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  1. I"m not going to call out specific teams, but it was a civic, which is the car that has a tank that is capable of ballooning it and moving a vent will increase its volume.
  2. correct, no pressure needed.. just a little fluid.
  3. tank pressure does not stop the pump. 🙄
  4. the short block in our cobra is just a cheapo Mabbco rebuild, I just opted for the better bearings in it. It was like $900 delivered.
  5. I wish I could find on the live stream of the 24 when doc and bill were discussing a team with a history of incidents.
  6. After watching a lot of post race videos it seems to include ‘repeat offenders’ at what point is champ car going to step in and realize that this isn’t a per race basis?
  7. I was surprised as well, but luckily it wasn’t very far and it was bouncing.
  8. I've personally been at the track at both VIR and RoadAtlanta that have had cars lose the stock tanks while on track, they dont come out, but the cars have to get towed in, or they drive it in spraying sparks all over the place asking for a giant fire. There have also been posts on this forum of this happening at other tracks as well. LOL, do you not race much? go turn some laps after a pit cycle, you'll see 10-15 cars dumping fuel on track out there homemade vent lines... not a black flag in sight.
  9. i'm not missing the point, I'm saying giving blanket statements like "vents can be moved" is false. because clearly teams are going to take the easiest route to move a vent.
  10. We've had multiple times stock fuel tanks falling out of vehicles on track, sometimes more than one PER race. Those teams were "massaging" the stock tanks to get the most out of them. I've yet to see any cars losing a fuel cell on track. any issues you've seen is from poor workmanship, which allowing people to mess around with OEM fuel systems has the exact same rate of failure if the same team puts a fuel cell in. How many teams who modifiy the vent lines on OEM tanks are taking rollovers into account? most of them are removing the roll over valves and using that as a vent source, any cell installation should have rollover vents standard. if you are trying to debate that a stock fuel tank is safer than a fuel cell, i suggest you remove yourself from the TAC, sell your tools, and go play golf.
  11. Again, you are talking about a specific fuel tank. yes you can modify the vent lines on that one fuel tank. but when you a TAC member are saying that 'vents can be changed' is not correct. Look at this tank that is currently run in champcar. If you cap the low vents, add high up vents, you can get more capacity in that tank, which is NOT allowed.
  12. Seriously.. what are you talking about.. what pictures? clamping? additional tube inside? Are you assuming all cars are the same?
  13. clearly says the fuel tank can not be altered in any way. says that vent lines can be altered and relocated. Sure you can scrap all the OEM vent lines under the car and make your own, as long as you do it without touching the fuel tank.
  14. actually no. thats what started this whole rule change with the tanks. most metal OEM tanks have the vents on the side, civics could block the side vent, drill and weld a new vent to the top and gain fuel capacity. Same can be said with Miatas.
  15. it says the tank must be UNMODIFIED. how do you not change a vent location without modifying the tank?
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