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  1. looking for a 02 front fasica for my daily. is it in really good shape?
  2. Good to hear and i wasn't calling out your team, again i was just pointing out the irony of the post. no blame anywheres
  3. Get a helmet with integrated drink hose. done.
  4. Mechanical failure after car had been in the pits to address said mechanical failure. When you change a tire and forget to tighten the bolts and takes out another team, the 'mechanical failure' is still on you.
  5. it wasn't. still doesn't mean that complaining about contact and performing the contact aren't ironic.
  6. wow. unless you got to do a track walk and test day, you'd never notice.
  7. They are also one of the EC cars that "wins the event" 🙄
  8. title of thread is "Classes based on fuel instead of displacement"
  9. After just running at Road Atlanta with a 'horsepower vs weight' series, I think champcar does it better.
  10. I have had googleFi for a few years now, love the service but have never used it to be a hotspot in our pitbox. I just rent a hotspot from https://daypasswireless.com/ ends up being like $45 for the weekend for a Sprint Hotspot with unlimited data.
  11. Except we built that 626 to do just that, Win B-class. if you said there is only top 5 then there is no classes. You want 125 cars fighting for one trophy you will see attendance drop. The 626 is a rental car for us, a damn good one actually but it does well in class and that helps market the car. Nobody will want to rent a car that will normally finish in the top 20% of 100 cars. On the flip side, we built the Cobra to go for an overall win, anything less in our book is worthless. So for the teams that are doing that, I get your logic but not every car on the grid thinks that way. We got a few D-class win trophies that came with larger hardware. Now, because we won overall AND won D-class. IF champcar wanted to save money and not give us the class win thats fine, but you can't give it to the team that finished 77th because they were the next D-class car in line.
  12. We're based in Florida, it will be like someone turned the a/c on for us.
  13. its a combo of windex and elbow grease gets it so clear!
  14. I can't agree with Racer7x enough on this. (who would have thought that 9 months ago?😅)
  15. Working on the important stuff.. brought the car to the paintless dent removal guy to fix the rear quarter 😅
  16. i switched to PowerKing Towmax from our sponsor TireRack.com great ratings and all my searches had good results. also went from E load to F loads
  17. these were Goodyear Marathons. after some research i found a lot of people complaining about them.
  18. They are but, I kept 2 as spares, one had a few nails in it, and the others went to a co-worker.
  19. 2 year old tires on the trailer and 1 year old tires on the truck. But after a blowout on the 48' heading to sebring for trackdays, I said 'screw all of this' and put 6 new tires on the trailer and 6 new tires on the truck. I hate blowouts.
  20. have you seen our car? clearly we make poor money decisions.
  21. o yeah we blew the engine there too.. ugh, tried to forget about that one.
  22. FU*K Daytona. plain and simple. I live like 30 miles from the track and only have to make 2 turns and I still hate it many times over, only because our luck there is the worst. First year, we did awesome think finished 6th overall in our 300zx. Next year our driver crashed in the bus stop almost destroying the car but a lot of money and metal later it was back to full strength. This year the Cobra blew the transmission in testing a week before the race, then blew the trans in the first hour of the race. Then about 6 hours in the mazda blew its rear main and smoked the clutch, i R&R'd the trans and got our renters back in to finish the race after we lost about 2hrs. Done with that place.
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