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  1. MoparBoyy

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    the points did not change for the Mustangs... so... theres that.
  2. MoparBoyy

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    This isn't our first rodeo. This is our 3rd build for ChampCar and the team brings lots of road racing experience. I did it for many many years on 2 wheels.
  3. We'll be sure not to hit our heads on rocks skiing while racing champcar. 🙄 While i'm fine with not allowing them because its just another level of distraction, there are safe ways to mount them.
  4. MoparBoyy

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    As Snorman already said, it was a brake caliper issue. We also had a leaking caliper on the opposite side of the bolt failure. The exhaust hangers also failed so that added some time to our stops. Just shaking off the new car jitters and learning what on the car needs attention. We didn't get as much testing before the race as I would have liked to find some of these issues ahead of time. We'll be back in December stronger than ever.
  5. MoparBoyy

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    SoA is an anomaly. they are on the west coast where i'm sorry but there are not as many top level teams. I'm not taking anything away from them, they did amazing jobs and if they came to the east coast they would still be a top level team, they would just have to fight off many more challengers.
  6. MoparBoyy

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    16 gallon tank, 215hp, and they are fun to drive. I thought about it, then realized how horrible of cars they are then opted away. If you can somehow bypass all the electronics in the car to ensure it will start every pit stop, you might be a genius.
  7. @CutlassRacer was looking for a parts car. thats about as complete as you can get.
  8. Wow, that’s some straight up bs. Hate dealing with insurance companies.
  9. MoparBoyy

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    Maybe by the end of the week I’ll get you a solid $30.. lol
  10. Do you also not realize this happens in every other series, including top level without issue. I have personally never thought of it as an issue and if something were to come up, the membership would flip out.
  11. MoparBoyy

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    i forget that the 87 was the best HP year. was that one also carberated?.. Last years of the Fox body was only 205hp and those were fuel injected. lol
  12. MoparBoyy

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    thats an upgrade as the expoler makes more power than the stock mustang engine.
  13. MoparBoyy

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    I actually brought this up before. I would love to run a Viper Chassis with a 3.0-3.5 V6 in it.
  14. MoparBoyy

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    easier to just ban swaps