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  1. yeah looks slapped together class system. You have to pay more money to have a crew? so is that per crew member? so forcing a team to reduce the number of crew/drivers makes for a safer environment?
  2. Had to take the car to impound today in Virginia.
  3. Yep, everyone I work with asks how I can afford cool toys.. I just say ‘no kids’
  4. Car was loaded for VIR, going back and loading more stuff noticed the windshield has a crack forming. Luckily the 626 is a common car and local glass place had it in stock.
  5. yep, just got em this morning
  6. Hey, we aren't that bad! LOL. are you talking about Daytona? yeah those guys literally had nothing and never spoke to any of us. Looks like Mike has us together again, and SpedSource. I dont remember there being enough room for 3 teams in a stall.
  7. Stopped by a local junkyard, they had our transmission for $200! Now i can build a spare for VIR.
  8. Went and looked at a 53 foot enclosed today... had to beg the guy not to sell it to me. So much room in that thing! thankfully I left without it, but its only 10 miles down the road from me, so tempted. Went back to the shop, finished up small odds and ends on the Mazda, washed her and loaded our measly 24 foot trailer.. Just need to load the last bits in the front and find a spare transmission just in case. Can't wait for VIR!
  9. yeah it was the dumbest thing we've done. there was two of us and we swapped driving, but still not a great idea after being up 30hrs then driving 10hrs home.
  10. Last year everyone was loaded up pretty quick and the paddock was empty, everyone i think was back in bed. We left and drove straight thru to Orlando.. worst idea ever. I got in bed by 2am. This year, we are packing up and heading to Raleigh for the night (staying at a friends) for a relaxing evening then driving the remainder monday morning.
  11. no, its all mine! ScottyK might as well leave the car at home and just bring down some beer. he could turn a profit. I'll be there friday evening.
  12. Its a great car, not sure we'd get another one if this one was totaled... but then again we have a lot of spares and knowledge into it now.
  13. Ahh yeah, they lost their car though
  14. those are the taken numbers.... clearly.