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  1. I honestly don't know, thats the more frustrating part. They should just enforce the rules equally and fairly.
  2. I have never thought the BOD was making these backdoor deals... Tech is.
  3. dont forget that Tech has been posting on facebook now that a complete IRS swap has always been 25 points and they raised it to 50 when rileys car came out
  4. multiple emails sent over past couple months.... never got a response.
  5. you could also underdrive it. you have to pay points for underdrive pulley but somehow alternator pulleys are free now?
  6. When did they become free? because per tech desk articles i have says 5 points and bracket is charged as materials as of the beginning of 2020.
  7. Free in September? so another rule was changed mid-season for a certain car?
  8. I have a HUGE issue with this, tech desk is making up rules that don't exist or contradicted other tech desk articles which is essentially making up rules without the petition process or board approval.
  9. I call that one the 'riley rule'. I didn't see anything about the 50 point IRS swap in the rules, maybe i missed it.
  10. There is nothing wrong with getting a bad call overturned. I see the point of not using video to prove a non-call. Those don't have to be exclusive to each other. I think @E. Tyler Pedersen has been in that situation recently.
  11. You want to explain how a corner worker makes a mistake, calls in the wrong car, car has video evidence that they were not involved. is "fair application of the rules"?
  12. So corner worker makes a mistake. you have video proving they made mistake, champcar is going to side with the corner worker? LULZ.
  13. Chicago-boy born and raised and lived there for 30+ years, Road America is my home track... Plus, did everyone forget about the 4" of snow at Road Atlanta this year?
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