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  1. its honestly one of things I love about champcar. You don't need to spend 300k to be on the top step. You watch teams like Tuttle or Riley who will be packing up before the race is done because their day is over. One of our highlights was beating Twoth at Road Atlanta since we had a driver that was racing with them and us. Our little 626 that's painted with Latex house paint and some brushes was able to beat the very nicely built civic out of the giant fancy hauler.
  2. are they prone to failure? we run a lightweight AGM battery only thing thats happened is the battery has gone dead while testing stuff in pit lane. I just keep a small jump box in the pitbox.
  3. fair point. It was my understanding that VPIs only went up on end of calendar year.
  4. There is a SE-R value for other Nissan models but not the Altima. It was asked to tech desk if a SE-R Altima was a 'special model' or falls under the standard VPI. (email posted above) thats all i got, never discussed any change in values.
  5. Well you should take it up with him, clearly a mistake was made and I would hope he fixes it. My entire team feels you should get the VPI you received in the email.
  6. How would this protest be upheld if you have documentation to prove the VPI?
  7. Well you clearly want to blame us for a VPI increase that appears to be a champcar mistake. I told you I would stand by your email and I still do.
  8. LOL, you guys give us a lot of credit. I didn't know we had that kind of power over the series. We've never asked for a VPI change for any car.
  9. It wasn't my ticket, I thought they were all public? I can't find it when I search TechDesk. But the email from it was posted above.
  10. He didn't increase your VPI because we said to. It seems he changed your VPI because he forgot about an earlier conversation with you.
  11. You are not making any sense. Mike told you we would protest so therefor he raised your VPI a week before the race? You are going to have to show your work. Its pretty slanderous. I assume you reminded him of the email you received back in Nov 2018?
  12. Looks like he's been mistaken by a few things regarding this subject. Lol
  13. Then you are correct. Champcar should not have changed your VPI a week before the race. Tech desk 5JE-Y63-7YZ2 counters your email too. Which is silly. Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.
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