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  1. have you seen our car? clearly we make poor money decisions.
  2. o yeah we blew the engine there too.. ugh, tried to forget about that one.
  3. FU*K Daytona. plain and simple. I live like 30 miles from the track and only have to make 2 turns and I still hate it many times over, only because our luck there is the worst. First year, we did awesome think finished 6th overall in our 300zx. Next year our driver crashed in the bus stop almost destroying the car but a lot of money and metal later it was back to full strength. This year the Cobra blew the transmission in testing a week before the race, then blew the trans in the first hour of the race. Then about 6 hours in the mazda blew its rear main and smoked the clutch, i R&R'd the trans and got our renters back in to finish the race after we lost about 2hrs. Done with that place.
  4. Sebring - its our home track, we have so many perks there its silly. VIR - i love the area, love the track, hate the rain during the 24s BlackHawk Farms Raceway - (yeah i know champ doesn't race there) - I raced bikes there for many years and it was my home track and used to be there every other weekend, also have a track championship on a Honda 600 in 2008.
  5. is that why the crappy class trophies were scrapped because people 'didn't care?' Come on, the only people who don't care about classes is the largest class because most of them are always up front. Sure go to a small track and you'll get more A class cars battling for overall but the majority of overall winners come from C. If classes become 'nothing' we would most likely scrap our B class car since it never has a shot of winning overall, but in B its a beast.
  6. We 100% are doing this and Mazda is also watching us and posting about it on their website.
  7. all the time.. still dont see an unlimited class in IMSA where Audi brings out a LeMans car and destroys the field and claims victory.
  8. a race in florida in the summer? LULz you clearly don't live here.
  9. for every chopped up car out there that is fast... there is 5 fully intact faster/more reliable ones.
  10. takes a lot of horsepower to run those times at daytona, i'm sure those motors are stock.
  11. Glad you guys made it back out. Honestly when we blew the rear main and clutch one of the first thing came to mind was.. "contour guys are going to beat us" After we got back out and started turning laps again, i saw us catch you on timing and scoring. When I saw our driver pass you near start finish to get back in front and I cheer'd a little bit (sorry). The battle of the crappy sedans will rage on!
  12. well if they are allowing aftermarket gears in diffs.. aftermarket gears in trans;s should be allowed
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