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  1. a race in florida in the summer? LULz you clearly don't live here.
  2. for every chopped up car out there that is fast... there is 5 fully intact faster/more reliable ones.
  3. takes a lot of horsepower to run those times at daytona, i'm sure those motors are stock.
  4. Glad you guys made it back out. Honestly when we blew the rear main and clutch one of the first thing came to mind was.. "contour guys are going to beat us" After we got back out and started turning laps again, i saw us catch you on timing and scoring. When I saw our driver pass you near start finish to get back in front and I cheer'd a little bit (sorry). The battle of the crappy sedans will rage on!
  5. well if they are allowing aftermarket gears in diffs.. aftermarket gears in trans;s should be allowed
  6. but if its stock ratios.. its just fancy internals
  7. we've been wanting to run straight cut gears in our trans. we figured it would set the forums on fire the first run down pit lane.
  8. no, you have to run a different app than YouTube.. it bypasses YouTubes requirement of 1000 subcribers
  9. are you trying to justify hitting another team in practice? and FYI its a fender, door, Eneki RPF-1,and body shop time to pull the A piller back in place. LOL, i wish they paid out that much for one race. as far as i understood it was a yearly pay out not per race.
  10. THIS is what scares me. It doesn't matter what the rule is, no other team recently has has as much contact as yours. Hopefully you guys do some internal reflections and figure out its not your track but you have to share it with the rest of us. Meanwhile we've been in the hunt for a new car to source body panels from after being on track with you, as i'm sure many other teams have had to do the same.
  11. we do listen to the live broadcast, but there is a ~20 second delay.
  12. they will share if you purchase the radio, we asked. the radios aren't cheap just to listen to mike complain
  13. are those fuel lines? they are not legal after the 26th of this month.
  14. 99 doesn't have VVT. my 2002 does though
  15. ahh ok, so you have to start with the NA8 car then with engine swap gets you to 300 plus the 50. you get the fuel tank of the NA8 and the diff. I'm new to Miata's and don't know much about em. Just picked up a NB2 with 44k on it a few months ago. just did flyin' miata shocks/springs and sway bars. fun little commuter car!
  16. Pretty sure the shark car is going, and they are close.
  17. i just cut em with a pair of pliers like you would stripping a wire. just like installed bicycle brake/shifter cables.
  18. don't forgot the diffuser, and the differential.
  19. yeah it was a factory piece on some trim levels.
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