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  1. had over 10 cars in class against the Mazda as well. The 626 has also finished as high as 5 overall at sebring with a crew of rental drivers. 🙄
  2. they rent seats in the car, so possibly.
  3. At this point it doesn't matter for this race, but since one of our cars is a rental team always announce over the radio to our drivers "Full course yellow, make sure you catch up to the car in front of you" Its a habit every team should get into. As it might not have affected your race, I was currently 3rd overall in the Cobra, catching the 2nd place car. I closed the gap down to something like 15 seconds. After the full course yellow was over, the gap had gone up to 55 seconds and everything i had worked on for the past 30 mins was gone.
  4. our agreement outlines costs per item. fender is X, door is X, hood is X, etc.
  5. Tore down the Mazda after a renter hit the wall in T1, luckly so far it seems to be 80% cosmetic, front strut is bent and front frame rails will need to be bent back a bit. Hopefully get it up on the lift later today and check everything suspension wise.
  6. Yeah we have full rental agreement, tore the car down a bit last night and we will rebuild! Which car was that? for me it was the Beetle.
  7. did you not understand that this was a second pace car? aka; under full course yellow. *edited first post to be more clear that this was under FCY
  8. I can't stress this enough. PAY ATTENTION IN THE DRIVERS MEETING. Dana did a great job but apparently either teams didn't attend or were too busy not paying attention. I can't tell you how many times i yelled at people for driving cars the wrong way in the backside of pitlane, along with drivers thinking that they are the pace car. Under full course yellow; I was flashing one driver telling him to go faster, he pulled to the side of the track and almost stopped and kept pointing me by. Another driver refused to go faster than 35mph around the track and we lost 45 seconds to the car in front of us for position.
  9. Both, we run a psi or two higher in the right rear tire.
  10. right rear tire takes the most beating.
  11. Not entirely we were in the lead when the transmission blew
  12. you just wanna come out to witness the 626 win on the high banks!
  13. If there is a point value for an item, why was it not put in the rule book?... easy question to answer. unless the value is clearly only a handshake deal for certain teams? which email to i send my requests to get extra parts for cheaper values?
  14. i removed the column, removed everything that was bolted, drilled then pinned the lock into the unlock position.
  15. i was more of a 'mid grade' helmet guy myself. just recently got a Stilo and i can say i will NEVER go back to a cheaper helmet for endurance racing. being in a car for 2hrs i've been way more happy with a nice helmet.
  16. I'd say we need a smaller trailer, but i think a bigger shop is more the answer.
  17. I can't wait for the rule to go back to the way it was so i can remove the $30 worth of metal line and reinstall the $200 worth of hoses. 🙄
  18. I"m not going to call out specific teams, but it was a civic, which is the car that has a tank that is capable of ballooning it and moving a vent will increase its volume.
  19. correct, no pressure needed.. just a little fluid.
  20. tank pressure does not stop the pump. 🙄
  21. the short block in our cobra is just a cheapo Mabbco rebuild, I just opted for the better bearings in it. It was like $900 delivered.
  22. I wish I could find on the live stream of the 24 when doc and bill were discussing a team with a history of incidents.
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