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  1. yes you can use a cell.. still only gets you +2, not enough to run 2hrs on fuel.
  2. don't bother with a cam, stock horsepower is just fine. you don't have enough fuel to be adding horsepower anyways. whatever you do, don't put anything but a stock hood on the car.. the pitchforks will be out in full force.
  3. so... July 4th at Daytona and the following weekend July 11th at PBIR? yikes.
  4. didnt know you were a foot guy Bill....
  5. you know they have traction control right? Lol
  6. yeah you are right, i was thinking 1.8 didnt come out till 99.. my bad. i barely know about my NB2... LOL anyways, so yeah platform swap is only within the same body style, guess back to the drawing board!
  7. how is that not a platform swap? I think even PartsBadger has claimed this with his NA miata. hes starting at the VPI of a NB because he has the entire drivetrain out of a NB in his NA car. I've always been aware thats how it is.
  8. except thats not what i'm talking about. i'll give example: I have a 1979 mustang, but i want to install the 95 mustang drive train into; I'm taking the engine, transmission, differental, and fuel tank from the 95 and installing it in the 79. per the rules i have to claim the value of the 95. Now; do i get the Diff ratio options from both 79 (fox platform) and 95? or only the 95? (sn95 platform) i dont know BMWs, but i think this swap setup happens alot in Miatas too, people running the NB platform in a NA body.
  9. This track has never had w2w racing in reverse, only trackdays with very small numbers of cars. watching two cars divebomb into an unsafe corner is enough to make me take my two cars somewhere else. This track was not designed to be run backwards they just wanna throw up some tires and say 'send it' i was looking forward to this race until i read that.
  10. Its never been done before, only in a DE. a DE with passing rules is not wheel to wheel racing. There has already been a death in florida from going around the track the wrong way: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3040264/Disney-driving-instructor-killed-24-year-old-birthday-boy-Lamborghini-tried-grab-wheel-drove-wrong-way-round-track.html
  11. if you are claiming a platform swap: you have to take the engine/trans/diff/fuel from the new platform. the new platform now comes with new gear ratios. Do you get to use only the new platform ratios, or the old platform ratios, or both? I don't think what kind of car matters, you are paying the points for the platform swap.
  12. Mixing and matching engine/trans combos is open per Tech. (see camaro thread) I also posed this question to TAC; If you do a platform swap, do you get the gear ratio options from both platforms?
  13. I'm just here for the words 'Cobra' and 'Sebring' carry on.
  14. reference to the above posts about special cars coming in with big HP and big tanks.
  15. Damn, great car for someone. Our team was looking at buying this and you guys got it before we could pull the trigger so we built the Cobra.
  16. Other swaps get free intake manifolds with their swaps.... just sayin personally you should pay points for it, its BS that teams are getting free stuff because they just claim it doesn't fit. Well then don't do the swap.
  17. The ones he posted are the non-adjustable versions. So you pay 10 points a corner for coil overs. I have the street versions on my daily driver. great shock
  18. I think you are forgetting the few other miata times that were the ones who were most vocal about your car. Tech who also is the inspector for Spec Miata was the one who was looking for illegal parts on your engine.
  19. right. I was pointing out that tech can't be the end all and by-pass the rulebook whenever they feel like it.
  20. So you think 2 points for non-oem manifolds is ok? Tech is not the end all of this series, the rule book is.
  21. that happens in pitlane too. lol its my favorite part about always bringing two cars to the races whole pitstall all to ourselves.
  22. i think thats wood? i would assume they had to pay points for all of it. But lets be honest, do people really care about under performing cars? I know for a fact there is a few full on cheaty BMWs with wrong engines in the cars but they never break into the top 15 so its not even worth the discussion. unfortunately for PB and everyone else at the pointy end of the stick is you get the most scrutiny
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