar, but their car is so outside our rulebook it would cost them too much to even try it out. Later model cars should start at a higher VPI value at first to see how they shake out. Modern cars have fancier ABS systems, better suspension design, and more efficent engines. I think BOD member should go meet with the teams of these cars, look at
  6. I actually think there are many cars that are valued incorrectly, both too low and too high. I think a lot of those 70s cars should have VPIs raised, they were under rated on horsepower and most of them have huge 20+ gallon fuel tanks. Also there is some newer cars that are under valued, they might have more accurate horsepower readings, but when they come with 12 gallon fuel tanks they clearly are starting with a handicap.
  7. I think this should have been stopped at tech, tech failed that one miserably. They should have brought it to the attention of the race director before the green flag and say 'this isn't really what champcar had in mind'. However i think there was a huge failure on Champcar as they seen and knew of this build months before it came into the series. We had cars (thunderbird) that got the VPI raised before anyone even built one just because something might have happened. This should have been done with the Corvette.
  8. 1. We need to slow rule changes, that keeps costs down. 2. Honestly the best way to stop 100k builds is the board needs to make the decision, approach any team in question and say "this isn't in the spirt of the rules of champcar, we would like you to compete in EC or no longer run our series". I would think 90% of the membership base would agree. A team that was asked to leave is currently running WRL/AER and seem like they are doing just fine.
  9. I have a thread where I will answer your questions, others have their own as well.
  10. I don't think you can say a 'freeze' because you don't know what someone might figure out. I have always been a fan of very small rule changes, VPI and parts values included unless there is a huge outlier. I hate the fact you have teams have to worry about massive changes year to year, because we also dont really have a 'season' in Champcar. Our last race of the year and first race of the year there isn't much time to be making massive expensive changes to cars all while during the holidays. I do like rules like the dash bar, where teams were given large advance not
  11. We generally run the Rs4s at Sebring. We chose not to this time because the RS4s were not avaible from tire rack. We bought one new set of A052s started the race on them, the plan was then to cycle thru all the old used A052s we had laying around with less than half the life left. I did have 5 used RS4s laying around but didn't feel they would make the 14hrs in the dry. We won at COTA and PBIR on RS4s, i really like em.. i even run them on my daily Miata.
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